Monday, December 2, 2013

Sigil Magic Agent: Sigil RingDex

Well I have not written a blog in a while, because well... I have no excuse.. well I did get really busy.  Gmat and all.

Here is a simple technique of Sigil magic that works great with a 2 dollar product called a Ringdex from Mead.  I just saw these in the store, and knew it could be great.    First, there is a lined side and a blank side.  Get two Ringdexes.  Ringdexes have 80 notecards.  Now, in the first book write down 80 intentions.

Sigils are a common enchantment technique.  A simple Google search will provide tons of information on how.  Now, I like Gordon's Shoaling technique over at  I disagree with him about the note taking, but it is solid none the less.  This is not exactly what I will present here, but I like it none the less.

Intention Hints
A couple hints on intentions. (I wrote a few chapters on this in Hands-On Chaos Magic: Reality Manipulation through the Ovayki Current, which is a pretty good book, if I do say so.)  You can choose any intentions, and you do not have to know how the magic would manifest.  An intention is what you want, want to happen, or something you are trying to bring into your life.

Classically, magicians often write "It is my Will that X should happen" or that "It is my Will that I shall have Y within Z time".  The "It is my Will" construction is clearly a Thelemic construction that involves several definitions and study.  If fully internalized, the Sigil becomes a vector and a re-affirmation of Will.  To really make this work with it's full potential, one has to study a little Thelema, LHP or other Will based philosophy.  Sigils will still work, but it can work better!

  1. When writing out intentions, write the wording with ACTION, as if something has already happened.  For example, I have $200 extra dollars on July 20
  2. Avoid Negative constructions,  such as I do not want this to happen... rephrase for what you do want.
  3. Avoid ambiguous words such , May...want, might, or other terrible words.

So eighty pages means, 80 different enchantments.  Now, this is a great time to use Gordon's technique of Shoaling - which is to choose micro-intentions that are related.  Think of of it as small enchantments linked together like a Sigil school of fish.  Of course, you can do normal enchantments for, you know, stuff.  :)

In your first Ringdex, write down all the intentions.  Translate  them to Sigils; the Sigils go into the second Ringdex. I prefer to use both into an artistic and Mantra Sigil.  I already wrote this all down, once before, yep in Hands-On Chaos Magic: Reality Manipulation through the Ovayki Current, but here it is! :)  You can find multiple Sigil examples online too, but here's some screen shots from my book.  Put all the Sigils and Mantras on the unlined side of the RingDex.

Visual Sigil Magic

Mantra Sigil

Generally, I recommend doing a divination on the finished Sigil and Mantra, just to make sure I got a Glyph and Mantra that will work for my purpose.  Put the Sigils in the second Ringdex, in the same order as the intentions.   Of course, you could do less then the 80 seals.  :)  Give your intention journal to a good friend, have them watch the changes in your life; which conveniently means you'll lose the intentions relatively quickly.
Ki'a Dragon, over at, has started converting the non-duplicate words to Hexcode.  That's working well for him.  You could do all sorts of Sigil conversions from graphing them, much like the Rose Cross Methodology, to a hole bunch of different techniques.  I still prefer the Spare method, I feel like I am doing art.

Now, it would be great if a RingDex had a bunch of micro-enchantments ala Gordon, but there is no reason why you couldn't have multiple general vectors or a whole bunch of normal sized enchantments.

Casting the Sigils

Hands On chaos Magic has tons of ways to cast them.  I know some authors, like Josh Wetzel, were big on the idea that repetitive gnosis becomes less effective, but I have not in research found this to be the case.  In fact,  straight hard Mantra/Meditation seems to work alot of the time.  I will layer those operations with NLP anchors to deep hypnotic states, breathing and altar construction.   Those techniques are in the book.

So using FREE materials on the blog: here's how I would do this for a RingDex. (Which mind you, I have multiple ways of doing this... but this is how I would do it now.)

  1. Do this Chakra Meditation HARD, or Listen to this MP3
  2. I flip through the RingDex using the lined side,  aka the side without the seals (remember your friend has the intentions).  Pick a seal based solely on what position you "feel is best" since you aren't really looking at the seal.    Make sure to pick a Sigil with card that has no date on it.  
  3. Do a simple divination (One card, Obi, Coin flip).  
  4. If the divination comes out well, write the date on the top line with a silly smiley or something.  I write the date, and have smiley stickers.  If the divination turns out badly, pick a different seal (without looking at the seals) in the RingDex.
  5. Turn the page over to the unlined side with the seal.  Personally, I keep doing the Mantra slowly (7 seconds inhale, 7 seconds vibrating out loud the Mantra) while staring at and redrawing the seal, focusing on it becoming "real" until you have a Kundalini response or some other clear body response.  I always get a body response.  I try to go into that body response as hard as I can, then release.   If you are using some NLP anchors to deepen trance states, it probably will take 10 minutes, maybe 20.
  6. Repeat steps 2-5 as many times as you can in a sitting. (AKA pack in as many seals as you can.)
  7. Usually, to end I like doing the Chakra work again, but lots of people just bust out laughing.
  8. Keep coming back to the RingDex as you have time, casting all the seals.
The randomness of the choices allows for a type of divination effect to account for timing effects. Packing the seals in also confuses and helps with the desire of a result. Really done this way, I mostly agree with Gordon that its unneeded to destroy the seals, but one should not go back to the Sigils either after they are cast.   What this does allow, is for a friend to verify your success rate, by observing your life, and you can do the same for them.  I believe this is critically important.   Second, regardless of what you are doing the Sigils for, MAKE sure to actually DO so.  Now my method of deep breathing is highly meditative.  Really, like I said, my Hands On Chaos Magic has a bunch of different methods.  Sure you could do this seething, with sex, really whatever you want.
The Holy RingDex

Now, like the 30 day challenges of magic, this shit changes quite a bit in your life!   I can not stress this enough, make sure you take all the physical steps, and make sure to pursue all your physical vectors as well.  Have Fun.
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