Friday, December 19, 2014

Doing things different with the blog

So I started to do something different in this year and I will make this New Year's Resolution.

First what I did this year was start an MBA program that sapped my time and in response I did a few things:

  • I converted my facebook profile into a page.
  • I have been militantly avoiding the "hater" club of modern occultism and have been focusing on developing new occult course work, spending time with my family, and developing my materials.  The effort was to really separate myself from the drama.
  • Militantly avoiding commenting on others work and really putting blinders only on my own work.  If openly attacked usually because of bullshit, I would not respond and instead simply focusing my work.  This and the facebook issue I am sure made alot of people think I was just an asshole or antisocial.... I am just staying militantly focused on providing a good products.  I am going to keep doing that.
  • That has ironically led to a HUGE decrease in the amount of radio shows I have done, a lot less invites to conventions per se ( and that will continue to this year), and a whole less anthology writing.
  • It ironically led to a pretty size-able increase in profits.  I have a good course with the shapeshifting course and more good ness is coming.  I will just keep going with that.
So I have a couple new years resolutions:

First, 1 blog per week, although not during Finals.  Yep so you'll hear it here.  It will be mostly practically magically focused. I will not get into the he-she said blog wars of the net.  This does in a way hurt me, but it keeps me very focused.

Second, I will try to open a little bit more and hoping to restart or reframe how Deeper Down works.  What I want to talk about is the stories we have collected over the  years of work.

Third, making new great products.    If you missed the shapeshifting course check out to see the transformations.  I will be re-running the course in august ( with a few changes).  

I want to thank each of you for support me and reading my materials, may I be of even greater service to you and the magical current in the next year.   Have a happy holidays, and a GREAT new year.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Money Draw Oil Prosperity Work

It's been a while since I blogged :)  This is from the archives, but I is something I do use still.  Enjoy.

Pre-Work and Commentary
               First, while this is inspired by conjure work I have learned, it most certainly is not traditional conjure work, however this ritual seems to work very well.  For this ritual to work, it is usually helpful to have a variable source of income such as waitressing, a business or other service where you get tips.   If you have no job, this is a good ritual when searching for a job.  For an increase in money to occur, it is helpful to have multiple mechanisms where money could flow to  you.  For instance, if you are in a very stable job that has a stable rate of pay, this spell might help if it is around raise time, but usually that situation is too fixed to get an upsurge of money.
               Prosperity talismans (which this is more like) require certain psychological and real world work on the parts of the participants to optimize the energy.  First of all, most people have some serious issues with money and the sense of lack that money symbolizes.  Second, there has to be reasonable ways in place for the money to come in. A person who is without a job has to be looking for a job to receive one with or without magic. The magic helps with probabilities (and it is possible that person could get a job handed to them, but that's the less likely outcome).  Likewise, if you have a business  and are doing a prosperity spell, it should be coupled with increased marketing. I offer personalized life coaching that includes spirituality, NLP, hypnosis and more to make those pathways more available at every step.
               This ritual is used to properly imbue the Money Draw Oil with far more power.  This makes the oil a talisman when worn.  I like this method, since it allows me to fully optimize my actions and opportunities with the energy of the oil.

Money Draw Oil
Jupiter Oil
Largest Bill you can afford
Blue Colored Cloth to work on
4 Blue Candles
Four Alchemical Symbols of Jupiter

Before Starting
              Tear a small piece of one corner of the bill and put it in the Money Draw Oil.  Shake the Money Draw Oil. 
               Create an anchor to a happy state with a hand gesture. This is a pretty simple procedure. First, relax thoroughly.  Then place your hands in a certain position.  The exact position does not matter for this, but it should be a gesture you would not normally use.  After this, place your hands in this gesture while seeing, feeling, hearing, smelling and creating a full sensory experience based on the best joy-filled memories you have. Go back and relive the memory until you feel your body taking on that state right then. Repeat this procedure with multiple memories while holding your hand gesture.  This is explained in great detail in Chapter 6 and Chapter 19 of Hands on Chaos Magic.

              Sigilize an intention to a mantra using the Spare method of sigilization.  Start with the intention “Ever Increasingly Draw Money towards me”.  Reduce the letters and create a random mantra (it should not be your native tongue or regular words).  The Spare method of sigilization is covered extensively in Hands On Chaos Magic,  Chapter 16.

              Before starting, I recommend taking a cleansing bath of some sort.  Finer hoodoo stores have multiple variants of this.

              Place the cloth down and place the money down on the table.  Place all 4 symbols for Jupiter around the bill and place the oil on top it.  Put the candles near the corners, by the symbol. Take the four blue candles and rub the candles from the top of the candle to the bottom with the Jupiter oil. Light the candles.

Ideally, think of visually making an altar that looks like this. 

You could even draw that out.   Put the alchemical Jupiter symbols where the small circles would go, and the candles right next to them.  This is a Jupiter planetary symbol from Aggripa.

              Banish by your preferred method.  I can recommend the Gnostic Pentagram Banishing from Peter Carroll or the even the Waterfall banishing as in Hands on ChaosMagic.  If you can create your own banishing, that's great as well.  Hands On Chaos Magic has techniques to develop your own banishing. 

              State your intention out loud which was: “Ever increasingly, money draws towards me”,

              Focus on the oil in the center of the bill. Put your hands in the happiness anchor position that you worked out before. Breathe in deeply and on the exhale, vibrate out the mantra that you created.  Take a good 5-8 seconds to vibrate out the mantra. Make your inhale as long as your exhale. Imagine seeing, feeling, smelling and hearing fresh $100 dollar bills floating the air.  At first, concentrate on one  $100 dollar bill floating in the air very slowly.  Swirling around you while you are focusing your intention on the oil bottle (you might need to practice this a bit, using some of the energy techniques).  In your visualization with five senses make sure to include the bottle and the 100 dollar bill.  Really force yourself as you are continuing to vibrate the mantra to see, feel, hear, and even smell that freshly minted $100 bill.  Imagine this flowing into the bottle, imagine it imbuing that bottle of oil with that money glow.

              Now, repeat this with 2 $100 dollar bills at the same time floating and swirling around you focusing on  how each $100 feels, smells, looks and even sounds as it flows through the are towards the small bottle of oil.  Again, imagine the $100 dollar bills imbue that bottle of oil with even more of that money glow.

              Keep chanting your mantra and hold your hands in that happy anchor.  Really allow yourself to go into that happiness and joy state.  With all five of your senses, imagine 3 $100 bills flowing towards the oil spirally and floating in the air.  Again have it flow into the bottle of Money Draw Oil on the bill, this time even more of that money glow illuminating from the bottle.  Even try 4 bills and 5 bills, as far as you can go at one time.

              Now switch to a constant stream of $100 bills coming from all direct that spiral around you like a blizzard and all of them flow into that bottle of money draw oil while chanting the mantra and imagining the bottle of money draw oil humming and zinging with all the essence of the $100s.  Keep doing this while vibrating your mantra and holding your hands in the happy anchor for as long as you can.  It general takes 30 of intense focus like this to get in the proper state of mind to effectively work magic.  Many of the initial exercises in Hands on Chaos Magic, deal with building up focus to effectively work on this.

              After working with the oil for 30 minutes or more, you can slowly stop chanting.  Do not banish, but imagine the oil sucking more of the hundreds into it.  Do something else after doing this.  Eat something.

After the ritual

              After the ritual you will have an oil that you can wear to entice the prosperity to you.  I recommend using this oil behind the ears.  This allows you to strategically apply using the charged oil when you need it at the most opportune moment.

You can repeat this same ritual over the same Money Draw oil.  This will greatly enhance and empower the effect of the oil.

Finer training details about the techniques used in this gift to you are available in Hands On Chaos Magic.

Interested in having those pathways of manifestation open up.  Get the best possible opportunities and then use the energy to have the luck to fall your way.  Together we can create the life you always dreamed of.  Contact me here for more details.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Get what you WANT, Servitor Creation Online Workshop!

How could your life change if you had an effective spirit-helper at your side? Imagine the powerful sense of “Yes I Can!” with your new helper on the job, working for and with you to accomplish your goals! 

I will be leading an workshop on creating artificial spirits known as “servitors”, or “thought forms” using expanded techniques from my book, Hands On Chaos Magic. Your questions are welcome in this Live Webinar Event. 

Servitors are very much like Magical Artificial Intelligence. During the course of this event, you will have the opportunity to build your own servitor for almost any positive intention from Money Drawing, Protection, Influence and more. 

During the workshop we will do a full Servitor- Thought Form Creation Meditation (and hypnosis). Andrieh will also discuss the care and feeding of your servitor and when it is time to reclaim the servitor.

I have over 15 years experience working with servitors. Register by June 30, with the discount code June30LOVE to get in for the limited time cost of 39.99 ( normally 50).  There was a time earlier in my magical career, that I would only use sigils and servitors for my work, no external forces.  

Spaces are extremely limited for this online workshop.

July 12th, 2014  3pm EST - 5pm

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Self Reflection and Writing Workshop

So, I went to a writing workshop today, "Writing without hiding" workshop taught by Justin in Cleveland.   The workshop was mixed for me.  The content reviewed process problems with writing and using simple direct language.  The content was good and Justin is a worthwhile teacher (although a little more oomph might be nice).

I worked on the fire magic book I am writing, for a bit.   Every "writing" workshop forces me to self analyze, which is a big part of the magic of writing for me.

There are 3 very and distinct things that I noticed.

1.  I am really not comfortable talking about the occult in mixed company.
I know most magicians who are "authors" will say this is not the case for them. Of course I often refer to many people as liars too, no correlation between the two events.

In Ohio, Christian Privilege is everywhere.  The sense of foreboding punishment was worse in Columbus.  People would leave nice burn in hell pamphlets when they found out from the internet I was into Vodou ( and found my legal name attached).  The uncomfortable feeling stems partially from actual issues and partially from internalization.  In this writing workshop, I knew I was working out the hesitation I have with writing on the new book.  My involvement with the public as a public occultist goes through both love and hate phases.   I have good PR resources, but the mixed feelings sometimes leave me uncomfortable.  I feel it is almost time to combine my pen name and birth name, or at least do serious magical work on healing this.  Of course, people were present from my day job at this event.    There remains an underlying fear of being outed.  In the past, I could have lost my job because of those religious reasons.  I know many people in the Midwest who had custody issues because of religion.  It is not like I can say I am a Wiccan either.  I do Vodou, Conjure, Chaos Magic, Goetic, and more... lots of ... well potent sorcery.   This worry is not completely unjustified and it is not something that people on either of the coasts really understand.  Bet my fans in Wisconsin or Kentucky get it right away though.  Owning this is difficult.  Mentoring from an elder coach would be helpful.

2.  My Writing as a craft has suffered because I have not prioritized it and I let too many things get in the way.

Did you know I was a published poet, and short story writer?  I threw all in on the occult to get 'Hands On Chaos Magic' published.  In some ways ( and this is purely personal), doing the occult was a different type of story writing.    The key there is about doing!!! Not needfully, endlessly talking about it.   I always was quite a perfectionist about writing, but never really crafted it.  I had some good ideas, but after being an occultist for 18+ years, I have ALOT more stories to tell between the astral journeys, to actual things that have happened to me.  I just let life get in the fucking way between the daily grind and keeping my personal disciplined magic take my time.  Of course, I have a few other obstacles I am working through that I won't talk about.  Somewhere along the way, I let the harshness of life get in the way of the storytelling.  Couple harshness + perfectionism demon and you get what you get.     Yep time to bust out that Ganesh work, since Ganesh is associated with writing.. .......

"Vakratunda Mahaakaaya Suryakotee Sama Prabha
Nirvighnam kuru mey Deva, Sarva kaaryeshu Sarvadaa’’

3.   The Occult is terrible at branding and message crafting as a culture, and that goes back to point one.

Between bullshit artists in the occult and real occultists suffering from point 1 of this blog to a greater degree then anyone would admit, our cultural relevance is like ... zip.  Hollywood occultism and Illuminati conspiracy plays get a lot of air time, but actual magical work - Pretty close to zip.  More people will not admit, especially in the chaos magic sphere, how much this is true in America.  Elitism has not served us well.

So I was talking to a Yoga instructor at the event.  I was having a causal conversation about Yoga and more so mediation.  I basically told him, oh yeah I do tons of meditation and often use a combination of hypnosis, creative sensory imagination, and breathing to push my meditation much faster.  We had a private conversation about 'Hands On Chaos Magic' and how I was struggling to write another book.  I told him later when we were talking about Yoga,  that almost a quarter of my first book was biomechanics of breathing and meditation.  As an aside, that is fact what I got slammed for on Amazon.  This is relevant, cause, well like that reviewer (who does not really know what magic is about or probably was just a hater),  he was like that is a  big part of magic?  Yes. Yes it is.  Maybe some of the most important parts (unless you are a particularly onerous huckster) come from some sort of mind training.   In a way, if we are not really informing people, this is the level of misconception people have about any occult endeavor.  Mind or emotional discipline, nah... whack Hollywood shit,  Yep.  Time for many of us to admit point one is probably why we do not do this and why, well maybe we need to.  It is far more fullfilling to do magic then the common (even people who should know) think.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Andrieh Taking over Canadian Television, YEP

Oh the Baphomet is about to be IN THE HOUSE.
This was a full Tv show with Phil Farber,  Lon Milo Duquette, and others on Chaos Magic.  It was a great experience.  Watch the full video here.  It was a few years ago now though.

If you have any trouble viewing this in the US or anywhere else, here is some instructions to get around that.


Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Short but Sweet, Being interviewed on Main Street Universe Radio!!!!

You can listen live or the achive here:

What are we going to talk about?

CHAOS MAGIC of course :)

If you have not checked out what is going on with the  there is some killer magic going on there in the Angel/Demon Challenge.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Happiness and Joy Sigil Magic Launcher

What would it be like to get what you really want or need? By now, you may already have a idea of what that might feel like, look like and sound like. Make this small investment and a small step to help make those wonderful experiences, thoughts and things happen with this Joy based sigil launcher hypnotic mp3. YOU CAN DO IT. Easy. Included is instructions on how to create a sigil or mantra and then just listen and the magic is cast.
If you already have a copy of Hands On Chaos Magic, you already have everything you need.   Using Hypnosis, NLP and some breath work you too can powerful cast your sigils within 15 minutes :)     

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Archangel Michael, you can participate now!

Based on Meditations and thinking about this and what Michael told me in dreams I am I am releasing the full Audio of the ritual simulcast as an Mp3.

Download the Audio Recording of the Ritual HERE.

( Non-Soundcloud version )

Need some Help in your Life?

I offer a full set of services with the Angel Michael.  Go with someone who has the experience and a whole family of ancestors who have worked extensively with Michael to produce miracles and results.  Use a magician who does a Michael Ritual, in front of 100 people with unbelievable results.  You deserve to be free of your chains.   Can you imagine what that would be like?
Free, powerful and clear!!!!
While no one can guarantee results all the time, all of my clients have had miraculous transformations after I perform the first ritual for them.  The ritual effectively breaks all negative magic thrown against a person, gives them protection and strength.  Get your life going in the right direction, with the strength of the angel of the Sun.

So for the ritual, get the following things:
  • A white altar cloth.
  • Some gold highlights or ribbon.
  • An Archangel Michael Candle ( available at botanicas and most Mexican grocery stores)
  • some frankincense incense.
  • Some frankincense oil ( if you can get it).
  • Printed picture ( from above, there are more at the end of the post).
Here is a sample altar configuration.

Creating the Altar
I often will embellish this kind of simple altar creation, with flowers.  We are Evoking and Invoking Michael of  Tiphareth which is Michael on the point of the sun.  Yellow flowers are ideal.

So here is what I might do to set up the altar.
Wash the altar with water+ frankincense oil... you can put the frankincense in hot water and cook it, and that will make a nice water.  Wash it down with either.
If you got it, you could just use florida water.

Lay a clean white cloth over the altar and then lay out the altar as above.  I will use use the frankincense water to bless each thing I put on the altar.   You can get some hebrew seals for Michael to embellish this as well.  Use your creativity.  Yes not everyone agrees with this configuration of Michael, but thats the way I roll.

Doing the Ritual With Us ( Outside of Time)
Set up everything before you listen to the recording and ready to go.  Start meditating for a good half hour-hour before starting.     Just try to stay in a meditative state, breathing deeply or do the Ceremony of Transformation and then relax.

The beginning of the ritual is just an explanation of the ritual.  The ritual starts about 30 minutes into the recording. 

Obviously, you not be able to receive the water blessing or the oil anointment that will happen in the ritual.   Really,  once everyone starts chanting  Mi-Cha-El in the asynchronous way we will explain in the audio, you should just keep time and keep chanting Mi-Cha-El while focusing on the statue picture on your altar and trying to tune in to the bigger ritual.  

If you are doing this at home, obviously, I can't make sure you are ok, so after the ritual stand up and laugh out loud.  Afterwards, DO go and get out and have some fun.  Of course, if you need help with getting into trance states, or setting up altars, check out my first book, Hands on Chaos Magic.  Really, if you just breath slowly as you can and focus on the candle and picture, you should be able to get into an altered state of consciousness. 

At the 30 minute mark of the recording, light your Michael Ritual Candle, and put the incense on.   Keep Meditating and follow along.  When we get to the part where everyone is Chanting, chant Mi- Cha- El, and keep going till the end of the ritual. 

The ritual has the following elements so you can follow along.

Description -prep-talk ( 30 minutes first).
Cabalistic Cross ( just follow along).
Remaining parts of LBRP ( with stronger Angelic Evocations). please forgive my Hebrew
Open the Gate of the Sun.. please forgive my Hebrew
Michael Evocation purification and mounting the statue.
Michael Invocation  ( and by Invocation we mean INVOCATION, as in Michael merging with Andrieh for a short while).
Michael Anointing blessing.
Michael Calls Judgment down on everyone and offers them his strength to release our bonds and release what holds us back from actualizing ourselves.
Close the Gate of the Sun. please forgive my Hebrew
Cabalistic Cross. please forgive my Hebrew

Of course, this is a major undertaking.  If you would got alot out of the recording and the ritual around the recording, please feel free to donate here.   We appreciate the donations.

Some Pictures For you to Use While listening ( FROM The Actual Ritual with like 100 people)

Post Ritual, We built the altar while Michael was being called.

The Statue Of Michael, he who confronts and breaks our chains.  Great to Print out for your ritual

Post Ritual with Witchdoctor Utu

Monday, February 3, 2014

Volcano Active Exercise Meditation

Volcano and Temple in Hawaii ( almost certainly sacred to Pele)
Certainly after experiment to do the wellness and fitness without energy work, and seeing what would happen, I shifted back to doing active meditations and energy work with the exercise.    Now, all told I am down about 15 lbs in 2 weeks.  My experiment being over, you, my beloved reader get some new techniques of exercised meditation and magic.

After a long conversation with a friend yesterday, he  kinda accidently went with the conversation to areas that I really feel betrayed by an individual and in some ways an organization.   I believe I am justified in feeling betrayed but that does not matter.  Of course, I have become way more gun shy with many things.  Carrying around that negativity and anger is not productive.  It is just resentment that has no output or productive use.  In this case, there really isn't a method of reconcilation.   If you are in the business of the occult, that probably sadly is very close to the norm.  But this one point of resentment over betrayal really kinda connects to resentment over the issues,  it becomes a web of well.. bad and wasted energy.

This exercise is unbelievably simple but quite potent.  Make sure you have water.  If you deep enough into the meditation, your body will react.

I recommend first doing a Charka Balancing.  Mostly, this initial step just helps with the energy flow. If you do not do this,  there can be some painful parts to this exercise.

After the chakra balancing,  get on a cycle machine.  I like the cycle machine, but any exercise where you are stable and its repetitive is great.   The key is that it must be a repetitive and stable environment.  As you are going deeper into the meditation, you are liable to loose some body control.  That is good, if you are doing it right.  Be Safe.

Start diving into the cycling.  Cycle for a good 5 minutes and purposefully try to slow your breathing.  While cylcing this is not a trivial task.   If you can do the Microcosmic Orbit, this is very helpful to build up the energy flow.

While continuing to cycle, use all five senses to imagine yourself at a volcano.   I prefer, to see myself at like Mt. Doom ( from Lord of the Rings), but any view where you can look down at the lava is great.  This is extraordinarily hot, and you should feel the hot. This actually helps with the cycling and Chi.  It will boost things up.  Now, start to really cycle hard.  As you are fully immersed in this, throw anything negative  or stressful that is bothering you into the volcano.  You might see faces of people, colors, vibe..... various sounds... just anything that comes up that is negative bundle it up and chuck it.   See it get burned and trapped in the lava.  Do this for 20 minutes, its great exercise and the cycling will allow you to move energy around fast.

Lava has some great attributes for this.  First, Lava is extrodinarily hot, meaning the negative gets burned away fast.  Second,  things in Lava tend to sink and get trapped.  So this is a doubly great technique.  Because it is so hot, you may if you are really deep, have some kundalini effects.  If you do, and perceive and blocks in your system, well take those blocks and chuck them too.  Slight shaking helps the effect.  Obviously, I am in a gym doing this and full on Seething... might be a little too unsightly.

Advanced Meditative Technique
If you have been at an actual volcano, you can try to make an arrangement with the spirit of the Volcano and even bring a piece of volcanic rock for you to hold while you are doing this exercise.   This is more way more effective of a technique.  Just doing the exercise with that is quite powerful since you have just a bit of physical Materia to link everything together.  Of course, you have to have the resources to get to an active and safe volcano.

Finishing up
Clearing this up is great but do some additional meditative work to replace what you burned away.  Nature hates a vacuum so do not leave the choice of what to replace it with up to chance.   I prefer to do something like Walking Condensing Breathing since it packs new and fresh Chi in, still lets your body cool down, and is great exercise.  Either way following up the Volcano with some Tai Chi or Qigong is great way to pack great energy in.

Notice, these combine the energy work with the body motion so you are achieving multiple goals at once. Anytime you try to do weightloss, emotional blocks and energy blocks will come up to the surface. Doing this type of exercise, purifies you while you are detoxifying energetically, spirituality, and physically. Sometimes, without it, the emotional roadblocks get rough.

If you need some clarification on techniques of trance work, or creating metaphors and enhancing them, feel free to check out my first book.

Friday, January 31, 2014

Subscribe to the Blog AND ...

So in a blatant effort to get more subscribers to the blog, I am going to run a raffle.  Sign up and subscribe to the blog and I will make and give you a St. Michael Amparo that I will construct for you.   I will do the drawing on February 28.

An Amparo is a protective talisman blessed by the Archangel and used to ward off bad things if you are doing spiritual work or any sort of healing work.  It serves to protect you versus evil influences that do come up when you are taking the bad away from someone ( the winners will have to give me a picture and name so I can make the amparo).

I have more then a 10 years of work with the Archangel Michael and a strong ancestral connection to the angel, so this will really have a kick.  Usually, I just make these for myself so this is a very rare offer.

On the flip side, I will begin to post more blog posts but I have to make them shorter.  Rest assured, you will still get the lengthy expositions of technique, but you will also get shorter opinion pieces and  more often.

I will also if the winner wants me to, explain to them what I do to create the Amparo and the ritual I use, should they want to know how to do that.   I would do that over Skype.

So it could be subscribed by Blogger, or followed by email :)

So if you haven't subscribed, do so now to be in the running.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Magical Engineering for Intuitive, On-the-Fly, and free-form Magicians

So let's talk about Intuitive magic.  You know the magic you just make up.  This gets relatively demonized on the internet and with hard core purists.  To hell with that, I am on your side mostly.  So to put this into perspective, my significant other is a magician but works often on intuition.  Weird Spirits, No straight workings, no explanation.  More often than not, this works.  Results do come.  I hear that kinda of logic from many people I talk to, although they do not claim the type of results my significant other would get.   Often though, there would be a result, a verifiable magical effect, with little predictability.   This is a problem.

Now, Intuitive magic is often hard to quantify.  I define this term to be magic we do that seems on the fly, or outside of a system, that seems to lack structure.  When this type of magic gets results, we should pay attention.   Now first,  relax, I am on your side.  Its possible to do magic this way and I know this.  So first know there won't be a dismissal of that.  Second, let me start to paint a picture of how you and I can get way more solid results from what is generated intuitively in this way that seems outside of a system.

So lets go into the problems

  1. You will never get "STREET" Creds from other "Real" magicians going by the book.  Ok, who cares, really, stop caring about that.
  2. Repeatability is an issue.  
  3. Transference is an issue.  By Transference I mean being able to demonstrate the techniques to others.   This might seem like it is just about teaching other people, but other people can augment and improve the technique.
  4. Refinement is an issue ( which we will cover more)
  5. Predictability is often an issue.
  6. Sorting out the influences is often an issue.
2-6 Are issues and let me explain why they are issues.  So, in my practice and dealing with someone I love very much is that by itself, all of these issues contribute tend to combine to prevent magical advancement.  Simply put, you don't get better*.  Sure the miracles happen, but their is no consistency.  Let suggest a few methods of magical engineering.

Magical, well thats magic.  Engineering is a broad discipline but could be summarized by a few key points.
  • Observation
    • Discernment
    • Which details
  • Methodical Testing.
  • Refinement.
Let's start with the first principle of Observation.


Often, when I am working with people who do this sort of magic, I hear them tell me they don't know how they are doing the magic.  They are telling the TRUTH.  They do not know, but if you watch a person doing similar types of magic, they do similar types of things.

External Observation
This idea of the unknowability of the process comes from alot of cultural prejudices.  In Rootwork,  I have heard many people say the Spirit just comes down.   This very well might be true that the spirit might come down, but their are a lot of things we can watch.
For instance, closely observing my black friend who did root work out in Chicago in a session, here is what I saw:
  1. Sit down for a few minutes just breathing... My take: Varient of Pranaya work.  Slow breathing, Centering.
  2. Start Shaking slightly then more vigorously.  My Take:  Seething as Gnosis.
  3. Spirit takes over giving advice.  My Take:  Dissociative high gnosis state.
Now these events happened fast, probably 5 minutes but this person was extremely experienced.  I watched this person do this several times.  Each time the dissociative state had a vibe that was the same.  Each time boom.  Her physical mannerisms changed and shifted. 
How did I observe the vibe?  I took note of the effects it had on me.  I wrote out my sensory reactions.   Now, I was lucky to work with this person but on  occasion, she would shift into this mindset partially and I would ask her about what she was thinking about because of the vibe change.  She confided that some times "spirit comes on", but sometimes it got her in trouble.

Through the years I saw that.  Now, she had idea that you either have it or you don't as far as spirit coming on.  I didn't quite have that, but she could tell I had real ability  so she let me stay around.
There are a few things I have to note.  Fundamentally, I do not believe the mystification of techniques makes the mystery any less or more valid.  What I mean by this, is that fundamentally answers such as you can do it or you can’t in magic already are going on the wrong path in my opinion.  Breaking things down, does not lesson their awesomeness or imply or not imply the existence of spirits.

So I got to sit in more the a few sessions with this friend.  Then she ran into a problem.  Now, her spirits told her to ask me for help.  I did.  Mixing things up.  Boom.  Now when she saw this, she knew I had the spirit and the spirits taught or did I?  The truth is I carefully modeled her observable behavior and went to town on it with a spirit that I already had a great relationship with.  In the end, results achieved for what was asked.

Now, if you are really watching magic where the “room” and Vibe changes, often you can derive A LOT just from watching the event even if the magic is “On-the-Fly”,  there is a structure.  This structure includes multiple internal state changes ( usually reflected in the face) and observable behavior.  The person being observed might not be aware of the structure, but it is there and more often then not, it looks consistent across a person’s on-the-fly, or intuitive magic.   It has an explorable and repeatable structure.

Internal Observation

For most people who do the on-the-fly magic or let spirit take over intuitively and who get results ( lets rule out flights of fancy),  there is a series of internal transformations that enable all  the magic.  For the truly gifted, this just comes so naturally and quickly that they “just do it”.  However, if you observe these prodigies, with a keen eye, there is almost always a set of steps they do.  Each of these steps anchored to a subconscious state which activates something inside.  This could be saying the “Lord’s Prayer”, it could just be breathing.   In each case I have observed, there is a series of changes.   Now, under normal situations, the person may not even be aware of what is happening.

Deriving the Technique through Hypnosis

By playing with the perception of time however, a person can actually realize the steps they are doing.   A simple hypnotic technique is quite effective at this.

Get the person to breathe deeply.  Use an induction technique ( really any will do), but you could just describe them floating deeper and downward into relaxation and make sure they relax every muscle.

Then have them imagine the room where they are in.  Now tell them, to look at the clock or imagine a clock.  Tell them to use their 5 senses so it seems as if one second becomes 1 minute as time slows down.  This technique of time dilation works great.
Sometimes you have to add another step, where the person is watching themselves.
Have the person go through their magical technique... Call the spirit, etc.
Instruct them that they can go through this continue to talk out loud about what they are doing.

Often people when do this meditation, they will give you all sorts of information and more often then not there is a set of steps.  They might not remember the steps, but when you give them the steps back now you have a ton of information to work with.

Now, I used this with my significant to deconstruct her empathic abilities.  First, she assured me that she not could understand how it worked.  You could read lots of books on empathy and it still does not make sense, if you do not have it, it sometimes seems like you are out of luck.   So when we broke it down,  there is a method.  Much like large antennae, where you are paying a close attention to where the sensations are coming from.  Slowing it down, lets you figure out how to amplify this.    Now, I could get you all the details of that work, but I would like to write a book on it.

Methodical Testing

Results trump all.  The biggest problem with the modeling of techniques like this, is that your observations maybe be valuable but they must be tested.  If I modeled the techniques of my friend, or the empathy techniques and they did not work,  you have to go back to the drawing board.  For me, they both did.   I have numerous examples of this.  Each technique has to be diligently tested against the real world.  So for Empathy,   set a time and tune into a person.    Then call them to see how they are feeling ( aka no physical connection).   For other aspects, do the technique and test the results.  This is critical.

Keep in mind, this is for rituals or effects that produce a noticeable change in your perception.  For the psychically in-tuned, I mean SOMETHING is actually happening.  Modeling flights of fancy or wishful thinking probably is not such a great use of time.

The real benefit is not even for the person modeling the technique.  The real benefit is for the person modeled from if they are open to it.  Once they have the broken down technique, they can fill more in.  Test the observed technique, test it against the real world results.... and then refine it.

Now we get to the Goods: Refining

Every single person, I have ever ran through this process with and were open to me sharing has gotten way better at the magic they do.  Why?  This testing against the physical world and refining.

Once you know what the steps are to what you were doing, it is easy to start tweaking.  For instance, with the empathy,  you can use NLP skills to amplify the antennae effect.  For some time rituals, you could change the sensory state change around or even add physical steps.  Technically, if you see someone work with an entity, you could observe, test, and refine that for yourself.

So perhaps someone who "calls the spirit" figures out its Ogun, and that has certain vibes so you are in the zone, but you know what the bias of the messages are.  Perhaps there are multiple spirits, but when they come around, they have different locations they seem to talk at.  Again, knowing which spirit is talking and knowing the bias provides better mediumship.  Likewise then, maybe if they are willing, you could use that information to more powerfully evoke that spirit when in need.

While this doesn't quite seem as intuitive, now once you have a framework for the technique you can start to  refine it in small ways, adding or sometimes simplifying the technique while testing those changes against the physical world.    If a slight change to the technique, improves its effectiveness, keep it... if it weakens its power or effectiveness, drop it.

Some typical refinements I have seen:

  • Anchored and more powerfully projected states leading into the technique.
  • Adding sensory information to amp up the information stream.
  • Adding Breath work to some techniques.
  • Adding a specific color to a working.
  • Cutting stuff out of a technique.
  • more

It can be almost anything.     There is no limit to the modifications you can make, just TEST TEST TEST.   You'll be amazed at what you can learn, just by watching, testing and refining even your magics that you do on the fly, let alone other people's magic.

* In some cases, people would get better as a magician because they are being directly trained by spirits.  But even with that, these techniques will improve things.
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