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Crisis Magic or what it might take

These notes are from Convocation a few years ago.  Enjoy.  This outlines some of the broad brush strategies for surviving a crisis using magical operations and what skillsets you should have if the there is a catastrophic absence of  order or a catastrophic increase in order.  Some of our more lighter brethren may be offended.

This was the pdf notes for a no-holds barred and honest discussion about what you need to do in those situations.  Honest, and from my experience.  Its a rough Draft of a presentation.

This is completely, really in the WORST case situation.  This is the magic in disaster crisis situations.  Food for thought, and opinion.  It is not the magic for everyday reality.

Enjoy.  Newer blog ( actually one, not just PDF) is being worked on, so this is just a tide holding blog ( since I wrote an Article for Frater Nicht).

Most of the techniques that are discussed in broad terms in the article.  The specifics and how to is in the book.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Reiki, Atomic Singularity of Spirits and the Evil Sorcerer of Cleveland

By itself, what does it do.
So I heard a disturbing story over the weekend.  First there was a sorcerer of Cleveland, perhaps he was a Palo priest.    Either way, he would gather up Reiki practitioners and run a treatment clinic on a few volunteers.

Then he would proceed to, take the people from the clinic and have his students removed the attached spirits from the people who were "healed".  The person who told me this story also said that they did in fact see similar things from "the normal Reiki person."   In the same breath of course, they asked me to do reiki on them, because as a Magician, Vodou Priest, and Sorcerer, I didn't really have those kind of issues.

Now, I might think that sorcerer was being a bit of "asshat" although n a way, we'd probably have a great conversation over some tea or beer.  More often then not, that Sorcerer might be right for many complex reasons.

So far, I have had several posts, about understanding Reiki.  We have to look at what Reiki originally was when we look back on what Usui had said, the modern shortcuts, and the need to dig deeper. Reiki is a way to connect to Universal Life Force, in fact that most reiki practineers can agree with.  If we accept that, then the multitude of life can be colored by the multitude of symbols people have channelled.    This is encouraged by most Reiki Trainers, including myself.  The problem is that the stream of Universal Life Force offers an opportunity for negative spirits to flow and attach.

Of course, the party line of reiki masters, is this is not possible.   In its original conception, this is correct its not.  Usui Sensai would have demanded his students take the reiki seriously, meditate and pray often, and in ways make sure to keep their own energy system clear.  This would be similiar to what Gigong masters and other energy therapists would demand of their students.  This has been lost in the West.

In the blog post,, argued that Reiki Flows along the outer edge of the auric fields.  While Reiki itself in Traditional Usui  Style has some safeties, there is no safeties with some of the derived systems.  When you study the mechanics of energy flow, these safeties have a couple correlatives if reiki flows down and out the outer sphere.  Combined with what I personally have seen:

  1. Spirit attachment beyond the shell would be dissolved slowly as the reiki would have to work its way in.  This would take some effort.  It could be done through willful prayer, and Reiki
  2. The flow of Reiki  itself while generally beneficial, provides a conduit for spreading a spiritual infliction, because it flows around the outer channels.  The Reiki Practitioner is expected to keep their internal energies clean.  This is sadly not stressed in Reiki Training.  I stress it, in the most ANAL fashion possible.
  3. This implies that the Attunement itself was done correctly so the person can reach higher vibrational energies, a fact that probably cannot be assumed.
Of course, I could this goes against the party line of Reiki and people may in fact get mad at me.  It comes from the heart, and is my experience.  Plus that, I still have my Delete Key.

Wait, you mean Atoms are not indivisible...
they are probability clouds, WHAT!
Atomic Singularity of Spirit

In school once, we were taught that Atoms were indivisible building blocks of everything.  They were just like pool balls.  This metaphor served science for a while, and then was just proven dead wrong.

Likewise, there is notion of Spirit as "equally" atomic as the lessons about atoms.  From an Information Model, Spirits form a complex interconnection between reality, your brain, you, energy and a hosts of other components.  Its far to complicated for one blog, but what if spirits were more like fractals. 

What if spiritual attachments and inflictions were more like a computer program that could spread and replicate, or that a attached spirit could have pieces of itself imbedded into multiple sources drawing strength from multiple sources.   What if Spirits, not being of matter or form to start with, COULD be in multiple places at the same time.

Its clear, if you do magic for a while that this has to be the case.  However, it is a notion, that simply put the beings of form limited in Space and Time, aka us, just dont grasp.  An attached spirit, might want to spread more like a vector disease then exist as a "singular intelligence".  That thinking, has gotten many a magician in trouble.  

If you are providing a stream of energy and intention on the outer edge of your aura, and have internal parasites, why wouldn't they hitch a ride?  Clean pure water flowing over a infected wound, still contains the bacteria of the wound if you try to drink it afterwards.

... Is everyone Ethical?
No Magician would ever assume that ever assume that everyone has perfect intention.  It wouldn't take much for people to abuse the above system and purposely implant parasites.  Usually the parasite trick is  done through the transmission of more earth based energies or sex energies.  However, even in Reiki healings, I have seen people try things that simply put were hurtful, and yes on me, it didn't go far.   I usually make sure all of my students who do Reiki, actually DO Reiki in line with the original intention of Reiki as an uplifting force.  I do not usually go to many Reiki shares outside my students, so I haven't seen alot of issues with this type of transmitted Spirit inflictions... of Course, in part that is because  I Have. . .

Good Spirit Guides,  Great Psychic Shielding, and High Vibrational Internal States.
I am a Vodou priest as well, from essentially a odd family of mystics, psychics, priests, shamans, saints and monsters...   I have GREAT well fed ancestors, good relationships with the Lwa, Unbelievably good relationships with Angels ( including the fallen).  In essence, I have alot of protectors and guides that would tell me if something was amiss.  

The Shinto underpinnings of Reiki might mean that different guides come to the surface but PART of the Reiki experience was to share and develop relationships with those guides that would prevent the spread of a spiritual infliction, or help cure you of it while the Reiki was flowing.  This is sadly not a point stressed by most Reiki Teachers.    While I personally, am an Ancestor Advocate, really even having a good working relationship with the ancestors can prevent these sorts of troubles.

The second real problem,  is that there is no sense of mastery in most Reiki lines.  Basic spiritual training like psychic shielding are discounted.   Good psychic sheilding is a two way protection protection.  First it prevents you from inflicting the patient.  Ideally, you would have a cleaned internal energy system, but no one is perfect.  This gives at least some protection.

Need to Learn Psychic Shielding
Multiple Chapters, lots of energy games to work up to it. Banishing Cleansing and MORE

Additionally, the nonchalant way most people practice are part of the problem.  Usui Sensai originally outlined a MASTERY system of energy work.  This means that the system was supposed to be worked like a martial art.  People now will activate their "Reiki stream" while bullshitting around, chatting, thinking about whatever.  All of those stray thoughts, and potentially parasites can easily spread down the stream.  The idea, is to stay focused, have strong mental discipline and focus on the vibration of the Reiki while maintaining the positive vibe through every cell of your mind and body.  This takes effort and would not be something that Usui Sensai had to say in Japan because the culture of discipline is more present.  It MUST be said here, however.

Reasserting Space, Taking the Time, and Clearing Space
I recently ran a Reiki attunement in my home, for advanced students in the Quantum Life Science Institute.  I have been doning this a while.  Do you know, I sat down in my home meditated and prayed for an hour before hand.  Before I even would start, I banished and purified myself, the space, and laid down glyphs and protection to draw out negative things from people as well as keep the space pure and safe.

Seriously try this on your next Reiki healing if you are attuned.
  1. Breathe Deeply, while sitting in the Gasso Position.
  2. Activate the Reiki.  Breathe More deeply.
  3. Pray to your guides while in Gasso and pushing Reiki Purify yourself.
  4. See, hear and feel any impurities melting away.   Keep running with it.  Purifying incense can help aid this.
  5. If you have not developed any relationships with any guides, imagine what it would be like if your body vibrated at the highest metaphysical frequency you can imagine.  What would that be like?  Keep channeling the Reiki while everything not in that vibration would start moving closer to that vibration.  What does that look like, feel, like, sound like?  Use all  your senses.
  6. Do this till you feel you are completely purged of any impurities ( 20-30 minutes).  IF you have a good solid banishing ritual, that will work in this case too.
  7. Stay focused on the Reiki stream and positive vibration ( mental discpline),  try to maintain that higher vibration or connection with the Reiki guides while doing the Reiki.
  8. Purify the space yourself before and after.

You owe it to yourself and the people you work with to be the best healer you can be.  Don't take the easy shortcuts and treat it as the mastery system  of healing that it was intented.  Work hard in Love.

Want to Study Usui Reiki with Andrieh Vitimus, near the Cleveland Area, email me at

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Microcosmic Orbit and Neural Linguistic Emotional Amplification

  In many ways the Microcosmic Orbit can be supercharged by either "speeding it up", or using a technique of Neural Linquistic programming and self-hypnosis.

For Review, we covered this in ( ), but here it is again.

The Practice of the Microcosmic Orbit

1. For the purpose of this exercise, stay in the seated position.  The mantric meditation should have already calmed the mind.  If not breathe slowly and regulate the breath.  Keep your eyes closed lightly.  Put your tongue on the roof of your month while maintaining a constant and slow breath.

2. Focus your attention on your Dan Tien (just below your navel, 3 fingers below your navel), and visualize a small ball of energy, a ball of golden or white light, bright and pure. Maintain the attention on the Dan Tien until you feel the energy of the ball. This could be heat, vibration, warmth or just a sensation of its presence.  Use as many senses as you can.  Your intention will tell the energy to congeal there.

3. This breathing method starts when you inhale through your nose and as if your abdomen would expands, not your chest. Exhale through your slightly opened mouth, keeping your tongue lightly touching your palate just behind your upper front teeth.

4. Inhale and visualize or imagine this small ball of Qi passing down from the Dan Tien, past the Hui Yin ( near the tailbone) up through the coccyx. Then visualize or imagine the Qi ball rising up through the spine to Kidney Point ( Ming-Men) and then to where the ribs meet the spine, then going through this area and right on up to the back of the head, where it joins the neck.  Yes this follows the same path as the Kundalini.

5. Use all five of your senses, but focus on feeling, to feel, see and know the Chi ball in the center of your brain, taking in healing energy through the Bai Hui point which loosely corresponds to the crown chrakra on the top of your head.

6. Next, focus your attention on the Yin Tang or 3 Eye point between and just above the eyebrows.  This essentially draws the energy down from your head downward.  Keep forcing on the the ball of Chi and  imagine it goes to the roof of your mouth.

7. Exhale and send the Chi down to your heart   From the heart, draw it down through the middle Dan Tien at your solar plexus, past your navel, and down into the lower Dan Tien. Then begin another cycle.

8.   As you are doing multiple cycles, try to maintain a constant cycle speed.  Imagine the sphere moves around continuously.   As you move the sphere around, you will notice your personal energy starts to cycle.

Anchors and Fun, More that you can do with this
Mantak Chia aludes to an "Inner Smile" Technique that is quite good.  He implies this technique is from "Ancient Chinese Sources", but that claim is somewhat dubious.  His stuff is still great, but people are stealing technique from each other all the time.  The technique uses a methodology of anchoring that Bandler detailed many years earlier ( Now Bandler himself was a horrible theft too, so its possible this is an older technique to).  I personal like the Anchoring explaining far more, but like the general outcome and practical health benefits to what Mantak Chia suggests.

The Inner Smile technique is very simple.   Basically, you smile.  And then pull the energy around the microcosmic orbit touching each major organ.  Continuously smile.  That is in fact a simplification of the method, but not to far from the idea.  Mantak Chia just packages this with a wee bit of hypnosis.

A better way, that expands this technique, to explain this, is by talking about a progressive anchor.  A progressive Anchor is an anchor in Neural Linquistic Programming that gets progressively more intense  as you slide the anchor in one direction ( usually a knob or a dial).   In the case of the Microcosmic orbit, the anchor is happiness which progressively increases as you are looping faster.  Now, because you are activating the Microcosm Orbit, there is a intention effect that forces the energy down certain channels hitting certain organs.  The positive happy energy, promotes HEALING... just that simple.

Should I get around to writing this book, This is in fact a basic premise of Hypno-energerics, or whatever I will call it.Assume Chi exists for this argument.  At this point, Energy is just a medium for information, perhaps even the Chi argument is unneeded, although it is helpful. The information patterning of the CHI produces a greater then merely chi impact on healing, because thought and Intention automatically direct energy.  AKA the clearer the intention and thought, the more powerfully directed the energy is. By using Hypnosis and NLP, you can get an extraordinarily clear information projection.    As a technical aside, the aptitude for the project of energy depends alot of the body/mind connection and strengthening of those physical and mental channels.

So what the inner smile does, is activate a NATURAL built in anchor to happiness, (  A SMILE ) and by progressively and more throughly activate it by focusing on the state.

Breaking Down the Microcosmic Orbit Progressive Anchor 

1.  Start with an emotion or a state word.  Describe that state using your 5 senses.  Although you can use words like Love to start with, avoiding using abstract words like "Love" in your description of the state.  Focus describing the state using your five senses.  States I have tried and that work well for this are "Wellness" "Bliss" "Love" "Euphoria" "Healthy" and really any positive emotion or state.  This works well for "Abundance" and other financial positive states as well.  Certainly you could use Alphabet of Desire Sigils, or sigilized states in the way I describe in Hands On Chaos Magic.   Although it is possible to cycle Heavier Emotions, or even darker forces in this manner... and I guess some people might have a use for that, but I really don't.  The Positive emotions lead to greater healing in the body ( fact).  And for the Snarky people in the classes that say Rage is a positive emotion, please ... Rolls eyes.

2.  Clear your head, relax.

3.  What it is like to experience when you experience that emotion?  What it would see, feel, hear, smell and taste to experience that emotion or state right now?  If you are struggling with this, what was it like when you have experienced it previously and what would it be like if you experienced it right now.

Its like Compounding interest with positive emotions.
4.  Breathe Deeply and continuously.  This breathing pattern in fact pushes you deeper and deeper into that particular state.  Stay with your sensory explanation for the state.  What would it be like as you breath slower, you experience the state more fully.  Let yourself go deeper and deeper.

5.  Slowly imagine what all that positive state congealing into a concentrated ball in your on your Dan Tien ( as described above ).   What would be like to have all that positive energy, condenses and more powerful in that small ball of energy?  What does that condensed energy, feel like, look like sound like, smell and taste like? 

Steps 6-11 ,  repeat the above steps for the macrocosmic orbit 3-8.  Basically loop the sphere of that condensed energy around the channel using breath and the channel.  Keep in mind, the state the ball contains, breathe and spiral the sphere around touching all parts of your body.

12. As you continuously loop that around the macrocosmic, notice how much more powerful the state becomes.  Let yourself continuously experience increasing positive states while focusing on the orbit.

13.  Continue the orbit for at least 30 minutes. 

14.  Notice how your body stays in a positive state for far longer after the exercise and how the healing process accelerates.

If you need more information on energy work, Hands on Chaos Magic can help and can help clarify many of the concepts in this blog.

Are you in the cleveland area, Andrieh offers a full line of Hypnosis and NLP Sessions.  Email for more details.

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