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Money Draw Oil Prosperity Work

It's been a while since I blogged :)  This is from the archives, but I is something I do use still.  Enjoy.

Pre-Work and Commentary
               First, while this is inspired by conjure work I have learned, it most certainly is not traditional conjure work, however this ritual seems to work very well.  For this ritual to work, it is usually helpful to have a variable source of income such as waitressing, a business or other service where you get tips.   If you have no job, this is a good ritual when searching for a job.  For an increase in money to occur, it is helpful to have multiple mechanisms where money could flow to  you.  For instance, if you are in a very stable job that has a stable rate of pay, this spell might help if it is around raise time, but usually that situation is too fixed to get an upsurge of money.
               Prosperity talismans (which this is more like) require certain psychological and real world work on the parts of the participants to optimize the energy.  First of all, most people have some serious issues with money and the sense of lack that money symbolizes.  Second, there has to be reasonable ways in place for the money to come in. A person who is without a job has to be looking for a job to receive one with or without magic. The magic helps with probabilities (and it is possible that person could get a job handed to them, but that's the less likely outcome).  Likewise, if you have a business  and are doing a prosperity spell, it should be coupled with increased marketing. I offer personalized life coaching that includes spirituality, NLP, hypnosis and more to make those pathways more available at every step.
               This ritual is used to properly imbue the Money Draw Oil with far more power.  This makes the oil a talisman when worn.  I like this method, since it allows me to fully optimize my actions and opportunities with the energy of the oil.

Money Draw Oil
Jupiter Oil
Largest Bill you can afford
Blue Colored Cloth to work on
4 Blue Candles
Four Alchemical Symbols of Jupiter

Before Starting
              Tear a small piece of one corner of the bill and put it in the Money Draw Oil.  Shake the Money Draw Oil. 
               Create an anchor to a happy state with a hand gesture. This is a pretty simple procedure. First, relax thoroughly.  Then place your hands in a certain position.  The exact position does not matter for this, but it should be a gesture you would not normally use.  After this, place your hands in this gesture while seeing, feeling, hearing, smelling and creating a full sensory experience based on the best joy-filled memories you have. Go back and relive the memory until you feel your body taking on that state right then. Repeat this procedure with multiple memories while holding your hand gesture.  This is explained in great detail in Chapter 6 and Chapter 19 of Hands on Chaos Magic.

              Sigilize an intention to a mantra using the Spare method of sigilization.  Start with the intention “Ever Increasingly Draw Money towards me”.  Reduce the letters and create a random mantra (it should not be your native tongue or regular words).  The Spare method of sigilization is covered extensively in Hands On Chaos Magic,  Chapter 16.

              Before starting, I recommend taking a cleansing bath of some sort.  Finer hoodoo stores have multiple variants of this.

              Place the cloth down and place the money down on the table.  Place all 4 symbols for Jupiter around the bill and place the oil on top it.  Put the candles near the corners, by the symbol. Take the four blue candles and rub the candles from the top of the candle to the bottom with the Jupiter oil. Light the candles.

Ideally, think of visually making an altar that looks like this. 

You could even draw that out.   Put the alchemical Jupiter symbols where the small circles would go, and the candles right next to them.  This is a Jupiter planetary symbol from Aggripa.

              Banish by your preferred method.  I can recommend the Gnostic Pentagram Banishing from Peter Carroll or the even the Waterfall banishing as in Hands on ChaosMagic.  If you can create your own banishing, that's great as well.  Hands On Chaos Magic has techniques to develop your own banishing. 

              State your intention out loud which was: “Ever increasingly, money draws towards me”,

              Focus on the oil in the center of the bill. Put your hands in the happiness anchor position that you worked out before. Breathe in deeply and on the exhale, vibrate out the mantra that you created.  Take a good 5-8 seconds to vibrate out the mantra. Make your inhale as long as your exhale. Imagine seeing, feeling, smelling and hearing fresh $100 dollar bills floating the air.  At first, concentrate on one  $100 dollar bill floating in the air very slowly.  Swirling around you while you are focusing your intention on the oil bottle (you might need to practice this a bit, using some of the energy techniques).  In your visualization with five senses make sure to include the bottle and the 100 dollar bill.  Really force yourself as you are continuing to vibrate the mantra to see, feel, hear, and even smell that freshly minted $100 bill.  Imagine this flowing into the bottle, imagine it imbuing that bottle of oil with that money glow.

              Now, repeat this with 2 $100 dollar bills at the same time floating and swirling around you focusing on  how each $100 feels, smells, looks and even sounds as it flows through the are towards the small bottle of oil.  Again, imagine the $100 dollar bills imbue that bottle of oil with even more of that money glow.

              Keep chanting your mantra and hold your hands in that happy anchor.  Really allow yourself to go into that happiness and joy state.  With all five of your senses, imagine 3 $100 bills flowing towards the oil spirally and floating in the air.  Again have it flow into the bottle of Money Draw Oil on the bill, this time even more of that money glow illuminating from the bottle.  Even try 4 bills and 5 bills, as far as you can go at one time.

              Now switch to a constant stream of $100 bills coming from all direct that spiral around you like a blizzard and all of them flow into that bottle of money draw oil while chanting the mantra and imagining the bottle of money draw oil humming and zinging with all the essence of the $100s.  Keep doing this while vibrating your mantra and holding your hands in the happy anchor for as long as you can.  It general takes 30 of intense focus like this to get in the proper state of mind to effectively work magic.  Many of the initial exercises in Hands on Chaos Magic, deal with building up focus to effectively work on this.

              After working with the oil for 30 minutes or more, you can slowly stop chanting.  Do not banish, but imagine the oil sucking more of the hundreds into it.  Do something else after doing this.  Eat something.

After the ritual

              After the ritual you will have an oil that you can wear to entice the prosperity to you.  I recommend using this oil behind the ears.  This allows you to strategically apply using the charged oil when you need it at the most opportune moment.

You can repeat this same ritual over the same Money Draw oil.  This will greatly enhance and empower the effect of the oil.

Finer training details about the techniques used in this gift to you are available in Hands On Chaos Magic.

Interested in having those pathways of manifestation open up.  Get the best possible opportunities and then use the energy to have the luck to fall your way.  Together we can create the life you always dreamed of.  Contact me here for more details.
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