Sunday, August 9, 2015

Shapeshifting CONTEST: You can win a free seat in our Shapeshifting 365 course.

I am once again running the shapeshifting course ( more details on that), and this time for a year. Once again, someone has paid it forward so I can offer a contest to you, so someone of need can get in for free. Would you like this gifted spot, here is how to get a shot at it.
  1. Write a little blurb about how you used the techniques of Hands on Chaos Magic and generally love the book.
  2. If you don't have Hands On Chaos Magic, write a blurb on how with specifics one of my courses, rituals, or meditations changed your life for the better.
  3. Post 1 or 2 on facebook, tumblr, or your blog ( other public places are perfectly ok).
  4. Tag @Andriehvitimus in your post and email at with the url of your post.
I will pick the person who gets in as the Gift, per divinations.

One of my students who was part of some of my in person and private shapeshifter work paid it forward ( as I encourage all of my students to do), and traded with me for someone in the sphere of the internet to get gifted into the shapeshifter course. Thats a $199 Value gift for the contest. Why? Cause my students kick ass like that.

Good Luck!!!

In case you missed the original announcement, here are some more details on the shapeshifting course.

STARTING September 12. 2015
Rocket towards your new life via the power and transformation while investing in this shapeshifting course.  Andrieh takes you on a journey of self-discovery through rigorously tested methods.   You might ask yourself, how can this course help you?
Supercharge your powers of persuasion.  Amaze yourself with your new connections.
Gain wealth perspective and enjoy the fruits of greater prosperity.
Surge with confidence and fortitude.  Learn to nail interviews, sales, even speeches.  Watch as resistance melts powerfully before you.
Savor your life, as you increase your pleasure. Taste your increased happiness.   Change yourself to have mind-blowing orgasms and more powerful sex.
Enjoy deeper and more powerful emotional connections with your friends and your loved ones.
Expand beyond limitations and shift to quickly adjust to any situation.

Over 46 Weekly lessons. 6 live webinars. which will be recorded (each including an in session hypnotically assisted ceremony).
Magically we will cover the following topics and more:
Glamours. Self-Transformation. Radical Detachment Through Continuous Transformation. Astral And Etheric Shapeshifting. Shapeshifting And Information Sorcery. Energy Shifting And Energy Transformation. Vitality Building Internal And External Alchemy/Body Transformation. Reality Tunnel Transformation. Direct Noetic Spiritual Transmission. Personality Reconstruction. Influence And Persuasion Magic. Useful Self-Transformation Techniques. Paradigm Shifting As Shapeshifting. The Beauty Of Self-Mutation.   And this just scratches the surface!!!!!
Join the Journey Now.
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