Monday, January 26, 2015

Forming an Idea, Planning and Magic

So last Friday, I gave a webinar on planning and magic for SOMA.  So many magical books on wealth, health, divinations, mediumship, spirit work, etc, can be reasonably summed up with incremental goal setting, planning and assessment.   Sexy topic, I know.  

The idea of planning and magic might seem counter to a lot of written materials.  Some books will tell you to use magic as a last resort before you get every other option done.  I could not disagree more.    Let’s start at the forming stage of idea.

Very few people come to the table with no ideas.  The ideas of something I would like to work on are just vague.  Everyone has those ideas.  Most of the time, when a person claims they do not have those types of goals, what they really are doing is self-censorship, based around what they can achieve.

Perhaps they are correct, but in most cases, I do not believe they are correct.  What I believe is that they just lack confidence.  The walls of the prison are close.   This early and tenuous stage of an idea, is a perfect place for magic.   

Should we ask the various spirits for the finished product at this stage?  Should we enchant for success while everything is still vague?  Should we compel the universe to our will?  


We start with real communion with the spirits about the idea for help with clarity, self-compassion, confidence?  We could do this with psychological skills, even creative visualization and meditation.  I prefer to do the following things:

  1. Ask my ancestors what they think, keeping in mind that their opinion is not always perfect in the modern world.
  2. I ask Legba where will this road lead me, and usually do a divination about that.  It is important that our divination is not treated as the final authority.  The divination is only part of the process (and sometimes tells you different information then what we're asking).
  3. Ask counsel from my other allies, asking why I am holding back on the goal.
  4. Meditation.  In stillness, what does the quietest voices say?  (You know, the ones we don’t listen too).
  5. Usually other similar things.

Every person has goals that stick with them.  Sure we get distracted by daily living, by pain, by just the sheer beat down of life…  but there are a couple that each of us come back to.   From myself and my clients, I can tell you that’s true.    

So this is not a post on divination, but let's say you ask your guides or yourself and an issue comes up.    These issues, such as I am not good enough, or everyone will hate it…Even if you meditate about the vague idea, and write down what you say to yourself, there’s tons to work with.   Well the issues give you the starting point of the plan.   They are your soil (or fertilizer for the idea).   Now, we have some real meat to work with.   Now we are working on what holds us back from actually making a plan we can stick to regarding developing the idea.

So what kinds of stuff might you do at this point?

Well if you guessed healing work you’d be so right.  Most of these hesitations come from patterns of internalized painful experience.

So you could use Reiki II to heal the emotional wounds.  Qigong to move the energy around, NLP or self-hypnosis to reframe the issues, Ancestral work, Angel work, or other healing work.    I might work out a white bath,  or start pounding away at it through Chakra work (releasing it day by day).    Deep seated issues will not just “go away”, but ritual work or the healing work sets out a holy spiritual plan to grow.

So many well meaning authors will tell you to follow your bliss or your passion and just do it, but the truth is that most people, including ME, have vague ideas and a host of painful issues that prevent the development of the idea.  I might refer to this as the Lie of Occultists and New Age Philosophies, but that would be such an aggressive phrase.  If you are in that boat, you are like 99.99999999% of the people and if you ignore most occultists bravado and branding they are in the same boat.   

But what we do have is an issue which I call fertilizer, because we all would like to call our issues shit all the time! :)   So how do we work this in a way that is most helpful?   Now, we get to the other big point of the webinar, accounting.  

By accounting, I do mean Accounting which is hard and math-like, but I do mean meticulous journaling.  Sure some magicians are anal on this, journal your magical experiences, but what does that tell you?  Not much in practice.  

What you really need is your magical rituals and work, and metrics of self-change.  If you are doing Reiki for self-doubt, you should be able to track (and I know this is hard), improvement in how much time you are working on your idea versus making excuses for why the idea is not being worked on.  The amount of times you sit down to work on an idea and actually sit down to do it (a certain time is best).  What you eat, and your emotional state are all clues.   The amount you sleep.   Your social sphere, all of it.  Because when you confront a painful pattern, chances are, a whole bunch of it is connected.    If you go down this road, and think that your allies can’t help you out with what you discover by journaling it out, either they really aren't spiritual allies, or those impeding voices are clouding what you are willing to ask for.  FREAKING ASK!!!

The "pick yourself up by your bootstraps" message is bullshit, condescending, and often counterproductive, but the idea that you can make consistent progress by journaling, and keeping with your spiritual practice is not.  You can.  Each day another step or two.    

What happens when you do this?  You will start off probably swearing at yourself a lot.  I do.  Usually I get slapped by the ancestors a whole bunch of times to get my head straight on (that's how we all roll in my family).  I will turn away help, then break down and know the accounting has the truth of it, and I should use those relationships correctly.    Because even our pride works against us, but eventually the accounting breaks it down.  You start to flesh out the idea. You get strength in the beginning and tenuous idea phase. You find that creative, or other, voice you need.

Then the whole process starts again when you try to implement the idea. 

 Well no one said the Great Work was easy.

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Monday, January 19, 2015

The Inner Bell of Ganesha, Start off the year with some Mantra work

Dhumraketu (DhÅ«mraketu)

So I was going to write this long empassed blog on Occult(tm)  and how someone basically criticized me ever posting Baphomet on my facebook ( telling me I could make more money without that), and why you shouldn't follow that path... Instead we are going to get Ganesh post.

I like that better anyway.

So people often ask me what I do for my own magical practice.  I DO alot, but my daily practice is one that you can do anywhere.  You might ask, when do I do this work, and I will tell you On the Train to and from work.

That should open a whole bunch of ideas from the start,

So I am going to share it with you.   This requires a whole bunch of set up and pre-work.  It has been my experience that Hindu mantras in general are a little strange and their is a secret hidden about mantra work in general.   Sure sure sure, I sometimes have a spiritual visit from a Guru in dreams, often times its just Ganesh, but I do not have a physical Guru.  As an  aside, I might like one, that wasn't a fraud, but the spirits help me out often.

Hindu mantras ultimately work better if they are gifted to you by a Guru connected to spirit.  However, one of the consequences of the Kali Yuga is to be blunt, “There are many gurus who will take away your money, but rare is the one who will take away your miseries."  Meaning, very few gurus will actually be able to empower mantras or do much of anything besides rip you off.  In my humble opinion. if one is truly sincere, you can activate any mantra to its full power.  As an aside, these kinds of techniques work for other mantra work even sigil mantra work.   So first, let me give you the mantra I am working on 

Om Shi Siddhi Vinaykaya Svaahaa

This mantra  salutes and invokes the activity of Ganapati in the age of darkness or the Kali Yuga.   Some people will use Namaha instead of Svaahaa, but I am over 29 so it is recommended to use the Svaahaa which ties the mantra closer to shakti energies,  In practice, its like giving the mantra a fire boost.  Did I mention, one project I actually have like 75 pages written, is a fire magic book.   This mantra was given to me by Thomas Farrar, but posthumously by someone who gave me a TON of his resources and just said, dude,... this is totally for you ( more or less Ganesh said give it to you).  He was probably right.

Now, I am working on this mantra specifically cause of a dream, and various readings point to it being a good place for me to roll into the new year.   Despite the darkness, the mantra with dedication assures you will overcome any evil in your life and overcome all your obstacles.  That sounds like a kick ass place to jump start the year.   

You can just do the mantra, but I promise if you read the rest of the blog ( which you might have to read two other blog posts as well), when you do mantra on the train, bus, or riding a car ,,,, Well it will be like a TON of bricks.   Usually when Hindu spirits bug me, I have a set way to attune myself to a mantra.    If you're into Reiki, the actual way the hindu mantra's work best is similar.  There is a attunement phase, but with dedication, I will again say  you can get the kick without a guru.... Or you just bug me and ask me to do one of the mantra's with you in Cleveland that I have become attuned to.

 First off, before starting on fire rituals, and that's where I am going with this blog post, you really need to get this down.  This technique really empowers the Aum ( which is the first syllable of this mantra) and sets a much more powerful way to interact with mantra.

Second, I kinda take the process of full immersion in ritual to really activate the mantra.  It has worked every time.  Here is a modified and simple Fire Homa   in the instructions replace the Mala Hreem Shreem Kleem Pah-rahm Esh-wah-ree ( oh god that ritual kicked my ass so much), with Om Shi Siddhi Vinaykaya Svaahaa.

Generally, its just not possible to count and pour the ghee. Trust me, you just can't do it. Try to find a partner for this part of the ritual. Try to do that ritual with 10 Japa mal, or which is 10X108 or 1080 mantras. The reasons for doing the fire with the mantra work is that the fire supposedly multiplies the effect of the mantra by ten. So instead of 1080, you are actually doing 10800 mantras. Trust me if you do the AUM technique first, then go through the rest of the mantra with a fire, Ganesh will show up. The real idea is that the mantra will permeate through each of your cells and really seep in. There are more techniques  to amp this up further as well, and yes they will be in the fire magic book.  Getting through a full 1080 mantras is tough, people start hallucinating who are participating.  If you are tending the fire, you have to EXTRA discipline to stay in the moment.  Its an endurance fest and you have to do each mantra with real sincerity.  That is probably the key.  I have never seen Ganesh not attune to a mantra, I wanted to work with if I approached him with this level of sincerity.  Often he will help me get attuned to other mantras of other spirits as well.

Now, once you do this you will notice a real change in what the impact of the mantra is.  It will hit as a ton of bricks after the ritual.  You will notice the difference.  That is the difference between the mantra being activated and not.   If you really have the mantra attuned you will feel your body react if you intone the mantra.  It is a visceral and body reaction.

That is the first stage.  Then you have to convince yourself, you can intone the mantra with enough concentrated and disciplined thought.  So you have to practice.

Intone the mantra, get the body reaction.
Do the mantra almost as a whisper, concentrate and get the body reaction.
Do the mantra slowly in your head, focus even more clearly, get the body reaction.  Then you are ready for the bus or train test.  You got to get it to work inside your head with focus, before doing it on the train.  Do not be one of those people on the train or bus or as a passenger in car pooling... You know what I mean.

That part might happen really quickly, or take a little bit of time to convince yourself of it.  When you are convinced, its time to make your travel time work for you.

So for the bus, what do you do?

Well if you did the fire ritual like I was suggesting, do the Aum as I described above, but keep your focus on your crown at the end of the Aum and go through the rest of the mantra. Now, it should ring, almost like a bell. I mean you can feel it through your whole body. If you can't feel the vibration throughout your whole body and did that above fire homa, I bet you are somewhat distracted or just remember how you felt and your body reacted through the homa.   Again, the distraction and focus is something you will have to work on, on the train,   That takes a bit of practice too.

As a simplification,  its probably just simple enough to think of your body as a bell.  Just use all five of your senses to feel, see it, hear it, be it, rippling through your body.  Now, it might seem odd to say see a mantra, but trust me, you can go back to what you saw when you did the Fire homa or you might even see a texture spreading through your body.  You want to amplify the body reaction.  There are ways to amplify the mantra back down through the chakras, but you really have to get down something like my exercise here and a whole bunch more on the naddis and how the chrakas work from a practical magical engineering point of view.

In 30 minutes, you can probably with intensity do at least 108 repetitions,  Sometimes, people might look at you, but for the most part they just ignore you ( outside of people who are obviously psychic).  So there is a little prep work, but then after that ... well who doesn't want to overcome obstacles and have the power to overcome any "evil" in their lives... Hell yeah,   Traditionally 40 days will see big benefits, but I can tell you that doing this in this way helps sooner then that.

And you can do it on the train, bus, plane, boat, or other ( space ships?).  

"Andrieh's Hypnotic Joy Sigil Launcher eliminates any barrier one might have to doing magical practice. Don't have candles, oils, incense, etc.? No problem! Andrieh gives clear instructions from his book on how to create a sigil from an intention using just a pen and paper. Then just listen to the MP3 as Andrieh's voice guides you in empowering and launching the sigil. I have personally used this to launch my own sigils as well as connect with a spiritual being using its sigil with great results. You also feel great afterwards. This is a great investment for people of any level of magical practice." --Kevin Korody

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Monday, January 12, 2015

Be the Wind, a Fae Magic Taste

This is a very rough draft of something that will be included in my forthcoming fae book.   Roughly this book has a Supplication section ( which are almost 100% of all books on Fae magic) and a Transmogrification section which I have never seen in any fae book, ever.   

This exercise requires a couple skill sets before you do this, and those skills would have been covered previously in the fae book ( which isn’t written yet and the date is not yet forthcoming), definitely in my shapeshifting course ( which I will be running again in August), and in Hands on Chaos Magic.  For the most part, this will make more sense if you have some meditation experience, and ability to take on resonance.  As this is a blog post, I can’t go as deep into the preliminaries as I would like.  Usually, I sit down with people and walk through this, multiple times.

When most people do ritual work or similar exercises, they often go their favorite god form, or spirit.  Let’s put aside the book of names for a few minutes.   Yes, I know that you might have a godform, or angel of air.  You might have thousands of names and symbols.  Put that all aside for a few minutes, you can have it back later.  It does not matter the name but dwelling too far on the names of things can take away the experience.  We instead want to talk about an experience.   

Be careful if this is in winter, although it is very effective.  

You can do this on a bench or on the ground.  Take proper precautions.  Clear your head and sit still for a few minutes.  Try to merely concentrate on your breath.  Try doing this for at least 30 minutes with your eyes closed.

At first, just sit with the wind.   Sit perfectly still.  Then, start to bend as a tree does in the wind.  Slight swaying.  Sink into the zone and let the wind whip into you, around you.  Listen with all five of your senses, even in the chill to your bones ( if its cold).  Get a sense of the 5 senses+, and imagine all the cells of your body taking on the aspects of the wind around you.  If you are familiar with invocation, think of it as invoking what is already around you.  To go further with this ( and have real fun), you must be deep enough that you are in resonance to the wind with little to know conscious thoughts.  Just feel yourself expand, move, flow, blow.   Let your self be the wind.  Let all the other voices in your mind just flow away into the wind, until the only voice is the sound of the wind itself.  This takes a little practice.  

Be the wind and then increase the wind or slow it down.  It is much more like a synthesis, partnership and a coaxing then a demand.  The minute you consciously get to involved with how much or little wind, you have lost the connection and probably will have to start over.  The minute you demand, the connection and comment flows away.  

From this place of connection, we can have some real fun.  Stay in the zone.  Saying words will just get in the way and it just kill the connection between you and the wind. Go with the flow.  As you go deeper and deeper into the wind, you might even notice other consciousnesses, patterns, intelligences in the wind observing you.  They are there, trust me.  At first, you might react and if you react, that will break the connection.  If you break the resonance, the moment may be gone (although they might pursue you even after a moment).  Stay in the zone.  Until you really listen and become the wind with all of your five senses, really resonating, you might not sense the other intelligence floating by ( but you might since even a little attention might bring out their curiosity). This takes practice. Once you can stay in the zone, the next phase is connection and working with the connection.  That however, may be another blog post, or gasp something you will have to get from the book.

Now, there are some provisos with these techniques.

First, something observing you or trying to make a connection is not needfully a good or bad thing.   Although, many new agers and many light workers might think so, nature is not so human friendly.  Human indifferent might be more correct.  Some spirits might be curious, some might be justifiably angry.  We do after all pollute the air, badly.  A connection could be good, bad, useful, not useful, harmful, beneficial and any combination therein.  If some contact is made,  treat it as if it is a stranger.   Be respectful and friendly, but not instantly trusting.  Do make sure you have some spiritual ally’s such as ancestors or a patron and matron, key protective spirits, or a mentor.  In the full fae book before we get to this exercise, I definitely cover creating the needed relationships, but this is not needfully safe magic even though it looks simple, do not let that trick you.  You are in resonance with them at that point, and its not like they are bound to a triangle and that is part of the point ( and it allows a sort of mingling of consciousness).

This also means that if a something shows up that is not friendly from the wind, you need have to some methods of spiritual cleansing such as a White bath,  or if you need something a bit more forceful, a Full on Archangel Michael Fire cleaning.

Usually what I have people ask themselves, is how is the consciousness resonant with the wind different from day to day consciousness.  Usually, if you are feeling stuck, really going into in this way just on the wind is enough to remove several boundaries.  Even for people in a crossed condition,  the free flow of the wind moves their consciousness and energy in a way that allows the flowing around obstacles, energy blocks, hell even flowing through curse work.  The wind just allows you to be unconstrained as it is.

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Monday, January 5, 2015

New Year Resolutions and Daily Accounting

So we are here again, its the new year.  We are starting out with a new year and I have promised myself to blog more.  So this is the time when people start to struggle and have the urge to make resolutions.  A new year’s resolution sounds really good, but more often then not, many people end up having the same resolution year after year.  When as a magician we fail to meet a resolution, this really is a knock to the personal will ( hence why I am pounding out a blog this week).

The Big Picture Versus the Footsteps 
Resolutions often encompassed the greater goal, the big picture, and ignore the realities on the ground.  It is easy to say, ok I want to loose weight this year.  Such resolutions spawn a billion dollar industry.
We have to start smaller and ask different questions.   First, what is a reasonable well-formed goal.  A well-formed goal, is a goal that has exact metrics of success.  Often this is hard to predict.  In most cases, a day-to-day ( or even smaller units of time) accounting with a general direction will be far more effective for the goal achievement.
What happens when you do shorten the time?  Well then your planning becomes much more action step orientated, in which each step is doable and achievable.   Each achievable step brings  more confidence and good vibes.   
For instance, for something like money management and making more money, it sounds very good to say I want to make more money, but its entirely a different matter if you are looking at how many hours in one day, you are working on it.  It is also overwhelming to many people, to look at month and see how much they spent.  However in one day, its possible to review it and immediately determine to work on something.  So for instance, if out of habit, I drink a  5 dollar lattes in the morning, and coffee is free in the office.  That is a small change that reviewing the small picture that creates positive movement.  The real question is WHY do I need that 5 dollar latte?  What do I gain by that?   What is it masking ( a sense of entitlement, achievement, what?)?

Night to Night Accounting
What I like to do is have a night to night accounting with my goal and all of the things going on in life.  For the health goal for example, I can account for the time I spent exercises, my food choices, and look at the events during the day.  So if I skipped out on a walk you can ask yourself why?  Was I tired, did I have too many irons in the fire pulling me around?    Even in 15 minutes reflection, you can figure out a lot of your own patterns.  It is this habits and patterns which really are the things which prevent the goal achievement.  Break down the habit, and instill a new one.   How can you do this?  One of the easy ways is creative visualization and self-hypnosis, however I like a few different options such as Creating a helper servitor,  reframing choices to make the best ones seem more appealing ( through meditation and nlp sub modality work).  Hands on Chaos Magic has some of these in practice, but really, any method of creative visualization will work.   Looking at your nightly accounting, should be a chance for reflection.  The most important question is not the what but the WHY something happened?  The Why usually gives you the ideas and mechanisms for change.

Your Documentation is your friend
Regardless of what your goal is, documentation is going to be your best friend.  It just won’t help you to review the details of what you do during a day without documenting it ( in writing).  Almost in every case, time and other resources will be a big pressure point.  The documentation reveals choices and the habits to change.  We will talk about self-compassion in a second.  On the health front, 30 minutes a day for a walk versus say spending the extra time at work, video games, Facebook?  Does answering the work emails stretch long into the night, or even Facebook?  Food choices, what food choices are you making?  On the earning or saving money front, we can find all sorts of issues  like a  7 dollar lattes.   Is this really needed or what is the reason it is desired?   Almost all the resources we expend and the choices we make gives us cause to our own habits.  They are useful information for self-change.
The documentation of this minutia sort also gives you a great window into progress.  On any goal, I can guarantee that if you do this sort of night to night accounting while purposely working on problem points, you will make progress and the progress will during the day seem automatic.  It will be easier and easier to just make choices in line with your greater goal and this progress will be reflected when you look at past journals.

Where this goes horribly wrong
The day to day accounting can go horribly sidewise if it is done with a harshness toward the self.  If done with that self-judgmental voice we all have, it actually reinforces the habit.  So Self-Love and Self-Compassion must be the underlying vibe.
Ask your self, am I speaking to myself as if I was talking to a loved one that needs help?  Am I encouraging or criticizing?  Am I judging myself as the critic or looking for areas to improve.  Its usually pretty easy to tell when we have slipped into the self-critic,  it tends to start with “You f##ed up, you can do better” and then goes into a continual barrage.    If you have heard me speak or talk about this before this is where I would say, STAND UP and Banish.  You could use a NLP style interrupt, but hell when I get in that mindset I will STAND UP and perform a Lesser Banishing of the Pentagram ritual.  You could use a simple waterfall of light banishing, a chakra balancing,  or any other banishing or prayer/mantra to remove negativity right in the moment.  Do not wait.  Do it right then.  It is critical to balance out the personal accounting with meditative work and self-compassion work.
Usually, when I get to the “horrible you” phase, its best to really clear out yourself.  At that point after doing a formal banishing, or NLP interrupt, I might tell myself you are getting better, even by acknowledging a difficult point.  Patterns are all just information and we can immediately as how can I use my reactions as springing boards to a more powerful me?  How is the information I get a powerful opportunity for self-transformation and personal shapeshifting?

Doing more with the nightly accounting
If you give yourself more time for the nightly accounting it can be a real area of self-transformation and magic, it is right at this stage when I do the accounting, and I ask what do I most need right now.  For me, I am a Vodouisant and a Chaos magician ( Among other things).  I have more then a few toys up my sleeve.  I am sure you might too.  So if I am pursuing a weight loss goal,  and find myself physically tired so I go buy something sweet during the day,  maybe I give Ogun or if you prefer Aries a small ritual and bring a talisman with me.  If I am working on a financial goal, perhaps I use shopping therapy ( in trying to curb spending),  to set-aside the stress.  Instead maybe I pray to Ganesh to get me to do a Japamal when I need to destress as opposed to shopping therapy.  If I am working on producing more materials, and find myself productive in the time I set aside, maybe I spend some of this time working on inspirational or illuminatory magic ( even a little sigil spell to productive in my writing time).    Sure, this seems like such a small thing, to be more productive tomorrow in my writing time, but once we get the habit created, it becomes easier and easier to keep the successes rolling.  While this is not specific, it does give the general thinking process of integrating your spirituality into the changes you are working towards on a daily basis.  That success train is the exact train you and I want to be on since it makes the greater goal so much easier.    Integrating our spiritual allies and tools into the process just makes it all the more likely success will be yours.

So go out there and Succeed like its 2015 ;)

Need to start out your New Year getting your daily plans and strategy in a line with the greater goals you have.  Book a coaching session with Andrieh who is a fully licensed NLP practicing and hypnotherapist.  I can help you plan out your goals and achieve them from the envisioning stage all the way to success with making the transformations along the way be more powerful, easier and life affirming. 

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