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Improving your Tarot Readings, the Andrieh way

Tarot can be a powerful medium and one many of us use for divination.     Outside of stating the two disclaimers that no one states about divinations...

First, regardless of what people say, a divination is a snap shot of current possibilities and current potentials.  Now, even looking at this can have an impact, and it depends on the questions asked.   That means it is not set in stone, but seeing the divination and assuming that it is can set it in stone if approached from the wrong angle.

Second, divinations generally get less accurate as you go further in time from the crossroads of right now.  Peter Carroll was quite right to advise divine short, enchant long.

Divinations are a great method to gain insight about a situation or even about yourself.  Even more then the predictive aspects, they are a hugely valuable reflective tool.  This also points out one of the problems of the Tarot (less so with Ifa divinations, which have other problems, and other geomatic or numeric based divination systems), is that it tends to reflect what you strongly want.

Read the book
The book that comes with the deck you have is useful.  It's not the end all be all, but its a good starting point.  Read it like 10 times before you do a reading.  Seriously.  Really engage the book.  Read the description of the card, look at the card, read the description of the card, look at the card.  You get it.   If you know about Tarot, this might not be needed, but it is helpful.

Check yourself before you read yourself.
Unless you are reading to figure out what to put into a customized bath work, do a reading before a cleansing ritual before reading.

From Hoodoo:
Uncrossing Bath
Sea Salt  (6 ounces)
Broken Chain ( Silver is probably best)
Hyssop  (Hyssop oil is acceptable) (1 ounce)

Take the mixture and pray over them for at least 30 minutes.
I usually just connect to the herbs and myself and ask to be cleansed.  Psalm 51 is a great one for this. Spend at least 30 minutes really praying over the mixture.

Boil them for 17 minutes or so.
Take 1 ounce of hyssop and about 6 ounces of water and dilute in a pail with a couple gallons of water.

You could certainly do this in the traditional fashion aka
1.  Shower --> Rinse --> Take bath from the head to the feet ( removing conditions) --> airdry.
Traditionally, this is done before sunrise, and you'd catch some of the herbs and throw them in the crossroads toward the east.   Throwing the herbs and capturing seems to matter alot in practice, the before sunrise has not seemed to matter as much in results.

Of course, this is a baseline formula.  There is a lot more customizations you could add such as Lemon Balm, Camphor, Rue, etc.

Chakra Meditation:

I already provided a lengthy one at

Of course,
The Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram, coupled with a Bornless one recitation will get you there as well.

Bettering the Reading:
Ambience, Breathing and Focus
Now, if it sounds like there is a ton of steps before doing the reading, there are.  Of course, this is a post on improving your Tarot readings at the time you are doing them.

1.  Ambience
Ambience does matter.  I know people do snap readings, and sometimes they work well, but often, eh.  Hell, I go the nine yards.   Incense.   Glass of Water.  Candle.  White Cloth.

I have been doing Tarot readings semi-professionally for 10 years.  Semi-Professionally means I have a day job, so I don't have to scam people for money.

 Do I need to do all that show, Nah.  In a pinch, I give good readings without it, but it helps get your mind in the right state of mind.  I love doing readings in a darker room and there's some great science to suggest that even darkness adds to altered states of consciousness.

The incense can matter, and I will give some incense formula and psychic ability boosters in a future email.

2. Breathing
Try this exercise.  Close your eyes.  Breathe as deeply as you can through your nose and exhale through your mouth.  Try to have no pause between inhale and exhale.

Do this for a good 15-20 minutes right before you do the reading.

3. Test and Calibrate
A simple way to test Tarot and really any divination system is to calibrate.  Some days,  you will just be off.   Some days, things just won't be working.  Perhaps, you're too tired, sick, distracted.

I generally attempt to calibrate the divination.

I ask three questions where the answer is clearly a yes or no.  I pull a card for each question.   Now, if your deck is attuned to you ( yes that's a different blog post), it should reasonably answer in a way that is consistent with the yes or no answers.  Believe it or not, I can tell pretty quick, if this turns out badly, that I just don't have the right mindset, my energy is off, or there are other problems.   Usually this happens a lot less, IF I have done the bath-work or formally banished.   So, when this happens, I will use a combination of banishing, cleansing, to get myself up to par.  Then, re-calibrate and recheck myself.

4.  Layer with your Guardians,

Protectors or Spirits

Layer your Readings with other techniques.   You can often super-power your readings by performing an Evocation, angelic calls, or asking for spiritual help from your guides.  I often will offer a couple shots of rum to Papa Legba to help me see the roads, and ask La-Sirene to help boost my abilities in harder situations.  Of course, you have to develop a relationship with those types of guides BEFORE you do the reading.   That is beyond the scope of the blog post,  however, I do cover the basics in Hands-On Chaos Magic: Reality Manipulation through the Ovayki Current

5. Attune
Attune your Deck to yourself.  This is also a little beyond the scope of the blog, but I will post a blog just about that at,  it will be the next blog post.

6. Stop Over-thinking and Reacting
And that means really ANY thinking.

            • No on the spot Judgements
            • No emotional Judgements
            • No second guessing (which is thinking)
Tower comes up, people freak.  Guess what.  Reading is functionally done. Once the emotional reaction is there, and the thought "oh my god" or similar thought replicates in thinking, the energy and reading is buggered up.    

Mental control is a big plus, and YES meditation matters alot.  Instead of reaction try to just blurt out or write things down.  If the deck is calibrated (described above), you can keep asking for clarification.    Think of a reading more like a conversation then an "exact do this".  I usually get better results if I approach it from the conversation aspects.  If I don't get it, I ask for more clues and keep breathing as deeply as I can.

Blurting things out, opens the communication and could help to loosen up things.  If you are breathing deeply throughout the reading, the divination will be easier.

It's alot like no-mind.  Really, do more of the analysis POST reading.  This separates the getting the vibe from the "thinking part".  Treat the reading as a full on ritual in itself.

Post Reading and Probabilities.
Readings are not truth.  They are snapshots of right now.  Often the most useful readings to me, are not predictive, but reflective.   This means ASKING different questions.

Predictive readings ask:  Will this happen or what will be the result of this, if I do this, or will a Guy get to me.  The reading gives an answer.  Sometimes, you get a real solid answer that is still based on a current snapshot.  The further the question asks out, the harder it is to lock in an answer.  So if I asked, will Susan come back to me?  The cards give you a snapshot.

Now if I called Susan after the reading, and had that certain bravado she always hated, and I had this cockiness because the cards said it would happen, guess what?  Yep.  The snapshot has radically changed and so has the future.

Better questions for me are more similar to the following:

  • What parts of me contributed negatively to this situation?
  • How can I improve my relationship skills, and what areas do I need to work on regarding my relationship skills?
  • Help me understand my patterns, so I can clarify what habits to work on?
  • How can I positively change the situation?
These are not the questions most people want to ask.  They are sometimes far more important, offer far more choices, and bring about changes in the situation through dedicated work.  

Sometimes, you do need a predictive answer, but this should be taken like stock market advice.  Sometimes, the analysts are WRONG.  That said, it is possible to fine tune and get better and better at predictive answers, but often answers which reflect parts of yourself for change are far more powerful.

FUTURE Blogs On this Topic ( so do encourage me to write)
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Your Tarot Deck as Living Artifact.
Tarot Quantum Evocation
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Psychic Incense

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Mercury Planetary Bath of Clear Communication and Adaptability

What Follows is a Mercurial Bathwork with 8 incidents.  Yes in Hoodoo, usually you would use an odd number but Mercury's number is 8.   Included is the full charging ritual as I have performed many times.

This ritual clears up some spiritual communication issues and interpersonal communication issues.  Since I am coming out of my Facebook fast, figured this was a good time to re-do this.  Extra clarification of charging materials can be found in my first book, Hands-On Chaos Magic: Reality Manipulation through the Ovayki Current.  Typically, Mercury is associated with Air, but bathwork can really get the energies into your skin and body.  Besides, I like Baths.

Understanding what Mercury is, and why it's helpful.

In his description, Peter Carroll describes orange magic ( or Mercury work as follows) :  "Charlatanry, trickery, living by one's wits and thinking fast on one's feet are the essence of the orange power. These mercurial abilities were traditionally associated with the god forms which acted as patrons to doctors, magicians, gamblers and thieves.".  Although,  a little harsh, Mercurial energy is very close to the idea of thought and communication in rapid fire.  Wits and communication.   Need to speak, communicate, or write... Well Mercury.    Need to think rationally and fast, Mercury.

Typically, Wednesday is the best day to do this type of ritual as Wednesday is Mercury's day.  You could look up the exact hourly time based on your geography at

You could figure that out by hand too if you read lots of ceremonial magic, but to quote the internet "ain't got no time for that".  I am not sure if the hour time matters independently of the belief in the fact that the hourly time matters, but you could do this charging on the Mercury day at the Mercury hour.

Materials Needed:

Celery Seeds
Cedar Tips
Fennel Seeds
Lemon Grass
Parsley ( fresh)
Deer's Tongue

Before using each herb, you have to bless it and put your energy into it.  Usually, this can be achieved through breathing and focus and active imagination.  Need more help, yep, see Hands-On Chaos Magic: Reality Manipulation through the Ovayki Current.  I almost always will appeal to Gran Bwa, to turn on the herbs and fix whatever Ashe is wrong with them.  Just take the extra time to do this, even better if you try to communicate with each herb spirit (again see Hands on Chaos magic for lots of details on this).  I like to add fresh stream water to do this (nice clean movement to the water), which brings the nice total to an uneven number for bathwork if you count the water.  If you can get rain water, for this ritual, it is even better instead of the stream water.

I will tend to bias the mixture toward Lavender and Lemon Grass and Parsley.  These are all fluffy and I really enjoy those herbs so I would almost go 3 parts on these three, 1 part everything else.

Crush up part of a small part of the mixture into a powder.  This will take a bit of time.

Now I know Deer's Tongue herb is not usually a Mercurial herb, and I know it is usually used to "talk your way out of trouble", but I have found that it just smooths out most communication when used in a bath.  I like it, the readings when I put this together were very positive.

Altar Materials and Altar Setup:  

8 small orange candles dressed with Mercury Planetary oil (4 drops Lavender, 2 drops Eucalyptus, 1 drop Peppermint).    Carve the seal into each candle with a brass or tin instrument if possible.  To make it more visible, I will take the crushed bath powder and rub it into the mercury seal.  Together the mixture will be somewhat greenish so it will make the seal stand out on each candle.

I draw out a copy of the Mercurial Planetary Seal on decent yellowish paper.  Make this large enough that you can place a bowl in the middle of this.  Dress the lines of this seal with Mercury oil.

Place the 8 candles on the corners of the seal and around the diamond of the seal.

If I can get them, I usually like to put 8 topaz stones ( low grade and orangish), in each of the corners sections of the seal, pointing toward the bowl of herbs.  I just like doing this, and the topaz acts as a sort of crystal magnifier.

Why Orange candles:  Planetary magic is just BLOODY color corresponding CONFUSED.  Orange is the correspondence for Mercury in the Greater Key of Solomon, and pretty much in Peter Carroll's Chaos Star, and various Hoodoo stuff, and just a host of other sources.  If you think Yellow, Purple (Picatrix), or Blue is better (or more classical in some sources), use that.  Also, Green is often cited as an allied color of Mercury, which I have already have when we rubbed the powder onto the candles.   Really, just don't over think this.  I like Orange for Mercury.

Place all the herbs into a orange colored mesh bag, or a small jar.  If using a jar, cover the jar with orange fabric.    When I have it, I will place some Mercury Metal in a SEALED and small airtight container ( like a vial), in with the herbs.  Make sure non of the actual Mercury is mixed with the herbs.  Elemental Mercury is toxic.  The vibration near the herbs through ritual is sufficient.  DO NOT add the Mercury to any bath work.  No Really, DON'T DO THAT.

Mercury Intelligence Tiriel

On the Left is the Sigil for the Planetary Intelligence of Mercury, Tiriel.  On the right is the Planetary Magic Square For Mercury.

Magic Square for Mercury
Now, I like drawing out the seal with ORANGE ( see I did that again), on a printed magical square using the various methods from Aggripa. Honest, for most applications, unless you are very interested, you could just copy the the Seal onto clean paper.   Place the seal on the front of the jar or on top of the bag of herbs.

Square of mercury, but I have no idea
how you'd use that to draw the Seal untop of.  Maybe black.

So this is meant as a add in to your altar as it is.  Here is how I would set up the working area for this ritual.

Your Millage may vary, but the picture on the left should give you a visual representation of the altar set up above.

Mercury Bath Charging Ritual

This ritual uses components of standard Western Ceremonial Magic in ways that use far more of a material base.  I realize this is not quite the standard "Ceremonial Magic", but rest assured this works.

Start by Meditating or doing some Chakra work.

1. Start the Incense Burning.  Use a pinch of the mixture you powdered in the preparation step and that you pushed into the candle.

2. State your intent:  It is my will to Imbue the bath herbs with the the strength and energy of the highest aspirations of Mercury

3. Basically Perform the first and second part of the LBRP

4. Perform a Hacked Greater Hexagon Ritual

Hexagon Gate Opening, and
Convienient Mercury Hebrew to open the Gate

I see this component as more of a Gate opening, and there are more then a few ways to do this.

For the strictly hard core Ceremonialists who need extensive oration recite the Orphic Hymm to Mercury

I usually skip that, concentrating much more on the vibration.  I see/feel the hexagram ritual much more as a type of opening of the planetary energies.

Orphic Hymm to Mercury ( for those who want it)

Hermes, draw near, and to my pray'r incline,
Angel of Jove, and Maia's son divine;
Prefect of contest, ruler of mankind,
With heart almighty, and a prudent mind.
Celestial messenger of various skill,
Whose pow'rful arts could watchful Argus kill.
With winged feet 'tis thine thro' air to course,
O friend of man, and prophet of discourse;
Great life-supporter, to rejoice is thine
In arts gymnastic, and in fraud divine.
With pow'r endu'd all language to explain,
Of care the loos'ner, and the source of gain.
Whose hand contains of blameless peace the rod,
Corucian, blessed, profitable God.
Of various speech, whose aid in works we find,
And in necessities to mortals kind.
Dire weapon of the tongue, which men revere,
Be present, Hermes, and thy suppliant hear;
Assist my works, conclude my life with peace,
Give graceful speech, and memory's increase.

Hexagon Gate Opening, and
Convenient Mercury
Hebrew to open the Gate
From High Magic.

Now, I will Vibrate with every cell of my body, "Elohim Tzabaoth Ararita",  Need advice on vibrating it out fully, yep, yep, see Hands-On Chaos Magic: Reality Manipulation through the Ovayki Current.  Draw out the hexagram starting with the 1 position ( which is Mercury for this ritual) and dray the first triangle.  Then do the second triangle starting from the Jupiter 2 position.  Both are drawn with your magical weapon or finger in a clockwise manner. Visualize/draw the Hexagram over the whole altar.   Now at this point,  light the first of the Candles (which should be the most eastward one).  

Ring a nice sounding Bell.

Repeat this 7 more times ( 8 in total, till all the candles are lit).
Light the Candles in a Clockwise manner.

5.  Call Tiriel and Go to Town

To remind you, here is Tiriel's symbol again on the left.  This should be on the jar.  I know Aggripa's
Intelligences sometimes present themselves with a personality, but for this working and many of the times I use the Aggripa Intelligences, I find it more convenient to conceive of them as planetary LIVEWIRES. Essentially, for this ritual, understand the personality is a reflection of the aspect of God(dess) that this is. That actually, if you think about it, makes the ritual more dangerous.  Focus on the Seal and Chant Tiriel while imagining with all of your five senses that the bath is getting the MOJO.  I picture this as the Orange Mercurial Vibe... dosing the bath herbs.

Mercury is Fast, Witty, Zappy.  I sometimes will break into laughter as if someone told me a real joke.  The Chanting should be fast, frantic but controlled.  So fast you barely can pronounce the words.  Pay attention to any visions, but try to direct this all into the herbs.  Notice, for Intelligences, I do not use a protection circle.  Really, we are making a bath, what's the point of that.

Keep going till you are out of breath.  Thank Tiriel for super Mercurifying the bath herbs.

6.  Close the Planetary Gate

Now, I will Vibrate with every cell of my body, "Elohim Tzabaoth Ararita",   Go from the Jupitar point Draw out the hexagram starting with the 1 position draw the first triangle in a counterclockwise manner, and from the point 2, draw the second triangle in a  counterclockwise manner.  Snuff the last candle you lit

Ring a nice sounding Bell. 

Repeat this 7 more times ( 8 in total, till all the candles are snuffed).

7.  Perform the Cabalistic Cross ( For More Info)
8.  Do something else that's fun.

Layered Angel Work with Raphael

As the Arch-Angel Raphael is the highest aspirations of Mercury ( to me), it is possible to move from doing the Tiriel step in 5, and adding a Step 5.5, which would be to directly evoke the Archangel over the bath mixture for additional support and really up the ante.  This type of layering on the physical material really ups the vibration.  That my friends, will be a different blog post.

Preparing and Taking the Actual Bath

This is intended as a soaking bath (although not needfully a relaxing one).  Boil the herbs for a good 15 minutes.  Strain the material (and save it).

Add the herb soup to the bathwater.

First, take the 8 candles from the ritual and place them around the tub and light them.

Hop in.

Start problem solving, mentally ramping  up the activity, having fun.
Nothing to me says Mercury like MATH, oh that's right MATH.   Hard Math....

Calculus, Derivatives.... any hard project or best of all  ...

Fibonacci numbers
0,\;1,\;1,\;2,\;3,\;5,\;8,\;13,\;21,\;34,\;55,\;89,\;144,\; \ldots\;

F_n = F_{n-1} + F_{n-2},\!\,

Work through as many as possible as fast sitting in that tub as possible.

For those who HATE MATH
Really any crossword puzzle, or any puzzle.  Sit in the water and get the mental juices flowing as fast as possible.

If you want, just start lying outloud. Outrageous lies... fast and furious at lightning speed.

When you are done in the the bath, AIR DRY.  Do not towel the herbal bath off.  Your skin will absorb the energy and herbal medicine.

Now, you can take the herbs and bring them to a crossroads.  Throw them out there while giving the crossroads a shot of rum.  Of course, this is slightly modified version of a traditional Hoodoo technique (to not clog up the drain).


From the Open Source Golden Dawn

Appendix A: Performance Notes on The Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram

The Kabbalistic Cross

Stand facing East. Allow the body to relax. Feel your awareness expand outward to the Universe, while at the same time feel your feet firmly grounded beneath you maintaining a firm foothold in your Earthly existence. Breathe deeply and fully, and prepare to make your entire body vibrate with the sound of your voice.
See, in your mind's eye, a sphere of blazing white brilliance just above your head. Raise the right hand up high and draw down a beam of brilliance from the sphere into the top of your head, filling the entire cranium with light. Touch the forehead and intone "A-tah" (Thine)
Bring the hand down before the body and touch the solar plexus (just below the sternum). Simultaneously, see the Divine white brilliance descend in a beam through the center of the body, down between the feet, into the Earth. Intone "Mal-kuth" (Kingdom)
Touch the right shoulder, and see the Light extend in a ray to that point. Intone "Va Gaburah" (the power)
Touch the left shoulder, and see the Light extend likewise to that point. Intone "Va Gadulah" (the glory)
Clasp the hands at the breast and intone "Leh-olahm. Amen" (Forever. Amen)

The Formulation of the Pentagrams

In the East, draw a large banishing Earth Pentagram with a fully extended right arm and forefinger. Start at the lower left hip, draw a bluish white line up to a point high over your head, continue the line down to a point before your right hip, up beside your left shoulder, over to the right and then back down to a point before the left hip. This is a symbol of the divine power reigning over the Elements of the universe. See it as an all encompassing representation of great power. Breath in deeply drawing energy from the hidden depths of the universe, then give the Sign of the Enterer toward the center of the pentagram, intoning the God-name "Ah-sher-rah" Feel the power rushing out and charging the pentagram. You may or may not feel anything physically. Just see the pentagram burst into electric blue flame as you intone each name. Resume your standing position and give the Sign of Silence as you receive back the reflux of the energy you have just sent forth.
Draw a white line from the center of the pentagram, making a quarter of a circle as you proceed toward the South. Stop there and draw the pentagram as before, but this time as you give the Sign of the Enterer, intone "Ah-doh-nai" followed by the Sign of Silence.
Continue the white line to the West. Draw the pentagram, give the Sign of the Enterer, and intone "Eh-heh-ee-yeh".
Continue the white line to the North. Draw the pentagram, give the Sign of the Enterer, and intone "A-gah-lah".
Return to the center of the circle and see the pentagrams in the air about you. Feel their fierce heat and protection. Raise your arms to form a cross, and see Raphael, the archangel of Air, standing before you in the East. His hair is blonde, his skin is very fair, his robe is yellow with flashes of violet, he stands atop a hill with the wind coming from the cloud-patched sky behind him, and he holds the caduceus in his right hand. Say "Before me" and then intone, "Rah-fah-el."
Visualize Gabriel, the archangel of Water, standing behind you in the West. His robe is blue flashing with orange. He stands in the shallows by a gushing spring. He holds a silver cup in his left hand, his hair is light brown, and his skin is fair. Feel moisture wafting in from the West. Say "behind me" and then intone "Gah-bree-el."
In the South, see Michael, the great archangel of Fire. His robe is brilliant scarlet flashing green. He stands in the desert, and fire rises up from the burning sands around his feet. He holds upright in his right hand a flaming iron sword. His hair is black and his skin is dark. Feel intense heat radiating from the South. Say "at my right hand" and then intone "Mee-chah-el" (the ch is pronounced softly as in the Scottish word for lake, "loch").
In the North, see Auriel, the archangel of Earth. His robes are citrine, olive, and russet. He stands on black soil from which ripe wheat springs up behind him. He holds sheaves of wheat in his left hand. His hair is black and his skin is tan. His eyes and intense, large, and dark. See cattle grazing in the field behind him. Beyond them is forest, and beyond the forest are mountains. Say "and at my left hand" and then intone "Or-ee-el."
Still maintaining the arms in a cross, say "for about me flame the pentagrams (see the pentagrams) and in the column shines the six-rayed star." See a hexagram floating in your torso, its uppermost angle peaks in your throat and its lower most rests in your groin. The upright triangle is made of red fire. Its blue, downward-pointing triangle wavers slightly like a reflection on water. Feel the dry heat of the flame and the cool moisture of the water. These forces intertwine in your being.
At this stage in training, the LBRP should be performed at least once per day, preferably upon rising.

Useful References

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Practical Chakra Empowering ( Version 2 with Transpersonal additions )

So if you haven't noticed, I have been focusing a lot on some core fundamentals, and lot of this blog will start to go back to Hoodoo techniques. Just the very simple but powerful techniques.  This is part of my personal plan.  In another post, I went into a fair amount of detail about a method of Chakra work from an energy work/energy manipulation method.  To understand this iteration, you will need to go check out that first chakra empowerment post.  Read it, then come back to this.

This basic idea was very simple.  Use all five of your senses to hyper spin the Chakras.  Then add memetic and traditional devices to help you get in resonance with each Chakra.  Work up from base to crown, hyper-spinning each Chakra.  The faster spinning clears out the negativity, purifies the entire system, and builds the strength of each Chakra.  It is a pretty succinct and powerful way to build Chakra strength, and have more energy.  I have done it, and this works well.

This second variation on these theme includes some components of the the Transpersonal Chakra work (which I will describe)  and is much more powerful, but takes a little longer.

Basic Technique

In general, the base technique is mostly the same as described in that first chakra empowerment post, but the ordering and steps between Chakras is different.  The first exercise goes through each Chakra and then goes through the last step of going through them a second time while keeping them all spinning.   Inevitably, the hyperspinning of the Chakra slows down very quickly.   While it's possible to keep the Chakras in mind, they still tend to slow down to optimal (normal), not hypernormal mode once you move past one Chakra.  As I covered in the first article, hyperspinning them forces them to balance out impurities and grow stronger.  It does not make them overly active.  The notion of overactive Chakras to me seems to come from the imbalance of one Chakra compared to the over activeness of other Chakras.  The hyperspinning balances that out in relation to the others, and moves toward a certain kind of ascention (to use the new age parlance).

To get past the slowing down of one Chakra while still in the meditation, what I did was as follows: Hyperspinning was the technique I gave in that first chakra empowerment post.

Root Chakra  1st  BASE
Relax  -> Hyperspin the Root Chakra 

Swadhishthan ( 2nd Chakra) Genitalia
Relax ->  Hyperspin the Root Chakra ->  Hyperspin the Swadhishthan Chakra

Manipoor ( 3rd Chakra)  Solar Plexus
Relax ->  Hyperspin the Root Chakra ->  Hyperspin the Swadhishthan Chakra -> Hyperspin the Manipoor Chakra

Anahata (4th Chakra)  Heart

Relax ->  Hyperspin the Root Chakra ->  Hyperspin the Swadhishthan Chakra -> Hyperspin the Manipoor Chakra -> Hyperspin the Anahata Chakra

Vishuddhi ( 5th) Throat

Relax ->  Hyperspin the Root Chakra ->  Hyperspin the Swadhishthan Chakra -> Hyperspin the Manipoor Chakra -> Hyperspin the Anahata Chakra -> Hyperspin the Vishuddhi Chakra

Ajna ( 6th)  Third Eye

Relax ->  Hyperspin the Root Chakra ->  Hyperspin the Swadhishthan Chakra -> Hyperspin the Manipoor Chakra -> Hyperspin the Anahata Chakra -> Hyperspin the Vishuddhi Chakra -> Hyperspin the Ajna Chakra

Sahastrasar (7th)  Crown
Relax ->  Hyperspin the Root Chakra ->  Hyperspin the Swadhishthan Chakra -> Hyperspin the Manipoor Chakra -> Hyperspin the Anahata Chakra -> Hyperspin the Vishuddhi Chakra -> Hyperspin the Ajna Chakra -> Hyperspin the  Sahastrasar Chakra

What does this do?

In practice, when we get to each Chakra using this iteration of the exercise  it gets easier and easier to spin them, and they feel like they spin more powerfully.  After doing this, I find that I have alot more energy and feel stronger, well balanced and very even/stable.

By doing this exercise in this stepwise function, we make sure that the Chakras are in a hyper performing mode when you move to the next level.  The Chakra's slow down relatively quickly from one level to the next, but when doing this exercise, it seems like a journey where you have just the right escape velocity to move from one level to the next.   Each step feels like a journey.   This method has been far more effective then the first style of work.

Transpersonal Chakras

This was probably the least offensive image I could find for the Transpersonal Chakras and it implies the alchemical purpose of these Chakras.  The Transpersonal Chakra's are a controversial topic in new age and metaphysical thought.  Conflicting versions exist in Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism and more.  Some people would say they don't exist.  Some people say they are a way for people to "claim" spiritual power over each other acting like a guru.

In my meditation, I did before doing more research, after doing this on the Crown Chakra I did feel 3 more layers above my head.   Now, the personal effects of this are very hard to detail.

The Casual Chakra roughly, I have envisioned right above the crown at most 4 finger widths.  I almost think this is something attached to the the crown or intimately connected to the crown.  Now, this particular Chakra seems to connect to the past lives.  I have had trouble verifying this in my experimentation, but I will say that as I have worked with this, I have and information and knowledge enter into my consciousness that I probably could not have just gotten.  Verifiable magical information.  Past Life is as good an explanation as any, although the information comes more like a download then beautiful visions of some long lost time.  The information is there, but much of the context around when and where is not.  Generally, I see this as a silver, sometimes as a Iridescent.  It isn't quite that I ever get visions.  Now this Chakra does not seem directly in the path of the rising surge of energy that the hyperspinning produces.  You have to kinda want to just work with this one directly, and meditate on it.  The research is totally conflicted, but this is my take on it.
Alternate take on the transpersonal chakras.

The Soul Star Chakra
That 12th Chakra point is golden in my opinion.  To me this point connects to what I would consider in western magic as the HGA, in a more energy vibrational form.  It is essentially, the highest aspirations of you.  I do not really have a good western analog and working with this Chakra is hard to vocalize the effects.  I usually just notice good luck, clearer ideas of where I am headed and the like.  This is relatively easy to connect to from the Crown Chakra.  Ironically, without being too flakey, the solar disk portrayed in many Eqyptian gods and goddesses, I think refers to this point.  Now the research is conflicted whether or not there is more up the change.  I have felt one more about 3 feet above the head, but shooting into this one is tough to hold and gets very, very trippy.  It is almost more like being involved in a web, and you start seeing visions of other places and times while not knowing what is real and what is not real.

What I think happens when you open the 12th Chakra in this way, is that it allows Shen to fill the body.   Shen is spiritual energy in Chinese Medicine.  Its the best term I have for this.  Spiritual energy is usually not very "dense" with Jing being the most dense form of energy (aka blood tissue).  When the system is flooded with this spiritual energy, it packs down into the system and refills the Chi of the body, but refills it with purpose aligned with that Self.  To me that "Higher Self" is neither really higher, nor really clearly understandable, but I have seen immense increases in magical and actualized (as in testable) spiritual power, after working with Chakra.

To Finish the Exercise

Although you could direct the energy to the Causal Chakra, it is easier to use the hyperspinning technique on the Crown Chakra and then boost up.  Again, this is like leaving at just the right speed.

So add the last step:

Soul Star ( Solar?)  Chakra
Relax ->  Hyperspin the Root Chakra ->  Hyperspin the Swadhishthan Chakra -> Hyperspin the Manipoor Chakra -> Hyperspin the Anahata Chakra -> Hyperspin the Vishuddhi Chakra -> Hyperspin the Ajna Chakra -> Hyperspin the  Sahastrasar Chakra  ->  Hyperspin the Soul Star Chakra.

Now after you hyperspin the Soul Star, allow the energy to flow back into your system from that higher Chakra.  This has a VERY similar effect to the middle pillar exercise and to me it is both comforting and relaxing.  If you are correctly grounding, this will feel very much like being connected to heaven and earth at the same time.   Essentially, you become the Axis Mundi.   

You could hyperspin the Soul Star and reach out to the next Chakra 3 feet above the head as I have found, but be prepared.  It gets weird and you will loose track of time in the visions and mixtures of past, present, future, existing and non-existing.  I consider this last section experimental.  If you have questions, feel free to ask me.   

Now if you need some help to start getting into the meditative state, may I suggest my mp3

Cascade of Light: Angelic Empowerment System Volume 1

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