Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Pine Tree Prosperity Spell

Xmas tree
or so much more?

I like trees.  I like them a whole lot.  This is a simple spell.  It is similar to a container spell you would see with apples and love in Hoodoo.  This is a prosperity spell.

Pine is usually used in magical operations for prosperity, fertility and makes for an excellent spiritual cleanser/healing.  I know many people will carry about pine needles for that in a mojo bag.  Used as an incense, it can be used to clear out and reverse negative energies ( See Hands on Chaos Magic for primers on how to generally work with embuing herbs with energy).

Usually I would tell people to start the pine tree with from seed if at all possible.

http://www.ehow.com/how_4482519_grow-pine-tree-seed.html has some instructions.

Picking a Pine Tree in a Store ( How Andrieh Does it)
  1. Take your time,  don't let anyone push you into going faster then you want.
  2. Breathe Deeply, continuously, and for a few moments.  
  3. Ask the trees, who would like to come home with you
  4. Run your hand over the trees, or in them.  Keep breathing deeply.
  5. Notice subtle differences in how things feel.  What is different between the trees..  Don't over analyze.  Keep breathing deeply, just paying attention to how the trees feel.
  6. Usually. one or two will stand out as more right to you.  Those are the ones to take home.  Remember, you WILL be in a relationship with the tree.  It will be with you, near your home.
If you need more help, Hands On Chaos Magic, has more exercises to detail energy sensitivity and energy dosing exercises like the above.

Planting the Spell
  1. Dig the hole.
  2. Knee before the hole.  Grab some of your money, coins and paper dollars and pray.
  3. Spend 30 minutes praying in your own way that as the tree grows so does your money.  Trees get big, although they steadily grow.
  4. Place the money in the hole.  As an optional, and practical helper, I will put mycolonization fungi in with the paper money.  I learned about this from http://www.fungi.com/shop/the-life-box.html  so the money will have a lateral increase in foundation.  This prepares the soil or foundation to be good.
  5. Plant the Tree over the money and the fungi.  
  6. Spend a few minutes meditating with the tree.  Give the tree some of your energy.  Thank the tree for coming to stay with you and ask the tree to heal your money problems.  Really, just relax and chat with the tree.
  7. Pray again over the tree.    Watch your money grow as you take care of the tree.
The Extra Step I took
Since I had visited the forest over the weekend, I sat and prayed to Gran Bwa, of course, after asking Legba to open the door ( and doing so in a New Orleans Style of Vodou).  I then asked Gran Bwa to lend some of the Ashe of the forest to help the tree ( and my new prosperity get started).  I gave the tree some of the Stream Water I had collected form the forest.  My significant other Becky came home and said the tree was absolutely glowing.

The next day, a Spider had made a web on one side.  I took this as an unbelievably good omen as I have weird relationship with spiders anyway, they always bring me good luck when they are around.

Referenced in the Blog
The One and Only

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Spirit Relationships, Ashe, Herbs and the Forest

Gran Bwa is the House in this case!
As part of the results of my spiritual discipline,  I have decided to write more about Vodou.  Regardless of what is said, there is very little agreement on most anything in Vodou between groups.  I am going to to write about it only from my perspective.   The perspective of what works for me.  Rest assured, I will probably get slammed, thats what the delete button is for.  Alot of what this blog will talk about is how to maintain relationships with the genus loci of a forest.

So I went to the forest to collect some leaves with the munkins.  They are learning well.  

  1. We paid to go into the forest, entering in the crossroads paying Legba to open the door from the crossroads..
  2. Then I paid Gran Bwa to go in the forest
  3. Although its not traditional, I have such a relationship with the faery kinda, that I will usually pay them ( with prayer) to help me find what I was looking for.  
Usually,   I will pray or sing til I feel I can enter.  This is a forest I have been going to a lot.  I have a great relationship with the forest.  Sometimes I will go just to go and walk, take it in.   I love bringing the kids to this forest.  Singing or praying this time was only a couple seconds, then "come on in".  So we go in.   We did extra service by actually cleaning up the garbage in the trails.

This is a wonderful way to make progress with the local spirits and form relationships with the forests.  Unfortunately, this is where many modern books seem to stop as far as methods to build more powerful meaningful relationships.

For each plant, I pray to the plant and pay the plant with coins and water, or rum if I feel appropriate.  Then I take only what I need, and only what I feel and hear the plant allows me to take.  This is usually not much.  Taking the whole plant is not needed ( and I will give a reason from my perspective in a few paragraphs).

Second,   I thank the plant.

While crossing any crossroads within the forest, I pay the crosswords to carry the magic through the crossroads.  It's not possible to pay each crossroads in the suburbs or in some cities, but I make sure to sit and pray at the crossroads to pull the magic of the leaves through the crossroads.  In a way, all crossroads are linked, they are all part of a matrix it was.  A trick my spirits taught me was to pray at one, to pull through all.... I wont exactly go through how they taught me to pray to make that happen.

When done the Ashe of the plant comes into the magic you are working.  Ashe is the spiritual energy in this case of the plants themselves.  Of course, spiritual energy is a horribly ambiguous and complicated term.  What is spiritual energy is greatly up to debate, however for the purposes of this blog post, it is the ability of the plant energy to work successful magic.  This is a gross simplification, the plants themselves can work miracles.  Now usually, I will use live plants I collect in this way, and prepackaged plants from stores for the bath work.  It is my opinion, that to be most effective, the prepackaged plants require a whole different procedure to turn on the Ashe of the plants.

Now, when you are using a live plant, I usually want to make sure at least one of the plants I take from is well cared for and stays alive.  Simply put, this anchors the bathwork to a growing or continually growing plant.  It keeps the work going as the plant is going.  

Collecting the Ashe of the plants in this manner gives an amazingly awesome platform for herbal tea work,  bath work, or even incense that the prospective magician, Houngan, or Mambo can then layer the spiritual energy of a Lwa on top of ( God or Goddess willing).   Taking a non-paradigmal view, this works great whether you are serving Gran Bwa or the Greenman.

What really is important, is maintaining the relationship with the forest, and the plant.  Respect is the key.  Specifics can be argued about, but Respect and deference is the key.  In a similar way, you can pay the forest for rock, water, or whatever really you need.  The relationships with the spirits, your intuition and respect will carry you quite far. 

Peruvian Fire ceremony, Shaman Jim specialty
Very Bitter Beer on Mountains.
Learning Peruvian Shamanism
So I am learning some Peruvian shamanism from Shaman Jim.  There has been a grown sympathy between me and some of these shaman allies.  There is a long story behind this, but increasingly his shaman's line have gotten interested in me.  That's a very different blog.

But Jim instructed me to find 3 rocks for different purposes.  Again,  the forest provided and in each case I would pay the forest for what I took and needed and thanked the forest.  In two cases, cleaned up alot of debris, and thanked the streams and the trees that gave me gifts.  The gifts are exactly what I needed to start learning and developing more and more with the Peruvian shaman.  Of course, I will be learning more and more Vodou as well, as time goes on.

What is important here?
In each case,  there is a strengthening of the relationship  from me to the forest I am working with.   In each case there is a series of mutual benefits for the forest and me.  The relationship allows for much greater flows of Ashe.  Even from a psychological model of magic, the more powerful relationship is with the force, the more convincing the magic will be to the subconscious mind.  If you are taking the approach that spirits are real, these kinda of relationship strengtheners will be a book to any shamanic path that assumes in the existence of spirits.  In fact, for me, starting with the Ashe of the forest and having earned the rocks for the Peruvian training can only help my progress working with what the stones represent.  

All in all, that more powerful starting point... and acknowledging the web of relationships and working to maintain and build those are a great recipe for more powerful natural/shamanic magic, in my humble opinion.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Reiki's Outer Energy Channels and Gigong

Usui Sensai, He can be a slave driver
when Invoked or directly worked with.
Great Honor To Him
As many people know, I am an initiated Reiki Master Teacher.  Reiki unfortunately gets a real bad rap in occult circles because of the "new age" popularity.  The truth is the research on Reiki from Japan sites several problems with Reiki we have here in the US.  Most notably was the use of the Indian Chraka system as opposed to a probable link to the meridian systems of Chinese medicine.  It works with the chakra system however.

This will be a slightly more technical yet insanely practical view of Reiki that I may or may not expound in a full book.  Who knows.

Reiki is usually translated as the Universal Life Energy.  It has Shinto, Buddhist, Taoist, and Hindu influences ( at least in America).

Much of this is my personal experience.  Before continuing let me explain that I have extensive Gigong Experience and Extensive Reiki experience.

The contented and often
duplicated Human
Reiki Practical Theory One:  Reiki Flows through the OUTER Channel, or Aura.

I have tremendous experience to back this up with very talented energy workers.  Their are practical benefits to conceiving Reiki in this way.

Why I think this?
Besides being able to know, see and understand the energy flows..

First, Reiki is primarily a celestial to earth experience.  From the Chraka system, it flows from "Universal" through the crown down into the the other person.

Second,  in practice, often the healing Chi is greater flow from Reiki then what most people bodies can transmit.  I have actually tested this with people.

Third, the healing process of healing another does give you some healing benefit, however, if you know Gigong, to generate and process the amount of energy to do respectable healing work should have a greater healing effect on the person doing the healing work.  Thus to transmit energy through only Gigong, or energy work, you must have enough energy through your body to project it.  Often that means you'd have to be in pretty good health, and get the healthy boost of energy transmission from your body getting cleaned out plus the process of building that much energy.  Reiki is slower then that when healing yourself,

Gassho, Just for prayer in Reiki, Right, Sure.
Fourth, the Gassho Meditation is a completely foundational Reiki Meditation.  Of course, the party line is that its prayer meditation.  This is true, however when you do this meditation,  both hands get very warm and then its my experience that the whole body get very warm.  As people are taught, you turn the reiki on as you are putting your hands together.  Then you breath, concentrate on the reiki flows.  This is extraordinarily relaxing.  

Reiki however blasts out from the hands.  It is a healing modality that goes out from the hands, meaning the Gassho meditation, creates a energy circle that when combined with reiki forces the reiki energy INTO the body.... why would that be needed if reiki was channeled through the internal energy channels.

It can't be.

Andrieh's Previous Experiments
For months, I did work pretty extensively with multiple Gigong and incorporated.  Usually, I worked with Chilel Gigong and Clyman's system as well as a smattering of Medical Gigong.

Chilel Gigong openly assumes you should set up a energetically clean environment before doing Gigong and does this with a type of visualized banishing.  While Clyman would claim this was not needed, I found that the Chilel would have a greater body alchemy.  While Clymans would tend to bring greater levels of magical strength.

I started with the Gigong for a couple months combined with Tai Chi.  I got pretty good results.

When I started doing the Chilel with concentrating on Reiki flows, I always went into deep trance that required a fair amount of concentration to continue the motions and focus.

I noticed a few things,

  1. The gigong increased and the flow greatly increased.
  2. The Reiki Flows greatly increased
  3. The Body Alchemy, Weight Loss and health benefits increased

After communing and meditating with Usui Sensai, I believe in large extend this mastery set was intended more as the norm then not.  A great increase in heat in the body while doing reiki after the internal channels were opened up.

Reiki's Default Flow in Andrieh's Experience
Reiki by default continuously flushes the auric channels.  This naturally heals.  The auric channels do in some theories form assembly points at the palms (where reiki flows out of).  In practice, Reiki generally flows down the outer shell of the body, and then outward from the hands.  This is the beautiful part of reiki and why most reiki practicineers can go for a long time channeling reiki.  It simply doesn't stress the body.

The healing process happens like a form of Osmosis.  The reiki continually flushing the aura in most cases means that negative emotions or energy do not get stuck there to cause problems with the body.  Devoid of new negativity, and getting energy through a type of saturation of outer towards inner, reiki can heal the practineer slowly. Faster with Gassho and self reiki.  It is generally all gentle.

Chigong genrealy works the opposite way going from Inner to outer.  So the internal Merdian Channels are activated and then that moves toward what would be considered increasing esoteric results.  So its very hard in Gigong to "heal other" but very easy to work yourself healing.

Gigong however, uses your energy general and moves it around.  If you are suffering from emotional or physical trauma, this is very hard.

Putting it together was an interesting synergy.  Now you have the Universal Life energy which is limitless flowing through the internal and external channels.  Essentially the entire body becomes a  magnifier for the flow of reiki which makes faster and more powerful healings possible.

Intial Proceedure
Now, I will be picking this research up where I left off.  Heres how you can start.
Learn a system of Gigong, preferably medical based as opposed to Chi-packing or physical based.
Practice this for 3 weeks

Get Usui Reiki Attuned at level 1, if your in Cleveland, I do do Reiki I attunements so contact me at andriehvitimus@gmail.com

Start practicing it together.  Do the Gigong Form with the activated reiki, and without, notice the differences.

I will be conducting extended research and work with this, and will be consulting through mediumship Usui Sensai for tips and pointers.  It should be a kickstart to health, this time I know more and last time it very much worked.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Mantric Sigil Magic for Beginners

The One and Only

I will refer to Hands on Chaos Magic a few times. We talked about Sigil Magic on Deeper Down the Rabbit Hole and you can get a copy of that broadcast, here. 

This is a simple, but very effective take on sigil magic.  Most of the time, I have found that most people simply do not do enough mantra's to make the spell work, well work.  This has been done many times, however, it is the amount that seems to be what people do not get.

Optional Materials
Mala, or a Chaos Rosary, Paper, Pen,  Just make sure you know how many iterations to do.

Prerequisite Skills
Sitting Still,  Mantra focusing,   Games and exercises to help with this are in Hands On Chaos Magic

Mantra Spell
1. Create a Mantra sigil
( from Hands On Chaos Magic)
The process is simple. Write out your statement of intent. 
  For Example:
It is my will to see a blue bird within two weeks
  Drop all the duplicate letters. The example intent becomes


Rearrange the letters so it is not in the same order as the original intent (This is optional, I just like to do this.  Figure out how it works best for you).
Copy this new combination of letters to a new sheet.
Use these remaining letters to verbalize a mantra to create the mantra spell.  Those who care about musical tonality may wish to ensure that the verbal mantra flows according to various rules of music or poetry.  Try to add letters or take them based on whether or not you like or dislike mantra.  Make sure to start with strong positive language in the intent.  If you need help with the phrasing of intention, well Hands On Chaos Magic.

2.  Sit and relax
 Simply breathing in and Out as deeply as you can for a few minutes will help. For the duration of this work, you should try to stay as perfectly still as possible.  Try to minimize all movement.  When using the Mala to Count, try to use the minimal motion to increase the count.

3.  Banish and Center by preferred method,
If you need a more intensive banishing that will definitely get you at the right level of trance, check out the Ceremony of Transformation.  Go right into the work.

4.  Slowly start repeating the mantra, but quickly pick up the pace of the mantra to go as fast as possible.

5.  Use the Mala or rosary to count.  Again keep your hand still and use minimal motion to count.

6.  Speed the mantra up to the point its so fast, you can almost not pronounce the words fully.
The idea is to get up to a speed where the syllables just blend fastFast enough that your conscious mind shuts down.

7.  Go through the Mantra 10 full rosaries full which if using a Hindu Mala, = 1080 times.  
Honestly thats probably a good minimum number, and the chances are VERY good at 1080 repetitions you will be drooling and in a VERY altered state.

8. Destroy any physical copies of Mantra.

9.  Stand and Stretch, do something else.

1080 mantras should take 45 minutes+.

Variation 2:  Your that good at mantra work that this won't screw with your head, eh? While doing the mantra work, use all five of your senses to imagine your life with the successful enchantment in it.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Spiritual Discipline 41: thus ends the Discipline

Shiva and Ganesh
Today ends the discipline 40 + 1 day.

What I did
A Full Homa instructions that I use were in Day 4
Fire Homa in action

  • 1 mala set of Aum
  • 1 mala Aum Gam Ganepathi Svaahaa
  • 10 Mala set of Hreem Shreem Kleem Pah-rahm Esh-wah-ree Swah-hah 
  • 1 mala set of Aum Shiva Svaahaa
Outcome of the Discipline
This discipline has really been useful.  I started to talk about the benefits, and I definitely had weird dreams last night.  A lot of times I do say smart ass commentaries with the captions, today, I got to be honest.  It was a very worthwhile but difficult process.

Lets look at what I set out to do:

 First, I was just looking to boost my energy level to start a real program of health, and to get enough internal strength to deal with the issues of envy/anger at basically the hacks in metaphysics.... a lack of respect.

Mostly I had, covered some of the benefits in Day 32,  I am pretty sure those are verified... and the whole nature of my relationship to Chicago changed.  Core issues, released.  Powerful changes overall.  My mindset is much better, I can see the problems more clearly.  In general,   GOOD positive change.

It was worth doing.

Out of the project spawned 2 book ideas, 1 idea which my friends and supporters are pushing hard for me to write.  This idea will not be be an easy book to write at all, but I will.

Some of the issues, that I think I still need to work on:

  • Solar work to overcome some of the lack of confidence in some particular areas.
  • Health wise need to really dive in and walk as much as possible, started to do that now.
  • Working on detailing and deconstructing the anger that comes from being envious, although right now I can honestly say I care alot less.
  • Using the Blog as a textual alchemy, which I will do more and more.
Moving forward, I am going to segway into more blog posts that deal with internal/external transformation and magic.

I plan to get back into Chigung heavy and Gigong is one of the best  building Ashe traditions I can think of, but then I think cross paradigm-ally....

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Spiritual Discipline 32: Homa with the Daughter, Son and the Becky

Dried Coconut and Ghee, transforms to
Vast Life changes

Did a fire Homa on this fine Saturday.  This time did it with the step children.

My procedure for doing this was detailed Homa Proceedure Detailed Back in day 4
I added a few things, which help my head settle down faster, or helps me reintegrate faster.

So  What I did
  • 1 mala of Aum
  • 1 mala of Aum Gam Ganapathi Svaahaa
  • 6 Mala of Mala of Mala Hreem Shreem Kleem Pah-rahm Esh-wah-ree Swah-hah
  • 1 mala of Aum Shiva SvaaHaa..  ( this really seems to integrate the lessons more throughoughly and faster, and hes been "around more often"
This was all inside the Homa Structure and done with a fire ceremony.

Lord Shiva hanging with his Son Lord Ganesha

I think my Step Daughter got a little freaked out by Shiva's presence at the end.  Becky confirmed Shiva's presence, as well as Ganesh.  Lord Shiva came very strongly.  Doing the feminine mantra, tents to mess up my head a little.  I am often very tired after words.  Often, although not directly tied to Kali, a variant of Kali pops into my Mind while doing the mantra.

Lord Shiva seems to help the integration process happen.

There is definitely some clear results of the process so far.  Enough to put in a bullet list.
  • Mental Stability after the white bath for others.  The White baths and the corresponding work for other people, left me severly mentally drained, and somewhat angry.
  • Physical people in Chicago and Michigan reaching out to reconnect to me, and tell me in no uncertain terms how much I mean to them and how I changed their lives.  Even the dynamics in places between people were radically different.. as if the past was transformed.
  • Chicago usually leaves me a little twitchy, lots of negative energies. and bad memories.. but it was more ambivalent... more like un-attached mellowness.  An Un-attached motion though what otherwise is stressful.  It just doesn't matter and the things there just cant affect me anymore.
  • Growing unattachment to outcome.  This is a good thing, I need some time to just be and meditate.  I have lots of options, I just need to think about what I am doing where I am going.
The Chicago thing was clearly a huge change. That absolutely is progress and people reacting and acting differently says its not just in your head "internal change".  All spiritual gain, must be met with physical change.

Vodou Double Feature

I saw a medium during the week who did give me a message to give some things to the Baron Samedi.  I did service to the Baron.  Who was present and verified.  I got pocessed for a little bit ( then snapped out it).  I could not derive exactly why he wanted the things he did, other then it was for a blessing for me for some services I have been doing.

When I did service for the Baron, My best friend Mellisa showed up ( she is dead).  She told me ( through Becky) in no uncertain terms to put her to work.  I am not sure what I can ask her to do for me.  I have to think about it.  Although Vodka + Chocolate was the requested food offerings.   Melisa has a heart of gold.... I just have to sit and meditate and see what she would be willing to do, and what she can do.  I know what magical skills she had in life, but in Death she seems to have gained a few tricks :)

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Spiritual Discipline 18: Communication

Good to hear from you again, Lord Ganeh
Increasingly, and maybe falsely, I sit in front of the alter I do the meditation at and relax.  Before I start on the meditation, I am having a chat, a chat with Ganesha.

I don't know if I am having a conversation other in my head with myself and this does not matter.  They are helpful, usually he will strongly urge to have the conversation before doing the Mala work.

Often we are talking about life, Vodou ( ironically enough ), magic, and moment.  He does not offer solutions usually, only questions and compassion.

As many people know I am a Vodou priest, and as Erzulie Freda in possession pointed out, I often know things ( regarding spirits) that others do not.  This is not arrogance or bragging.  I sometimes have trouble hearing the spirits, but I always know when they are around and usually its verifiable with other people.   This ability has been demonstrated over and over.  In a recent Vodou ceremony, Erzulie correctly outed me on this.

But the conversation always goes weird.  Crystal clear now, and never demanding ( other then to keep doing the training).  I do not know how much is external or not, and I am not sure in Hindu thought this is a question that should even be asked.  The last time, He pointed at every single spirit in the room and told me, you know they all love you and walk with you.  Of course, that was good to hear.  It was more specific as well.  Naming times, I served them.  Not times, when I had "given them" formal service, but times that their children( those are people in Vodou) came to me and asked for help, and they asked me to help... and I did.   Sometimes with people who had very little, sometimes the help was at great risk and I would do it. So he was right, in my conversation with myself the universe and all.  Sometimes I will act and let the spirits do nice things for me.

Then there is alot more people, who expect me to do more then I promised, for free.  That gets to me, they are the majority.  I know I can work miracles more often then not ( although sometimes they take longer or come out differently then I expect),  but there comes a point when the chorus of do it for free people, and people expecting you to fix everything with one spell, as well as people asking for readings only to go "reader" hoping till they hear what they want to hear.

Its a type of spiritual vampirism stemming from the post-charmed nihilism of willfully ignorant masses that prefer to believe magic is just a fast fix pill, just like every other condition.  It got to me, it added to the resentfulness I am letting go of.  Frauds in metaphysics are making alot more money selling the snake oil or vigorously attacking people.  Yes the miraculous is possible, and yes miracles are possible and yes great healings, luck and more is possible.  It all takes work though... the magic combined with the life work opens the door to greatness.... usually a person doing the work, or having someone else do the magical work combined with doing the needed physical steps will just start rolling in synchronicity.

Many of the people who would sell that snake oil of them as the messiah, well they do get more money.. but its just that.  All magical changes to physical reality takes work.  Ganesh is just trying to get me to know that there is much synergy between person, spirit, and those who support me, and to let the others roll along the road. I am very grateful to the LWA, and my ancestors.  I am very grateful to the people who have helped me.  I am grateful to the opportunities I have had.

Sometimes, I just forget that... and focus on the vampirism instead of the good work that occurs.

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