Sunday, April 28, 2013

Walking Condensing Breathing as Spiritual Weightlifting.

Condensing Breathing is one of the exercises that is probably the core of Sifu Clyman's Chigung system.  It involves pulling energy into the centerline of the body and links from the horizontal plane by squeezing your sphincters muscles.  He freely gives this at:

To understand the walking variant of this, you'll have to understand the above.  There is a couple fine points to the above listing.  Sifu Clyman probably will not agree with these, but in practice I find they help a tremendous amount.

First, you have to squeeze your sphincter muscles and kind of tuck your your hips and spin under. Its more like raising  and tucking your tailbone in, while compressing your sphincter.  You have to do this on each inhale.

Second,  some people are not very energy sensitive.  This will take time to develop.  To Suck Energy is actually somewhat of a confusing metaphor.    Instead use your senses on inhale to know you are pulling in the vibe of the surroundings on inhale by imagining the sights, sounds, feelings, etc pulling and condensing into the center of your limbs.  Eventually, you'll get more sensitive to Chi, but this will speed up the process.

Third, on exhale, you are holding on to the Chi and not releasing it.  This means you are pulling energy and keeping energy from the environment.  This is a very Yang Chigung technique.  If you know about Taoist metaphysics, it will help to generate Yin Chi.  Again, using all your senses at first to imagine and know keeping the energy inside on exhale.  On exhale also, you release your sphincters.  Unfortunately, the physical action of the releasing the sphincter muscles tends to cause the energy to release.  You have to stay focused on this phase.  The exhale, I believe is the hardest part of the exercise.  If you release the energy, there's much less benefit to the exercise.

Fourth, the environment matters.  While it is true that condensing the Chi in this matter has a purifying effect on the Chi (meaning it does not in the long term matter where you condense Chi), the starting quality of the Chi has an impact on the effectiveness of the condensing.   Basically, if I go to a forest, and condense breath, I find I get a greater and more pronounced effect.  If I am condensing breathe while in the middle of a LBRP, I get a greater and more pronounced effects then if I were doing this on the street.    THINK about that.  So if you Condense Breathe in your temple, you get more of the energies of the temple flowing into you and condensing.  Just think about that for a minute.  Apply as you will.

Five, this takes energy from the horizontal plane... meaning from circles around you.  For this exercise do not pull energy into the top of your head or up through your feet.

Walking Condensing Breath

In addition to using the senses,  it is possible to do the condensing breath while walking.  I have found
I very much like this.  I learned this from Sifu Martin while I was down in Columbus and have been tweaking the exercise.  Now it is possible to compress the sphincters and walk.  Physically, this sensation is very odd.   Obviously, you cannot put yourself into a horse stance, with your toes pointed in,  but you should try to walk with slightly bent knees and try to be mindful of keeping your toes and knees aligned forward.  Try not to lock your knees.   It may look a little weird to have your arms at your-side, but it does work with the walking.

Start out by tucking your tailbone and compressing your sphincter muscles on inhale and walking around your practice space.  Try to take even and measured steps.  Speed up your walking speed.   To make this very effective, keep your breathing pattern at 4 seconds in with 4 seconds out with no pausing between breathe while walking.  This actually becomes difficult at times as you are compressing the breath.  Your body will want to take what I call hiccup short breathes as if you were running.  You have to keep the focus and keep walking.

On exhale, still just release the internal muscles and hold on to the energy.

Add the last phase add the mental components, of sucking energy on inhale using all your senses.  To me this is where the body really takes those hiccup breathes sometimes as a reaction to the increasing Yang energy, sometimes as a result of bio-mechanics.    Again, you must keep your focus on exhaling.

Once you practice this inside for a bit, then go outside.  This exercise keeps you in a mild-medium trance state and you must get used to how it affects your perception.  The pavement, grass, or even the forest are not even ground so it requires you to keep doing this exercise on mixed terrain.  Practice first, then go outside.

Some points to remember.    When walking try to take a similar sized-stride each time.  Try to keep your foot that is moving as close to the ground as possible as you move it.  Breathe in 4 second in and out patterns (this is tougher then it seems while walking vigorously).  Try to keep your spine upright and aligned while walking and doing this exercise.  While walking, as much as possible, keep as much focus on the energy condensing.  Unlike the standing exercise you must reserve some concentration for environment, but with practice you can pull alot of Chi in while walking.

Clyman's book the The Chi Kung Bible: Beyond Self-Help: Mastering Personal Power
has some very useful information in there and I would get it.   I learned this exercise directly form Master Clyman.  I originally got the Nei Gung program for ALOT of money (and I have to ask him questions on sooner or later).  BUT... with Sifu Clyman there is ALOT you have to read clear headed, and without reacting or you will be very offended.  The full daily practice routine DOES boost magical aptitude quite quickly (although some of the medical Gigong seem to cause greater body alchemy).  This exercise seems to create the single greatest benefit, and combining this with walking has had an even greater better health effect.

Like most books that I find useful but the personality of the author gets in the way,  I took the useful techniques of book, rewrote them in a journal and tried to redraw the pictures.  This greatly will internalize the techniques, and you have to do the practice.  He also has practice videos which are useful and his web site is  Again,  go down to see him, put on your thick skin and get your practice on.

BONUS TIP:   For the people in the 30 day entity challenge,  try to do the original exercise for 6 repetitions or the walking version for 20 minutes and then try your rituals.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Regaining Focus in the Age of Distraction ( Part 1)

So recently,  I decided to black out my web site, get off Facebook for a while, and shut down my weekly podcast radio show.  There were a lot of reasons for doing all of these, but it comes down to a) The Great Work b) simplify…

Making the Decision to temporarily (or longer) pull the plug on a few things
So this isn't meant to be a longer rant, my confusion and pain is meant to be a teaching moment.   If you read any book on podcasting, social media marketing,  PR or other books, you might come to the conclusion that pulling the plug for a while is just a hugely bad idea for marketing.  Perhaps.   There comes a wall when what you need is space.

I don’t know whether it was the other kinda asshole occultists complaining about Deeper Down the Rabbit Hole in berating fashions, getting into a pissing war over the 30 day challenge with others who clearly had fucked ulterior motives, or reading blogs where people just seemed to post the blog for endless debate and friction,  or a post about why posting Baphomet on your Facebook is bad for marketing, and I was so much better then that (which was done with good intentions)…. Or the endless requests for magical spellwork
… but in the course of life, working with Ra and Gigong, something snapped, I hit that wall.  

I think alot of people have hit that wall, but the idea that you might loose standing, potential sales, or opportunities presents a hard choice. No one in the public eye wants to hurt their brand, and I’d like to write another book, maybe have a couple people even see that.  Maybe even make some money at this stuff.

But then, I had that moment of rage and just went, Shove it.   It was building for a while.  No really, burn it down.   

Taking an extra day to sleep on it, I decided lets make that temporary.  3 days into doing that the fog is clearing.  Realizations occur.  Pyramids, Monuments, and the like NEED a plan.  I don’t have one, and while alot of this was going on, I didn't have the space to make one.  Work Responsibilities, Family and some bumps in the road, show responsibilities of having to speed read the books authors would give me, marketing responsibilities…  and I am struggling to get 20 minutes to do serious Gigong work.   

Right… if you feel like that… something IS amiss, let yourself hit the nuke button.  THAT can be the answer.  Seriously.

One day into this process, I came into contact with Leo Babauta, Free Focus at  Now Leo has written the Power of Less, and several other books.  He says he’s not anti technology, but that's debatable.  He is pretty hardcore ZEN,  This is a free fantastic book.  The book was correctly articulating exactly many of the concepts I was trying to get grapple with and starting to build a framework around.  It was a nice synchronicity.

I still will probably write several blog posts about simplifying.
Really it was simple…Shit became not fun, amazing, or inspiring.… and I was struggling to meet  commitments.  In what is a radical sense, he’d say don’t.  Nuke the commitment, simplify.

Really I love doing magic, but talking about  magic became tedious,  the marketing became tedious.  Facebook was getting tedious (and I will have to more about Facebook in a second).  Dissolve, Destroy, Reframe, and Separate from the Negative is my current mantra.

Really this Author Andrieh Vitimus guy, basically said to do all that in Hands On Chaos Magic.  Maybe I should go read it.

The Author Versus the Magician
Regardless of whether some people will agree or not, the truth is that the anti-nominal nature of the magician will sometimes chaff with the nature of the author.  These roles have very different purposes and sometimes they cross conflict.

When I thought about what I was doing 10 years ago,   I got to say, I was somewhat of an asshole, not quite as much as other chaos magicians, but somewhat.  I just didn't really give a shit.  Just do the magic and not give a shit. Once you go more public, that makes things very much scrutinized.  People will say, it isn't so, but I won't buy it.   Anything role, even the public, become self-sustaining and self-constraining.  That doesn't mean people won’t be rude or be jerks, but the egregoric force of their public “self” has a subtle effect.  It either encourages certain actions, or not.   Really, I know some magicians will say, oh I am above that… or its all part of a plan but then we get into the question of authenticity… One does not have to read very far into Social psychology to know the impact that roles have on behavior and personality.  I just think magicians and occultists forget that impact, or worse think they are above it.
Is a carefully contrived “mask” as authentic?  The worst part of this is that mask can be consciously created, but it still changes the subconscious… There still is a magical imprint on the practitioner.

The Demon of Social Media
Social media is very seducing.  Each little like is a positive emotional boost.  At one point, I thought
damn, there was a direct correlation between the like or the shares and engagement.  Engagement directly relating to sales.  Really, when your trying to stay in the public eye, so you can potentially do sales. Then you keep doing it, Leo correctly points out what this is.   It can be an addiction with consequences.   Things come in your field of vision, which you have little control over and you have all the expectations of response.  It is like trying to win the playground.  Right before I hit that personal wall,  alot of the interactions I had were on Facebook.  I never fell into the pattern with Twitter.  To me it became a Demon.

Are those Facebook interactions authentic?  I came to the conclusion, no.  I know many others will disagree me and that's fine.  I saw friends who were friends in real life, do things which were pretty hurtful (and I believe they would have come to that conclusion too), and other people I started to serious rethink things about them based on the Facebook stuff.   I’m sure, they have probably done the same.  Mutually, Exit Stage Left out of the life.  Change is the only constant.  

But Facebook and the social media push the drive forward.  Drive to publicity, drive to one-up-ship, drive to do things which hurt each other not out of meanness, but because other motivations drown out any empathy. It really isn't the people, but it IS the Medium which encourages it.   It is the constant state of distraction.   The constant need to attention that the system wants to create.  After all, it's more money for them to advertise to you.

Attention is a powerful intrinsic motivator, but it is a harsh and subtle drug.  Think about it.  How much do we do for attention?  How difficult is it to get attention, and then Facebook comes along….. Instant Attention Machine, but its not real attention, its a demiurge like attention.  Like a shadow that doesn't really fulfill, and it's done by design.   I can’t control other people, but I also don’t really need to see the regular updates.  In a way, the shadow of time allows for a better appreciation of the person  and acceptance of the flaws.  The microscope of instant and always attention, highlights all imperfection to mega-stadium levels.

Really, it's the stunning rate of the information and response, not the communication … that to me was one of the issues.

Simplify, Dissolve, Reframe.

Starting on a Media Fast
3 days in so far, clearing the head.
What I am doing:
Got off Facebook.
Resigned myself to stop reading any and all blogs.  If I want to interact with an author, I'll do the old fashioned way, through their books!  So I can take notes, and figure it out.  Although that doesn't mean I don’t welcome comments, and I do want people to communicate (just at the slower pace). 
Stopped listening and creating podcasts.
Stopped reading or responding to any comments whatsoever ( except on the 30day Challenge).

Instead for a bit I will focus on writing more blogs, Gigong and Ra work.  When I get the time, I will rebuild my personal web site according to an actual plan :)

 I still LOVE my readers and listeners…I really do.. I just got to slow shit down.  I have a sneaky suspicion though, that I am not alone.

Controlling the Information Streams.
While we can’t control others, we can control or filter our level of information connection.  Leo makes some excellent points about this.   With endless streams of information, and detail, we each are put under the microscope.  Sometimes, external situations make it even worse.  That’s the real problem of an endless attention machine.  Priorities shift subtly, and perhaps the wrong things are prioritized.   The drug becomes the hidden motivation. 

The Great Work
Of course, starting to ramp up the Gigong and working with Amon Ra… probably has a lot to do with
this.  One can’t claim kingship when there are many demons running amuck inside a person’s frame.   You don’t need ancient Grimoires to find very nasty things eating at the great work.  Nope, there are far more insidious problems then the ancient grimoric demons.  Bind those fuckers when you find them, then Simplify through Dissolve, Reframe, Destroy or whatever it takes.

Now onward with my simplification and gaining the space to plan, to be, to become.

In the moment, now.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Magical Psychic Self Defense using Hands On Chaos Magic

'Hands on Chaos Magic' was meant to be a detailed baseline magical training guide in practice. What I do not do a lot of, is put together recipes of how to combine different techniques.

Psychic Self Defense using Hands On Chaos Magic  ( re-copied from my original site which is offline, I just think this one is important).

1) First, remember this simple statistic: 95% of all spiritual attacks are purely psychological. We are great at producing our own reality and when we believe we are spiritually attacked we manifest that result. Many times it is very easy to believe that we have been spiritually attacked, and many people will respond to us with sympathy and support. This is very addicting and it feeds the victim parts of our personalities. We all have some of these tendencies.
What to do about this tendency?
  a) Using Hands on Chaos Magic to find the victim shard of the self - Chapter 13 - Basically, personify that component of yourself into a form. The details are there in the book. Once you have experienced it as a form you can then evoke the form. From here, once it is personified and evoked (Chapter 28 in 'Hands On Chaos Magic' covers evocation) you can use techniques to transform that form into something more desirable. I am on an Angelic kick right now, and an Invocation of Haniel works great for this type of thing after you have the form personified. In Vodou, I would do a service to La Siren (who is the Ocean Mother in my house) or Damballah (if the issues were that severe).     
    After you have the form evoked, you can actively pray, acknowledge and love that part of yourself. Often times, (nearly always) that is enough to radically change our own behavior. Once you feel like that part is transformed, reabsorb it- accepting it as part of who you are. Acceptance being the most important part of the process. If you need to dismiss this part of yourself, you can do this and you will need to do a few healing rituals to rebuild the self in line with what you want to become.

    b) Actively pursue mental control and wellness from an energy perspective. This means, in practice, to do the cleansing rituals and banishing. I recommend 2 times a day. There are several banishing and cleansing rituals in Hands on Chaos Magic, and more than that there is a tremendous amount of information on how to develop your own.

   c) Just laugh at it out loud. It's probably not that important anyway. Besides, what could you do with the time you'll have to focus on the positive things you want to create as opposed to the heavy, dark feeling of being "cursed".   

    d) Meditate and try to do the self analysis to get over these issues. This is a core tenant of 'Hands On Chaos Magic' and remember as I say at the end, being cursed is still just a story. Even if it did happen, you can absolutely control your reaction. Many parts of 'Hands On Chaos Magic' detail exactly that.

2) Sometimes, there was some negativity directed at you, or you picked up something that seems to have attached to you. Often, these attached things, although rare, are fragments of the dead. Kind of like parts of personalities that should have dissolved but didn't. In a way, these are like semi-autonomous thought forms.  

    a) Cleansing and Banishing on a regular basis will usually take care of most sorcerers and attached spirits. Again, 'Hands On Chaos Magic' has lots of techniques for this. The important thing here is to actually do the work on a daily basis. Chapter 10 in 'Hands On Chaos Magicis great for developing your own cleansing rituals. In addition, I also have a CDROM hypnotic process that can do this. All you have to do is listen to the CDrom and follow the directions. The process is called the 'Cascade of Light: Angelic Life Empowerment System Volume 1.'   I am working to get this on my web site for sale, but you can contact me directly and get a copy at   

    b) Salt Bath. A simple thing I do is to take a shower with some salt. I will put some sea salt into one of those white mesh wedding bag. They are available at almost any craft store for a $1. Using the energy exercises in 'Hands On Chaos Magic', push any and all negativity into the salt - as described in the Salt Exercises in 'Hands On Chaos Magic'. When you take the shower, rub down and away. Do not rub up and down. Imagine using all of your senses to scrub all the negativity down and away. After you rub it all down, let all salt dissolve and go down the drain. You can also add essential oils to the salt to increase its effectiveness. How to work with the salt and oils in a talismanic way is found in Chapter 27 of 'Hands On Chaos Magic', although many chapters lead up to this.   

    c) Laugh out loud for 15 minutes a day. No, I actually am serious. This is known as Laughter Yoga etc. Although people have tried to copyright it, it's just something easy to do. Laughter raises a lot of Qi in Qigong terms and does kind of shake loose the system. Make sure to meditate and relax after doing the laughter Meditation just to calm down the system (some people do need this). Other techniques such as the waterfall cleansing (In Hands On Chaos Magic), can also help.   

    d) Evoke to help and remove issues often. Although we call it something different in Vodou, I will do service for Papa Legba and the Ancestors to remove negative influences often. Depending on who you work with, there are lots of ways to do this. Basically, again you can Evoke (meaning, to project those energies around you, using terms from 'Hands On Chaos Magic' this does not necessarily mean putting something into a triangle), to remove blocks and negativity. If you really and strongly perform the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram, this is a type of evocation (I know the ceremonial magicians will disagree, but it is a projection not pulling in). Chapters 28 and 29, cover this in 'Hands On Chaos Magic'.

  e) Pay attention to your own Energy.  Using just the energy work exercises, you can start from your center point (In Chinese Qigong, The lower dantianis located 1.3 inches, or 3 finger widths, below the navel and is also called the golden stove). In Western magic, typically this is done at the middle of the chest. Start from the center point you know and work outwards expelling negative energies as you feel them (that means anything you believe you should get rid of).   Start from the center point and envision it as a white spot, and then feel that white spot as perfectly calm (or happy), and then while meditating, extend that white spot out forcing each part of your body it touches to become that calm (or happy ) vibe. This is extensively covered in 'Hands On Chaos Magic'as far as the energy work needed to get through and work the details. Along with this, meditate and clear your mind. Where the mind goes, the aura and body will follow. If you can clear your mind, it's that much more difficult to have negative energy, thought forms or spirits attach.   

    f) Within multiple paradigms, an ancestral altar works great as a defense as well as being a wholly healthy and respectful component of spirituality. I can answer questions about an Ancestral Altar from a Vodou point of view and my own experience working with them. Having an active altar with a friendly godform or spirit, means that that spirit or godform can interact with your life. I have found this extremely useful. This is similar to some of the Radionics techniques that use technological and pseudo-scientific ways to leave a connection open (I like radionics, and if someone out there wants to trade me a nice machine for some work or coaching let me know).

3) Preventive Medicine is best.

    There are several categories of preventive medicine
    a) 'Hands on Chaos Magic' goes through several detailed variants to work you to the point that your auric shell can serve as a protective circle.

    b) Talismans will vibrate even when you are not thinking about them. Chapter 20-22 and 30 in 'Hands on Chaos Magic' have details on how to create talismans from a non-dogmatic POV. For now though, if you simply find a rock that you like and repeatedly put yourself into a happy state while using all of your five senses to know that the rock is vibrating more and more in that happy state, will be a good start. Keep doing the meditation for 30 minutes for a few days in a row and then carry the rock around. Notice what happens. If you know sigil magic, you can use a sigil to enhance the meditation. Many more techniques of course are in 'Hands On Chaos Magic'.

    c) Thought forms and servitors are your friend. Creating defensive servitors are a great way to prevent negative attachments and negative spell work. Servitors are a lot like imaginary friends and one technique I give in 'Hands On Chaos Magic' is to imagine that you have a imaginary friend around you. Just like a small child, tell stories about this protector and then meditate and imagine it is around. This simple technique is just the start. Chapters 30-33, in 'Hands On Chaos Magic' have many more details.

    d) Already covered using god forms for this purpose in the last point. Again, relationships with friendly spirits can in fact help immensely. Although this is not usually done in Chaos Magic, this is the exact method I recommend in 'Hands On Chaos Magic'.

This is just a small sampling of how to put techniques from 'Hands On Chaos Magic' into a workable framework for Self-Defense. Remember, you are only limited by your imagination. Play with the universe. Do the Magic.

While I do offer this general recipe for psychic self defense for free as a community service to help with general issues, I also offer customized and personal action plans, and can offer customized training to help you with psychic self-defense or any issue you might want to address.

I work through a dedicated combination of intuitive reading, spiritual consultation and practical coaching. Taking a holistic view, combining the spiritual with rational thought and action means you have the greatest possibility of real life changes. You deserve that life. Contact me at now to start.

Monday, April 1, 2013

The Power or Lack of Power in the Spoken Word at Rituals

Let me admit, I was not needfully a fan of long orations in ritual. There are several reasons why I say this. For the most part, the way most people use the spoken word takes away from trance, gnosis and direct experience of the Unseen. Typically the words get in the way of that experience. Now, I have heard so many statements in so many books more or less stating that you must "say the words exactly". Often, the recitations are in English and often this is the speakers native tongue. Many times this serves to actually deaden the psychic senses where barbarous tongues of ancient languages confuses the conscious mind.

And for a while, certainly I thought that and still think its mostly that is true, except when it is not. I haven't seen many alternative religious ceremonies where the words help, but....

But walk into a Baptist Church, or a real enlivened Christian Service.

Sure, its not my cup of tea, but Damn.. I mean DAMN. or in this case Praise Jesus.

This effect is a hypnotic group effect that can lead to a spiritual experience. It also lays down tremendous examples to model to make rituals and ceremonies better when using the spoken word.

One might think that the preachers just believe what they are preaching. The truth is that many probably do not. Its a carefully trained set of language patterns for many preachers. However, it is much easier to pull off that strength through a few mental tricks. Unfortuantely, when I read most invocations, and lyrical poetry, they skip out these mental steps providing the only less important words. So we get some pretty words, in occult books, sometimes bad poetry, but no Mojo. I am going to give you some steps to make those word ZING.

Intention in Voice and Action

First and foremost, what is the emotional state should you be in? What would you like to be in? If you are working with spirits, what would they like you to be in? Seriously, even if you are calling forward a scary godform or spirit, isn't it awesome? If its not awesome and its pretty boring, stop the ritual.

I mean it. Just stop.

Now, what I mean by this, if you can't get into first the mindset that the spirit is real or that the ritual is real, and second that its awesome that you have made contact or are restructuring reality, its kinda not worth doing. There should be that giddiness, that excitement, even maybe a little bit of fear. After all, if that isn't true, you probably don't care enough to be doing the ritual in the first place.

Really you can use any state, but it should be overwhelming and riding the edge of pushing towards not able to speak. As you practice the technique, I am about to give you, you can project more and more "energy" into the verbal speech. This is an art form and is difficult to stay on task if you are in the right frame of mind. Really, it should be at that edge of emotion to the point of loosing it. If you need help with that, 'Hands on Chaos Magic' has some techniques.

That state, that emotional overdrive into deep trance state, right on the edge leads to what to but is not needfully an inspired state in oration (of course, their are tricks to help the process along, but the easier route is actually being in that zone). However, its very, very, very close. The next step in to control it, which means practice. Lots of practice where you practice the oration of the ceremony in increasingly heavier states of emotional layering.

I think actors have a natural advantage over ritualists in this and have techniques that as magicians, witches or other, we should study. Their performance depends on the emotional reaction of audience which depends on some things, such little things including plot, character, quality of production but mostly on the actor themselves and their ability to project a state of a character (less traditional magicians might call this invocation) and make that state infectious (aka believable invocations). Now because the context is safe, the audience gets to go home seeing a nice piece of art. Ceremony is even more difficult because the audience is participants and the quality of the by in directly translates to the effect. Essentially, if its not believable, there is no passing of energy or "spirit".

Great actors ride that line, but they maintain the control of the oration learning to memorize the parts they need to. Let's take this further. Let's make the layering somewhat more emotional layers...

Proper Critiquing and the Underlay I am not an actor, so its easier for me to BE in the state. I suspect many actors do the same. Recently for a ritual we were doing at Convocation, I spend weeks practicing the ritual with Jason M. Colwell, my co-host on It was a Ra-Set ritual. Our plan was to read of a ritual paper. Usually, I would Poo-poo that. Why? Because it was a long narration and the reading takes away from the projection. So what did we do, WE practiced and practiced a certain way.
  1. Get the energies right. Instead of acting like Ra and Set, we Invoked them and walked through the ritual steps with no words several times. It hit us hard. We kept doing this till we could comfortably handle the energy and the state (in this case, Jason had to portray a sense of Awe, and I had to portray Majesty).
  2. We slowly added basic words, repeating the ritual, having people listen to the ritual. Having people psychically pick up the vibes with different levels of words. Each time, trying to keep the intensity going and trying to make the words be more then just words, but containers to be filled by intention and energy.
  3. At the last step, we added the long narration that was read aloud. During the narration, Jason was so into the vibe, that at times he almost dropped to his knees before AmonRa. Other people had the same impulse, when they listened to Jason's narration in practice and at the real ritual.

Now Jason is not a trained actor, but through the course of the practice, he correctly projected AWE. He projected it, because he was it. It was a state he had learned to ride and use. We didn't have enough time before the ritual to memorize the parts, that would have been the next step. Now each step we sought feedback to refine both the energy and mannerisms based on the impact they had on the audience. It wasn't perfect, but it was VERY good.

If this seems a lot harder then just doing a sigil spell or a simple meditation, it is because it is. In a situation where there is a ritual, the orator of the lyrical poetry or prayers is acting as a conduit. I will not say that this is or is not a connection to something, but certainly if the orator cannot maintain a hold, a state of mind that enlivens the reading, there can be no transmission. Of course, we can explain the transmission through Mirror Neurons and other psychological means, but those facts do not account for the subjective experience that is created by the process. This makes the role of that oration extremely important and in some ways sacred.

The Oration must not only speak the words, but it must be so overwhelmingly dripping with intention and emotion that the audience has NO doubt what they should feel and when. The effect of group hypnosis, mirror neurons, and group think all can help carry it the rest of the way.  This is the key of the under layering. Fortunately, when you are in a state, your body language will just match the internal state if you are not purposely controlling your body, tone and mannerisms. You can relax into the flow of the state of mind and run with it. Eventually the practice kicks in, and its all in the flow.

Some Fine Points
First, we still read from a manuscript. Neither Jason nor I am particularly good at memorization. In my eyes, this would have been the single longest preparation point. Hands On Chaos Magic , and the Tier 1 Training of the Quantum Life Science Institute both cover getting into a single or multifaceted state of mind. Experiencing the desired state to that overwhelming point, and then practicing the state with adding the oration was the key to the projection. Once you are all in and are the center of attention (aka doing the oration), our natural mirror neurons take over. If its believable, it spreads…. and then something awesome can happen.
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