Saturday, February 13, 2016

Stories of Magic: It wasn't THAT long of trip

"It wasn't THAT long of trip."
No. A short jaunt and I was trying to go small on the spellwork. Not that my intention that makes a difference at times. I brought my coffee and candles to the ancestors and Pierogi. Some of the ancestors love Pierogi, love it.

I walked up to the altar purposefully. I can always feel their presence, just outside of where my mind can reach even in the waking day. Maybe, it was the frankincense pouring into the air from the resin filling the sea of the empty space. Maybe, it was the candles flickering wildly in the still air despite the lights being on. Maybe it was the right alignment of the planets. I walked up to that altar purposefully, and I asked for help to deal with an annoyance.  I can pay my rent, everyone is fine, school is ok... the family is doing well.  Just sometimes, the annoyances get under your skin.

There is a guttural vibe that washes over you when spirits wish to communicate. It is hard to describe, maybe it starts with a rumbling in the stomach or a whisper in the ears. Oh they knew what I was asking, but you could almost feel them smirk for a long delayed second. Looking in the mirror, and feeling the love, there was no malevolence towards me. Everyone thinks the ancestors are oh so serious, but I know how many of mine would secretly put together charms in the 1950’s when they first got here. In the old country, Ukraine, people would come to them. Monsters and Saints. Nobles and Kings, walking the stretches in the deep Carpathian mountains.

In that flash, I reached out to the stick I offered to one of the older ancestors. I have not had time to wood burn it yet, nor get the natural wool cloth to decorate it, but I got the stick. He watches me day in and day out in my perm haze of sleep deprivation, studying, magic and work. This time when I picked up that stick, my body shook.

For a second, things went black. The energy surged and singed around me. Mists forming out of the darkness. Ancestor after ancestor joining in. Like riding on sea of cracking gold, a chaotic symphony of colors destroying, creating as the threads of life itself start to sound and change their notes for my benefit. We kept going. We were doing, we were one. At the end, my ancestor reached up and patted my on the shoulder. He was still smirking. This smirk was I just taught you something smirk. The precursor to those aha moments that come on the path. The scene faded, and I was back at the altar. I did not know how much time had passed.

Shaken, as if I touched a live wire, I knew something was done. I did not have hours to sit at a wall, processing. Now a days, that is how the magic works, get it down, ground fast and get back to what needs doing. I called a friend. I gave them no information just asked for a reading to do some confirmation work on what the impact was. I didn’t even tell the friend I had done work.

He stopped halfway in and said “Wait, the spirits said you walked up and asked, you already know the impact.” Just like that. He was right, I most certainly did.

----- Andrieh's Stories of Magic that is his life.
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