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Ritual of the Shining Beacon II : Haniel Purification of the Heart


This ritual combines some elements of Aggripa's Three Books of Occult Philosophy, some aspects of ceremonial magic (from High Magic), and of course Hands On Chaos Magic techniques.

This is a further explanation of the Ritual of the Shining Beacon, originally posted here, within the context of a purely Haniel ritual. With the addition of materials to understand the LBRP, this can be performed exactly as written with no further extrapolation or ritual design.

From the Original Framework = “This ritual involves multiple steps. The first step depends on the practitioner's known paradigm(s). This ritual serves to cause a spiritual transformation that allows the ritual participants to alter their 'spiritual DNA' to become resistant to the overall environmental and societal dread and spiritual malaise that seems to be seeping into many of our realities and practices. This ritual will accomplish that through extensively tested and channeled sources of information along with various tested mechanisms. For those of you who require this sort of a ritual (and I encourage you to give it a try, as it is a powerful cleansing and empowering ritual) changing the components of your 'spiritual DNA' allows you to start to transform the world around you in a positive and healing way. For many of the rest of us, this simply will help remove the effects of this malaise/dread on our own psyche.”

First, I have to state that this is a ritual inspired by ceremonial magic.  I am a Houngan, sorceror, and chaos magician who happens to like ceremonial magic but I am not bound by the rigidness of that system.  This ritual represents a well tested system of planetary magic and a reduction of complexity that combines Aggripa, the Hexagram Ritual, and other planetary magic into a streamlined set of rituals for any planet.  I have repeatedly been asked to publish this, and will in the next few months on Lulu.  Disclaimer aside, here is the ritual.

Materials needed:

  • TV Dinner Table (or a Full Table)
  • White Cloth
  • Green Ribbon (optional)
  • Venus Oil, Venusian Planetary Incense.
  • 7 Tumbled Rose Quartz or Tumbled Emeralds (optional)
  • 7 Green Candles + 7 tapers
  • (or 7 Green Tea Light Holders With 7 Tea Lights)
  • Censer
  • Crystal Goblet (or Similar Fine Glass)

TEA Components:

  • Lavender 1 pt
  • Sage 0.5 pt
  • Spearmint 1.5 pt
  • Rose Hips 1 pt
  • Licorice 1 pt
  • Honey (sweeten to taste, organic or wild preferred)
  • Chamomile 1 pt or Orange Peel 1pt

Building the Altar

Picture of a possible Venus Connection Altar.

Cleanse the TV tray or table with some Florida water (or purify it in your own way).  Cover the table with a white cloth.  Shiny is better.  Decorate the altar with emerald green ribbon in a way that looks appealing to you.  I have found it helpful to paint the hexagram and inner core with emerald/green paint with the Venusian symbol and use the hexagram as space to do the work.  Above is a suggested layout.  The Ya Me O Ta U is where you should put the seal of the intelligence for the cleansing.

Each green sphere represents a different set of supplies depending on how many supplies you have.  At the minimum, for this ritual, I would tell you to get 7 green candles (emerald are even better), and dress them with Venus oil. Position the candles around the hexagram as indicated in the picture.  I have 7 green tea light holders which are crystal like and give off a green glow.  These work exceptionally well.   This will serve as a guideline to building the altar in more ways.  Place the alchemical seal of Venus outside of each candle facing outward, so the people looking inward can see the symbol.

Symbol of Venus

Try to make these 7 as pretty as you can.  People using tapers, may feel it effective to decorate the candles with this symbol.

Inside the outer ring of candles, place 7 seals of the Planetary Intelligence.  Although some books will correspond the Planetary Intelligence to the Planetary Archangel, in my experience doing the magic, I do not.  I see the Planetary Intelligence as a live-wire of the evolutionary and most beneficial aspects of the planetary vibration. I have found that working with the Planetary Intelligences and spirits as waveforms instead of a personality to be extremely beneficial and helpful, rather than attempting a personification of the Intelligences into what would traditionally be called a spirit.  Treat the Planetary Intelligence as a live-wire of planetary energy, and you can do amazing things with them.

Each seal should be hand draw on nice paper. I love to have emerald ink on light shiny green paper.  Try to make this as nice as possible. Place the seals outward, toward the people viewing them.  Place the Seal with the name of the Planetary Intelligence.

Planetary Intelligence of Venus

You should place the crystal goblet or glass with fresh water on top of the planetary symbol of Venus at the center of the hexagram.  I have found it useful to add some rose water to the glass, as it helps carry the vibration further.  You should place the censer or cauldron underneath the table.

Under the table, start some Venusian Planetary Incense.  Your own personal blend can be made by doing research on Venusian herbs and oils.  But if you ask me, I will fess up.

If you have the available resources, I have found it helpful to place down seven rose quarts, or emeralds around the inner edges of the 7 seals of the planetary intelligence. If you do this, you should oil the stones.  Although the proper color of stone is green for Venus, rose quartz seems to work exceptionally well to help amplify the vibration.

It is very helpful if there are the available resources, for each person to be wearing white robes with green accents.  This only helps create the vibration and is a further sleight of mind trick to create a vibrational shift and is not strictly needed (See Hands On Chaos Magic for more detailing on other ritual theatrical techniques). It is helpful, time and resources permitting, to take a cleansing bath.  Again your local occult or pagan store should have some baths created on the point of Venus. However, I am available to create a customized and personalized bath blend for you that would arrive fully charged and fully empowered.  Contact me at  andriehvitimus@gmail.com for pricing and availability.  Each bath will contain detailed instructions on how to use them.    Now continuing.......

"Ya Me O Ta U", Make sure to hand draw this on Green paper, preferably with dark green ink, with light green shiney paper.  Scrying sigils from Hands On Chaos Magic.

Ritual Procedure

Perform the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram.  This can be found in (Insert link for High Magic).  I went into extensive details on how I perform the lesser banishing ritual of the pentagram on this web site http://www.osogd.org/library/study/gradeMeditations.html. Instead of visualizing the hexagram around you, imagine the hexagram above and below you in a column of light that extends to infinity in both directions. Once the Hexagram and column of light are established, move to the next step.  A version of the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram is included in the Appendix for this ritual.

Opening the Venus Planetary Gate

At this point, open the planetary gateway of Venus through the column of light (changing the aspects of god(dess) that comes through the vibration.
Opening and Closing Hexagrams from High Magic by Frater U.D.

In a way, the center point of the LBRP creates a small column that directly connects the magician to god(dess) or heaven.  Ultimately, god and the magician are one at this point, but the column of light metaphor seems to work better for my personal work and connecting to heaven in this way.
This planetary diagram is originally from High Magic (insert link). Once  you have the hexagram column of light that you are at the center of, you can extend that out to include the altar.  I prefer to think of the planetary hexagram as an opening of the planetary energies as opposed to a invoking hexagram and have labeled the hexagrams as such.  In a way, this shows some of my shamanic and paradigm biases, however, many other people have gotten very good results through these methods.  Draw the hexagrams overhead while changing the hebrew associated with that planetary hexagram.  Vibrate the hebrew.  After drawing one hexagram above head, light one candle.  For each planetary hexagram, imagine the energy streaming down from “heaven” becoming more and more Venusian in nature.  It is often helpful, to imagine that this column becomes more and more emerald tinged.

Changing the Vibe to the Evolutionary Aspects of Venus

Once the 7 (Venus's number) gates are open.  All participants should start to draw out the seal of the Planetary Intelligence of Venus over the altar while chanting the name of the Planetary Intelligence of Venus.  This should be chanted in a beautiful melodious and harmonious manner as all participants sync together.  The name of the Intelligence is Hagiel.

Planetary Seal of Venusian Intelligence, again.

The seal should be drawn in a slow fashion over the altar while deeply chanting the name of the Intelligence.  Each participant should allow themselves to think about, dream, feel, see and experience the most beautiful aspects of their life.  Aspects of their life at any point truly aligned with love, beauty and pure inspiration. The best memories to work with are those moments of awe inspiring beauty.  Hands On Chaos Magic more extensively deals with the use of memory and states of mind in magic.  The name of the Intelligence should be vibrated until the room is fully saturated with the evolutionary and beneficial properties of Venus (by saturated, I mean that the room should be entirely thick with energy).  I have seen skilled magicians take at least 20 minutes to perform this to the level needed so you  may need more time then this to reach the level of saturation needed to continue with the ritual.

Ascending and Calling the Arch Angel of Venus

At this point, each participant should start to chant the name 'Haniel', and focus on a being of light descending down through the column of light now completely aligned with evolutionary Venusian energy.  All parties should be in deep enough trance state that, at this point, each participant should start to chant Haniel, and focus on a being of light descending down through the column of light now completely aligned with evolutionary Venusian energy.  All parties should be in deep enough trance state that imagining the Arch Angel descending down through the column of light, should be relatively easy.

The Arch Angel Haniel
I have always perceived Haniel as an extremely feminine force (although angels are androgynous).  Usually, I see Haniel dressed in brilliant light, with various emerald and green accents.  With piercing emerald eyes (more like emerald suns no black center), and sometimes with flowing and beautiful emerald hair.
While imagining the angel descending and chanting in a melodious, serene fashion until the angel is fully present, once the angel is present move to the next step.

Drink the Tea (now charged from having been on the altar)

Activate the Seal

Once the presence of the angel is fully and completely felt, the participants should chant in a slow methodical fashion:

"Ya Me O Ta U"

while staring at the following seal.

This seal should be drawn out by hand in the nicest way possible before the ritual starts. Participants should use the chanting to deepen and go as far into trance state as possible. Methods for obtaining and maintaining trance states are fully covered in 'Hands On Chaos Magic'.

Integrate the Seal into your energy body/essence

After chanting while Haniel is present, and you have stared at the seal long enough to memorize it, imagine the seal at first over your chest and head areas. As you do this, see tiny versions of the seal replicating and spreading throughout your own body. As they spread - feel, see, and hear your body progressively becoming more and more filled with light, in the way most comfortable to you. Allow yourself to feel even more attuned with the divine power you are invoking, as you allow yourself to become brighter and brighter.

Keep chanting the mantra, while imagining yourself becoming brighter and more light filled as the tiny seal spreads to every single cell of your body. Imagine this seal as having etched or tattooed  itself onto each cell, each molecule of your being, and that those etchings or tattoos then melt into the cells, becoming one with your being - changing the fundamental structure of your spiritual or energetic makeup.

This should take at least 30 minutes to fully integrate the Seal.


Pray to Haniel for happiness and joy.  Again, allow yourself to brightly and thoroughly beam with that happiness and joy as you express true gratitude for their assistance in this ritual. Spend a good 5-10 minutes praying and expressing your gratitude.  Continue to feel the divine presence.


Profusely thank the Arch-Angel Haniel. Profusely Thank the Planetary Intelligence Hagiel.  Thank the four Cardinal Arch Angels (Uriel, Michael, Gabriel, Raphael).

Perform the Kabalistic Cross as included in the appendix.

Go do something else, positive, and fun!

To find more information on how this ritual was put together, you might find the following books helpful.

Get Hands On Chaos Magic ( Andrieh Vitimus ) from Amazon right here.

GET  "High Magic: Theory & Practice" (Frater U.:D.:) From Amazon right here

"Three Books of Occult Philosophy (Llewellyn's Sourcebook)" (Henry Cornelius Agrippa, James Freake, Donald Tyson)

PLEASE DO share this ritual as you feel inclined to do so. Please do forward this to as many parties as you like, including on your Facebook, over emails or where-ever and whenever you are inspired to do so. A .pdf version of this ritual will be available on this page for download and easy email transference. While I release this fully under the creative commons license, I must be given credit for the work and that includes a link back to my web site for any derivative variants that come as a result of working with the current.

NOTE: For those of you who follow the older ways, for those of good character who are trained in Vodou, Ocho, Ifa, Palo, etc. -For those of you who are more honorable- if you use these methods to clean a client whose issues are giving you problems you should either email Andrieh Vitimus andriehvitimus@gmail.com with some additional training information (or potentially offers for additional training, as I am very much interested in expanding my knowledge base along these lines), or email andriehvitimus@gmail.com with a percentage of the profits. What is given in exchange is really up to you, but in the interest of fair exchange, and holding to the concept of good character, the effort should be made. Of course, if you are using this on yourself and feel like you need to give something back, and have the above skills or feel it appropriate to paypal me to relieve that burdon of fair exchange, email me at andriehvitimus@gmail.com. If you take issue with trading money and spirituality, but do desire to give back, http://amzn.com/w/2JKM4ODDNI883 is my Amazon wish list.

The seal and mantra signify a type of intelligence (aka a 'spirit') and can be integrated into further work including talismanic work. The seal and mantra are linked to about 2 years of on and off work on the astral planes (which is where most of the work to build in the vibrational patterns of the seal was done). There may be some loose similar agents that have been released as this project has had more than a few people involved. This is, however, the most stable configuration to date. The spirit and intelligence is adaptive, partially a synthesis between Andrieh Vitimus's servitor techniques (not published in 'Hands On Chaos Magic'), divine inspiration and support, and multiple conference calls. This is an intelligence that will mutate and adapt to serve the purpose it has (which is cleansing out that sense of malaise and dread which seems difficult to cleanse in other ways).

If you have trouble following along with this ritual, most of the fundamentals can be learned and mastered through the practice exercises in 'Hands On Chaos Magic'.

©2010 Andrieh Vitimus, written and developed by Andrieh Vitimus, originally published at http://andriehvitimus.com


Lesser Ritual Banishing of the Pentagram (fast review)

Face East

Perform the Qabalistic cross (below)

Touch forehead and vocally vibrate 'Ah-ta-ah'
Touch chest and vocally vibrate 'Malkuth'
Touch right shoulder and vocally vibrate 'Ve-geburah'
Touch left shoulder and vocally vibrate 'Ve-gedulah'
Touch stomach and vocally vibrate 'Le-aa-oh-la-am amen'

Face East
Draw a Lesser Banishing Pentagram and vocally vibrate 'Yod-heh-vav-heh'

Face South
Draw a Lesser Banishing Pentagram and vocally vibrate 'Ah-don-nai'

Face West
Draw a Lesser Banishing Pentagram and vocally vibrate 'Eh-he-yeh'

Face North
Draw a Lesser Banishing Pentagram and vocally vibrate 'Ah-ge-lah'

Face East, and extend arms to form a cross and say...
Before me Raphael
Behind me Gabriel
On my right hand Michael
On my left hand Auriel
For before me shines the flaming Pentagram
and behind me shines the six rayed star


Repeat Qabalistic cross

For a detailed analysis, check out High Magic, or do a google search on the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram

Here are some links I found







  1. This entity is one of the most awe inspiring I have ever worked with in a moderately long term project (it wasn't a dinky "love" working...gawd forbid) . And fricken HUGE...a little scary even but absolutely amazing. That's enough adjectives.

    Thanks for posting this. I'm going to mess about with it myself. Could do with a little internal tuning up.

  2. Oh also wanted to add, I'm a bit of a rock freak and if the stones (rose quartz) appeal to people as not only a gesture, tribute or even well chosen vibrational conduit within in altar setting...for more macrocosmic work or healing of the land/nature (also within the Venusian scope) green aventurine also works damned well. It's basically green quartz and not expensive. I prefer to use rough chunks of it but you can find it polished quite readily and the green appears much darker.

    I like it when I see others incorporating rocks into their work :-)

  3. Excellent work! Just really inspirational. I am working on a quarterly periodical called OCCULTIST. I would like to submit this work as an article. Please email me at luxinsilva@gmail.com if you would like some more information. Peace and Light - Scott


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