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St. Michael Uncrossing / Wall of Protection

Thats Right, Beating Evils ass, ain't no
I seriously after I posted the last blog about crossed conditions thought I should post an  uncrossing ritual that I should use.  As part of a promise to St. Michael, I am releasing this ( on his Feast day, a little late) to help people.  I am releasing this as per the Angel's instructions to me in honor of his Feast day.

A couple things, I can give you this uncrossing and it may very well work.  It has been tested by myself, my significant other, many members of the Quantum Life Science Institute, and other people.  It might not work for you however.  If you do not have a solid relationship with this angel, he simply may not work with you.  Many of us have worked hard to obtain and get a solid relationship with St. Michael.  This is probably true of any spiritual work.  In fact, I could probably publish all of my secret rituals, and the same would be true.  My relationship with the constructs, symbols, personal ability, and more make them work.

The fact is that reading a blog is not the same as experience, and in a situation of uncrossing this is important.  I can read lots of rituals, but unless I have done them and had experiences backed by results, it is simply risky to do an uncrossing without experience.  Fundementals, like what I go over in the first 25 chapters of Hands-On Chaos Magic: Reality Manipulation through the Ovayki Current , make a HUGE difference.  I mean it.  If you have trouble getting this to work, and its a situation where you need help, DO schedule a reading with me at and I can do the work to help you with this.  I have over 12 years experience doing this type of work for clients.  That said, this probably will help many of you.

This was derived through Channelling and divination and is well tested.


Adding a oil bottle
because thats what
we put it in.
Andrieh Vitimus's Firey Wall of Protection Oil
This is totally approximate, and is loosely a Firey Wall of Protection Oil

1/2 ounce Frankensence and Myrr, 1/3 ounce Dragon's Blood. and  a couple teaspoons of cinnamon. 1/4 cup Salt.  A couple grated tablespoons Ginger.
Per Pint bottle of Olive Oil.

I kinda wing it, and next time I will take more time to measure weights.

Take  Frankincense and Myrr and grind these up to  a fine powder. Add Crushed up Dragon's Blood to this mixture and add a small slivers of Ginger.

You can add Essential oils to this mixture ( Frankensece, Myrr, Dragon's Blood and Cinnamon).  That will strengthen the mixture, but that is usually VERY expensive, and this mixture seems to work very well with or with out it.  GO VERY light with the Cinnamon, if you use the essential oil. I usually make this by the pint and then give what I do not need away to my associates who LOVE it.

Andrieh Vitimus's St. Michael Uncrossing Base
( I'll explain how to use this in a second )
Start with 1 pound of Sea Salt.
Mix in 1 ounce of Angelica
Mix in 0.5  ounce of Dried Basil
Mix in 1 ounce of crushed Star Anise ( break)
Mix in 0.5 ounce of White Sage
Mix in 1 ounce of crushed Frankincense.
Add a few drops of the St. Michael oil to the salt mixture.
Mix and Stir.

Setting up the physical Altar

IIf you need to you could use a 7.5-8 inch glass candle plate, but it might be tight.  If you can get a 10 one, you be happy.  I only had a 7.5 inch one and it worked well.

You will need a 7 day St. Michael Candle.  Personally, I use something like this one on the right.   You should dress the candle.  There are multiple ways to do this and I offer only one suggestion.  Take a metal skewer and push 3 holes into to candle.  Drip a few drops of the Oil I listed above into the holes in the candle.  I tap the candle on the table.  This should be done with intention and focus.  If you need some help with these basics, check out my first book, Hands-On Chaos Magic: Reality Manipulation through the Ovayki Current

Lay Down a layer of Andrieh Vitimus's St. Michael Uncrossing Base, yes I know its mostly just the salt.  Try to make this even and as flat as you can on the glass plate.

Finally, you'll need some 4 tea light candles and I like doing this with a picture of the person or some personal artifacts.  This could be your own personal artifacts, and I have done this for myself using just a drop of my blood or salvia.

Add your photo in the middle.

I purposely put the arch-angel on top edge of the person's photo but not on top of their head or them.  This is to say watching over, but not sitting down upon.  AKA this is a blessing and the angel is watching over the person not sitting on top of the person, so I will have it touching the top of the photo as if to say  the angel is watching from above.  The altar in this configuration is very compact, and then energy is very condensed around the person.

Usually I would put down a censor and burn some frankincense and you will need a candle snuffer.

I will lay down a seal, Without going into too technical of a discussion, here are some Seals.  I usually use the Seal on the Left but I am not sure of its origins.  Usually, I do not use the seals, but they are helpful to get the Vibration Correct.

Michael Fire From Jason Newcomb

Rufus Opus has some interesting seals too.

What to Do Variant One ( Western Ceremonial Magic Required )

This type of work, should start with a ritualistic cleansing bath.  There are several formula's online.  In this earlier blog post, I give a few ways to create and work with one.  Put on white clothing after you are done.

Start with the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram

Usually, I start with a Cabalistic Cross, Do the Pentagram Construction, and then do the Angels.
At this point, as I learned from a 30+ veteran in ceremonial magic, I hold off from doing the second Cabalistic cross.

Lift the Picture of the person you are working on in EACH direction and say something akin to, "This is John Smith".   Change John Smith to the person.  See feel and hear the picture come alive.  Again, I cover the details of this in Hands-On Chaos Magic: Reality Manipulation through the Ovayki Current  in extensive details.  You need to make the photo link to the person.  You are doing this as if to have the very angels you called down in the LBRP WITNESS the act.  Sure sure sure, I know this is not exactly traditional, but perhaps magic would work better if the angels were treated as something slightly more then mere mental constructs.  Besides,  this works EVERY time we do it.

Open the planetary Gateway of the sun.  I do this by Intoning the Hebrew of the planetary  Invoking Hexagram over the circle we are working with.  

Because the Sun is the center of the universe, there is no motion in the Hexagram.
Intone The phrase 6 times, imagining that the sun is shining more and more brightly down on the entire circle of salt and especially over the person who's picture is on the salt.  Imagine what it is like when the sun is shining down on you on a perfect day, and imagine that is shining down on the circle of salt.

Really, these are GREAT planetary foundations are in High Magic: Theory & Practice and I really Like Frater UD's Book. It also has the LBRP in it.  I really love this book.

Project the Seal that feels right into the candle while chanting Mi-Cha-El.  Use all 5 senses at this point to see, feel, and know the angel is present over the entire circle of salt.

Usually, when I do this for a client,  I will also sigilize a mantra of Protect and Cleanse the person.  Again, Hands on Chaos Magic has the details.  This gets me a combined mantra of Mi-Cha-El-"Ra-Dom-Syllables." Yes thats just a sleight of mind to help me focus.

Once you feel and know that the Archangel is present, that is when this ritual gets even more interesting.  This is a combined ritual uncrossing and Firey Wall of Protection.   That will become obvious as this continues.  This gives the client or yourself, first the cleansing and uncrossing needed to make steady improvement, but also extends a FIREY deterrent to the negative forces that were attaching in the first place.

Continue chanting and knowing with all five senses that the Angel is present.  Imagine an More intense beam of light extending from the angel into the person.  This should be a very narrow and intense beam and imagine it going through their center point channel of their body.  Try to feel the energy course through the center channel of their body.  Clearly, you are working with a photo so you must use your imagination.

If you are working on yourself, feel the beam run through the center of the top of head down through your whole body.  Work with your imagine of yourself though, just make sure it mirrors your sensations in your body.

Imagine any negativity in the person in this very concentrated and small column of light getting pushed out of the person and into the salt below them.   The idea of this, is to create a center line to start working from.  Simply put, in an uncrossing ritual, forcing this baseline is critical to success.

Keep Chanting and evoking Michael as described while doing this.

Once you get the center line, you can slowly extend that line out from the center line out from the center of the person to their whole body.  Its important to go slowly.  Make sure any negativity in the person gets pushed into the salt under their picture.  This is critical.

If you are honestly doing this,  and it is really needed.  This probably already would have been a couple-few days of work at this point.

Once you get the body/mind stabilized, then start extending that line of Angelic power Outside the body of the person.  What you are working on here, is any external spirits, attachments spellwork.  Really the method is the same each time.  Start at the center line and work outwards EVERY time.  Some days might seem like its like you took a step backwards.  Thats just the nature of the uncrossing, that literally might be your psychic impression of the person having a bad day, and the negativity seeping in.  If this is a situation where there is active magical work being done against the person, this usually means the other side has reinforced what they are doing.  Stay the course.

Start from the center line.  Extend out through body, then Extend out to entire circle.  Any negative impressions you get, force them with Michael's help to go down and out into the salt.

Work for a good 60 minutes in a day on this.

End with the Second Cablistic Cross.

7 or 30 days
If you are experienced, and have a safe area to do this in, you can do this as a normal 7 day process.  It usually works great.   Leave the Candle burning between sessions, and replace the tea lights each session.

If you are less experienced or the personal situation is personally worse, I recommend a different way to work this ritual.  Do this every day for 30 days.  Snuff the candles and tea lights with the snuffer ( DO NOT blow them out), re-lighting them every day.  This means the active imagination you are putting on this is much greater.  At the end of the 30 days, however, do let the candle burn as you would with a normal 7 day setting candle.

At the end of the ritual, take the salt from this ritual to a crossroads and leave it there ( paying the crossroads to take it of course with some rum).  Theres a lot of salt, just dont put it on a tree, it will hurt the tree.  Separate other remains into a separate bag and throw them away.  Keep your own Photo and put it on your personage ( or give it to the person the work was done for, and have them put it on their personage).

Results and how this Flows
First of all, if you got this far, thank you for reading.  While I do not work cheap, I will work as hard as I can for you if this seems like too much work.  I am happy to do a reading and then get to work, if you need something like this done for you.  Email me today at and I can do the work to turn the situation around.  So again, why did the angel ask me to release it, mostly cause I know some people can't afford it, and it seems like things are in a weird bubble where things are getting harder.  Consider it community service.

This ritual not only cleans up the person but tends to put up a firery wall of protection.  So while the first stage is cleansing, the secondary effect is a very aggressive protective energy.

When I have done this for clients, if there is any magical work being thrown against them, I usually find out that the people they thought might behind it, suddenly have issues and its usually issues in line with some sort of fire imbalance, Justice, or the truth being revealed.   The clients and myself, have seen vast improvements in the situation, as well.

All of these things, tend to be the providence of St. Michael.

This is not just a defensive uncrossing,  it in practice seems to form a very protective shield around the person that lasts for a while ( several months, and can be extended by the person lighting some candles and praying themselves for much longer).  That shield is very aggressive.  Now, of course, its still defensive, its just not passively defensive like so many of the psychic self defense techniques out there.

Since it works on the inside then to the outside, it is very stable at breaking a Crossing or set of cursed conditions, and then setting up a new foundation while giving the person the space to rebuild after a series of unfortunate events.  If some tries to double down on them, whether internal or external, theres still an angelic circle that deflects it.


  1. Kickass article Andrieh! I think you're the only one of the Chaos Adepts that I respect!

    Even though you're more than just a Chaos Magician... I think Post-Modern Magician title suits you since you're like a Jack-of-all-trades like me... except you're a Master on it.

    I might do this nifty ritual to cleanse, purify, send in the "positive vibrations" as the great Bob Marley would say it! :)

  2. Thanks for this Andrieh.
    Do you do a blessing on the oil and the powder base after you make them? Also, is any sort of fast necessary during the 7 days?

    1. I do bless the powder base after I make them. A fast could help this, but make sure you stay lucid and good.

  3. Andrieh, A million thanks for posting this. I read it a long time ago (2 years ago, I think) and began a relationship with Michael that transformed my life-- he helped me cope with a terrible work situation and helped me and my family move into a new living situation that is truly a quantum leap better. I finally did this ritual itself this past week--I started with the waning moon right before Easter, it was quite a time to do it. I know I will be getting gifts from this for a long time, but there were some very powerful moments while it was happening. For one thing, Michael is helping me with another connection I have been trying to make for a long time. Blessings to you for putting this up here. (I would suggest to others if you do this or other Michael work and you're not sure where to thank him, consider the Retired Police K-9 Assistance Fund.)


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