Friday, April 27, 2012

Spiritual Discipline 12: Day Dreams R Me

This meditation

  • 1 Mala of Aum
  • 1 Mala of Aum Gam Ganapatye Namah
  •  6 mala of Hreem Shreem Kleem Pah-rahm Esh-wah-ree Swah-hah,   

I still have a bit of a cough.  Normally I wouldn't post that I am doing what I should be doing with the discipline but this one again had weird components.

First, I would start rolling on the last mantra and blank out.  No Mantra, Just mentally gone.  I have pretty good focus as I have said, and have meditated a while.

Really flash to a scene, time stops, and actually loose track of where I am.   Now, the scenes were actual events, again like a Day Dream memory, alot I had forgotten.

Again this happens with meditation, you just keep going which I did.  And then it happens again, with a different scene.  Each Dream dip, I totally lost track of where I was physically, when into a scene of my past, lost track of the mantra, had complete time dilution, and came back.

This was alot like the dream work with the initial phases.  Go to the scene, have the pain removed and keep going as if the mantra work was singling that thing out and forcing it intention via the Mantra to flow towards it.

By the end, my head was so swimming, I had to go sit down and ground.

Progress Update

Well I will say there is definitely results, not needfully what I expected but positive.  Certainly, while the first bit of resentment is there, its much more of annoyance.  I just don't care about some things that were acting as a trigger, and more then that I do have a conception of why they were such an issue.   These are positive steps.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Spiritual Discipline 10: Energy Blocks and Pain

As you start doing this, I noticed that after 5 mantras I start to get pressure and a headache.
What I did this time--->

  • 1 JapaMal of Aum with the energy motion associated with that  ( I will post how I do this later tonight )
  • 1 JapaMal of Aum gam ganapataye namah  ( which should be changed now to Aum gam ganapataye Swahah)
  • As many as I could do or up to 5 japamal of Hreem Shreem Kleem Pah-rahm Esh-wah-ree Swah-hah

Usually, this just dissipates and is pretty common based on my research on kundallini and Shakti.  Using multiple paradigmal energy work, we can easily resolve the headache and pressure.

The normal path of Kundalini ( through the Shakti Process)
Gurus will take LOTS of your money to make sure
it goes this way, once in a great while they actually do that

What  more often then not seems to happen

Monday, April 23, 2012

Spiritual Discipline 9: Chugging along, this time with Daughter

Hell yeah meditating with your daughter
Today I did the meditation with my daughter.  With her we did

1 Mala of Aum
1 Mala of Aum Gam Ganapatye Namah

I think she likes the Vodou work alot more, and has good relationship with Legba and a few other spirits.    However, calming and controlling your mind is a big part of magic.  She did the meditation and was much much calmer.

I then sent her upstairs.   I proceeded to do 6 mala of Hreem Shreem Kleem Pah-rahm Esh-wah-ree Swah-hah,    I am feeling a little under the weather, and this was the most I could do ( I have a cough ).

Now I know I have skipped a few days for blogging about the discipline, but I am doing it.  It just gets a little tedious if nothing is happening except more of the same.

Why Meditate with the Daughter

My step-daughter clearly has some psychic ability, no doubt from her Mom, the lovely Becky.    I don't know that I can get the kid to sit down and do energy work yet, but she will do some meditation and does occasionally see spirits.  What I am trying to do is help her fine tune those abilities with a healthy dose of skepticism.  Thats probably going to take some time, but getting past the daydream stage to real spiritual contact is in fact where meditation comes into play.

First, I don't want her to get to the point I had, where people just assume I am insane.  This as people know was extremely counterproductive to my life and general well being.  Instead I want to teach discernment and using the images and conversations that pop in ( or getting past them).  Most of the "communications" are not.  You have to really train yourself to just rule out garbage or more important what you think you want to hear.   I am happy to start the process with the step-daughter.  She'll have better training then most people ever get.

Effects of this Meditation

So far its getting easier and easier to do this mantra.  I am getting more insights, and feel like ( outside of the cough) that I DO have more energy.  I need to do a second Homan This week, and will do that as soon as it gets warm enough to do so.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Spiritual Discipline Day 6: Shared Mantra Session

thats how we roll, sometimes.
Jason Colwell joined me in my session.  We did about an hour of meditation together.
Ganesh instructed me through psychic means that anything more then 3 repititions of the Shakti mantra would be too much for Jason.

So what we did
1  mala  set of AUM as described back in the  AUM Technique
1 Mala of Aum Gam Ganapatye Svahaa
3 Mala  of  Hreem Shreem Kleem Pah-rahm Esh-wah-ree Swah-hah

Jason had immediate body effects, beyond what normal zen style meditation occurs.  What happened to him the next day was almost identical to what I described in
I did not tell him what to expect, nor gave him any inclination of the effects.  He more or less told me then next day these details which just happen to match up with the above.
One person getting the effects like that, weird, two people is starting to suggest a process is going on that is VERY similar when working with this mantra.  Two people having similar style dreams , body effects, and reducing for the possibility of "expectation effects", we are left with more interesting questions then not.

Clearly, this mantra does similar things to people at the starting points, and the effects change over time.   More and More Interesting this process is becoming.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Fire Homen Mala Hreem Shreem Kleem Pah-rahm Esh-wah-ree Mantra

Cause when Ganesh is banging on your head
you do what he says :)
So today, Do a reading.. and was running late,
Yesterday I got told, do a homa in my meditation.  That the meditations would go better.

So today I did.

Oh btw I 4 days into the spiritual discipline.

Readings and mediumship said, nothing fancy, just do it.

Andrieh's Modified homa Procedure for this discipline

Originally from the, Modified by Andrieh Vitimus, Joan Ross, and the Quantum Life  Science Institute.

Materials needed: Homa kundam, wooden/copper/ silver spoon/ladle, melted ghee and pieces of dried  coconut (or wood or dried cowdung cakes).

  1. Sit facing east and place homa kundam in front of you.
  2. Place some dried coconut pieces or wood or dried cowdung cake pieces in homa kundam (fire pit).
  3. Light a camphor and place it in the homa kundam while saying "om bhuurbhuvassuvarom" and make sure  that the pieces placed in homa kundam catch fire.
  4. Pour ghee drops with a wooden/copper/ silver spoon/ladle in the fire while saying the following:

• om prajaapataye svaahaa
• om indraaya svaahaa
• om agnaye svaahaa
• om somaaya svaahaa
• om bhuurbhuvassuvaH svaahaa

5. Pour ghee drops on fire while saying 108 ( although I didnt have a mala and lost count ) of Aum Gam Ganapataye Svahaa

6.  Pour ghee drops on fire while saying ALOT Mala Hreem Shreem Kleem Pah-rahm Esh-wah-ree Swah-hah, I didnt have the Mala to count but I was well over 500 on this.

Simply put I can concentrate on the fire, And the counting.

Andrieh Must be feeling Generous, because he
GIFTED Wrapped how to do this for you.
7. Pour ghee drops with a wooden/copper/ silver spoon/ladle in the fire while saying the following:

• om prajaapataye svaahaa
• om indraaya svaahaa
• om agnaye svaahaa
• om somaaya svaahaa
• om bhuurbhuvassuvaH svaahaa

This concludes the fire ceremony.

I also got the technique down, to repeat it using a minimum amount of Ghee, and very little Coconut... Go me.. So I could do this again,   wanna bet the "homa" is at least a once a week thing?

This had a radically different vibe then the mantra work alone, as it usually does.  While doing the mantric work usually I get drawn into the memories, this drew me into the fire.  Often times, I would just stop be sitting there, and then restart the mantra... Total mind blanked.

There was kundalini effects, and afterwards feel different... better... much better

This time there was clear results, although not what I thought.  I had been having kinda of a grudge with someone over not getting paid for services.  30 minutes after the homa we worked it all out.  Thats Pretty good results

Body wise, lots of energy, although I am getting tired now... well see how I feel tomorrow.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Restarting the Spiritual Discipline

sisyphusNo Beef for this restart.  Sigh 40 days no beef.

1 hour Total Meditation Time
1 set of AUM as described back in the  AUM Technique
1 Aum Gam Ganapatye Svahaa
3 Mala of Mala Hreem Shreem Kleem Pah-rahm Esh-wah-ree Swah-hah

Effects:  This has been hard.  I wish someone could comment about this mantra, or I had a Guru to turn to on this one.  I mean its really hard.  If you read lots of books on spirituality healing, or development of psychic/spiritual skills, makes it seem like spirituality or a mantra discipline should be easy.  This one is very hard.  I am sure I do not have the pronunciation exactly correct but am getting noticeable effects.   First, the mantra is tough to get through, I have excellent mind-concentration yet while doing this mantra (the Hreem Shreem one), I lose it.  I am deep into the rhythm and I am somewhere else, usually a memory, a stray full sensory immersion into something else, other oddities like this.  Granted I am doing this under the auspicious aspects of Ganesh, so that gives me some confidence that I am on the right path, but I could really use someone to talk to for a bit who knows more then I about some of this work.  I might very well enchant for someone like that to come into my life, of course with the whole honest, and helpful specifications as well.

Also my sleep is radically deep, and it goes to dreamscapes that definitely indeed do go to what I consider full movie representations of some of the issues playing out, from memories in dreams, to full but related imaginations.  The dreams themselves deal with topics that mostly suck, I mean suck… however, the emotional negativity of the effects or situations are removed in the Dream.  Its much more like annoying then emotionally traumatizing.

Effects are Results, But are they what you were going for.

I cannot stress this phrase enough.  Many things can create effects,   I can shoot myself in the foot, this is probably not what I wanted to happen if this happens when I am trying to load the gun.  Some former “chaos magicians” who are claiming that results are not important, are either deliberately misleading people or have drunk their own cool-aid.   Although lots of Ceremonial magicians drank that cool-aid. Equally, batshit, is the people who claim there really isn’t any internal results or that does not matter or that magic can not make you a more adapted person.. again TOTAL.  BATSHIT ….

However, this problem of measurable progress is a difficult one for this.  The spiritual person will keep going in getting effects trusting that the universe will make the progress happen regardless of what is going on.  The Magician probably should have some idea where they are headed and take responsibility for the creation of their personal and external realities.  Inabilities to judge progress becomes very difficult for us more scientifically minded magicians.

Remember, I set out to infuse my body with more energy so I could work towards health.   In the eastern systems, negative emotions do hide out in the body, and serve as a block to health.  Revisiting those negative emotions as a result, may infact release them, but this is very hard to measure.  I know that many of you reading will say, measure smeasure….. just go with the flow ….  See foot shooting example again, its possible to have drastic negative magical effects even if you are doing something like this, and getting results.  Mixed or unclear results, and effects is probably more dangerous then nothing at all.

Intuitively, I think I am making progress…… but rationally, I can’t grasp it measurably.  My general magical and spiritual life combines on a low level the intuitive and the measurable.  It is why I believe I am that good of a freaking magician.  With Ganesh looking over this, I think so… However, I can’t really judge.  Again, getting effects is a good start…. but then more importantly is the effects what is wanted….. are the internal and external realities coming in sync with a personal vision.  Much harder to answer.

Cemetary Work Work and Goetia

Its the start of a science fiction,
double feature
Ah skipping long the graveyard to get some dirt.  There is an endless amount of ways to do this and probably most work.  So spend a good 4 hours gathering specific types of dirt for a Pwen I am working on.

There are a couple ways I do this.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Astral Showdown on the Fringe

So I made an appointment with my cousin.  Cousin is a bad word since she really is kinda of the Magical Matriarch of the Family.
I have been OBSESSED with this one magical project, and no I won’t talk about it…. its solid magic though, and I am stuck.
I personally have gotten GOOD results from astral magic, and often skim those non-linear lines like a shamans of old… and then of course, applying the repeatability aspects, verification aspects and stay freaking sane aspects to astral work.
So first let me emphatically say when me and my cousin get together we do fucked up magic.  All astral, Co-located ( so we can verify images and what we are seeing. feeling and make sure we are on the same page), and generally we have our own little astral methods.  Astral stuff is a head trip on most cases, although I get it in my body much more then an abstraction, sometimes even getting scratches.…. So there is a story I will tell but first….

Books that tell you the astral plan has no dangers are lying to you and outright are dangerous.  I don’t advocate burning those books, but do slam them on Amazon.   What the mind can possibly conceive of and more is somewhere out on the astral.

At one level, the NLP guys are right when they say astral stuff is just self hypnosis.  Sure… till its not.
Verified Result Andrieh has achieved when practicing more astral magic
  1. Bruises on other people
  2. Exorcisms with witnesses from afar
  3. Portal shutdown and closing from afar with external verification
  4. Partial Manifestation ( aka like a Ghost, not like a Boss… )
  5. Some decent remote viewing stuff,
  6. Remove Evocation ( with verified presences felt and EMI increases)
  7. Had People Remotely Invoke me with testable conveyances of information
  8. Live changing magic ( verifiable)
That probably sounds like I am a magical badass and bragging… however I did say I had achieved.  I can honestly say I couldn’t do some of that now ( however I wont say which ones would give me trouble).  There are many problems with this type of work.
  • Results are not sustainable without about 90 minutes daily practice, somewhere along the way I got a family, kids, you know responsibilities that make the 90+ real hard.
  • As you tweek out the submodalities, its gets really hard to know where information came from and what is delusion, reality, astral, useful, or not… and in some cases, that does not matter …. if you really are working toward something it gets weird.
  • The metaphor becomes reality, and not always in a good way.  AKA the story overwhelms the goal, or replaces it and people go in just for the story.  That’s a fast track for obsession.
  • The further you are out of practice the harder and more difficult it is to get useful non-monkey brain information
Hi, I like disco, hi end astral technology
oh and rapping your mind you
weak pathetic human
So with that caveat, My cousin and I go for a little walkies on the Astral to get more information on my project.  What the hell do we see….

That’s right…. Freaking Mind Flayers….

Of course, everything on the astral is mostly interpretive aka other people very may will get alternate visions…. and we were deep.

So after several hours of work, I am pretty sure I have gotten the direct Astral Information dump I needed… but of course that has to be tested.

Astral Information Dumps

It has taken me a long time to quantify these ideas.  First, an astral experience, or invocation can have different consequences then merely the result.  Once you start getting into the Information model of magic, particularly, the less modern, Hindu/Shamanic information transfer goes directly into your mind.  I will post more blogs on this, but certainly my co-host , significant other, and others have had this kind of driect transfer of information.  Reiki does this as well…..  There is a precedent.

The problem is that the information for better or worse can be directly downloaded into the subconscious mind, and out in deep enough trance state for the data to get in.  Invocation can have a similar effect, and do so with unintended consequences.  Often times, this direct information download will produce a surge of creative problem solving, or the magician suddenly has new techniques. On the flip side, they might develop new additions, problems, or even psychosis. 

Again the problem is, you snooze you loose it.  Although the mechanism is often skipped over in most new age books and occult books,  these type of information dumps require the magician work with the data through analysis lest the information dump contains more then a few gotchas.  In the least, it would and can bias choices ( this is sometimes a good thing).

I will write much more about this topic.

For the purposes of my blog though, I got an information dump regarding the project I was working on.  Now I have to work on processes of information control to make sure the information itself isn’t like a neurotoxic bomb…. ( like negative thought loops, that cause energy loops).  So in a practice sense, I have to go back and meditate on the symbol set contained in the astral vision to unlock and analysis contained information ( which was implied in the astral experience).

Now, as I said, remember the flaw of the story overwhelming the goal, Now again, I might actually have the needed information, but I might also just be delusional, and I am not at a stage in the magical creation process to “test results”, as this is more like the theoretical stage.  The stage which Obsession, addition, and the story taking control are all real risks.

Operator, can I download some
Fasutian like information...
with a side of great cosmic power.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Spiritual Discipline day 6: botch got to start over.

I hate it when this happens.  I was struggling with the mantra work from the night I had the 3am night.  Simply put, I don’t recover from that like I used to.
Two things happened, I went to Chicago, and there was no place I could do the meditation at my Father’s house.  I mean trying to do it at 3am each night while in Chicago, and really struggling with it.  Location matters, and generally I do keep the magical operations I work with a secret from my dad.  That turned out to be a real problem, and I couldn’t recover from the 3 am night.   Now, since I failed on Sunday Night, I took a couple days of the discipline. I will restart the discipline on this Sunday with a bit more planning.  I did get a few things out of it.
  1. Did get to some of the roots of the problemm216141606
  2. Mood elevation
  3. Some Degree of Insight
  4. Boosts in Energy
Flip sides:
  1. The Time syncs are a real problem  and the lack of time very detrimental.
  2. I have to find break down the time issue and start cutting stuff out to make time for things.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Aum and using the Aum

Its the sound of the Universe,
99% of new age believers agree
So, what does that mean?

AUM Technique by Unnamed, maybe I just hallucinated it

The one technique I learned, and then could not find it again anywhere on the internet, was very specific.  I have used this often, and it does wonders.

This combines a fair amount of energy and intention work.

Aum is a complex concept concept do google it.

AUM can be broken down to A U M and a silence.

The syllable OM symbolizes both the spheres:(1) the phenomenal, visible sphere of the 'jagat', wherein the manifestations of time and space appear and perish, and (2) the transcendent, timeless sphere of the Imperishable Being, which is beyond and yet one with it. Thus, A the 'waking state', U, the 'dream', and M, the 'deep sleep', and the silence, 'turiya', all the four together comprise the totality of this manifestation of Atman-Brahman as a syllable. Just as the sound M manifests itself, grows, becomes transformed in its vocal quality, and finally subsides into the silence that follows****, so too the four 'states' or components of being ultimately merge into the homogeneous silence of the 'fourth' (turiya). The other three states are transformations of the one experience, which taken together constitute the totality of its modes, whether regarded from the microcosmic or from the macrocosmic point of view. 

So that explanation aside,  Lets Break the AUM into its three parts.

Start with the A,  focus your attention in the back, center of the of the spine inside your body.  It is not enough to simply visualize, its much more important to feel it while doing the A.

Second, focus the vibration of the U in at the base of the neck.

Third Focus the vibration of the M on the 3rd Eye, and the vibration of the silence in the Crown.  In a real way, use your intention to move the energy up from the heart to the third eye along the spine ( kundalini channel).

At first, do this very slowly starting in each area.  So the Aum might take a while at fist, even up to 7 seconds.  Just focus on the different areas and train yourself to go faster.  As you,  move faster and faster, connect the AUM so the intention will flow up from the heart through to the crown in the silence, in one small motion.   So it would be a continual sweep, up.

Once you can do the Aum quickly and continuously with the energy component, you might notice that the energy moves upward throughout the  body in the spine.  Once that happens automatically whenever chanting Aum, progressively extend the sweep lower and lower throughout the body within the time  of the AUM chant.

Eventually, extend the intention/energy sweep from the root chakra to the crown on the silence.    It takes a little practice  to get the Aum to sweep from the root to the crown, but it is well worth the practice.

If there is more to the mantra then a starting Aum, once you can coax the energy to repeatedly from the root to the crown in one motion through intention, just hold your intention at the crown while chanting the rest of the mantra.  I have found this greatly strengthens any mantra's effects and results.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Spiritual Discipline Day 1: Writing and Mantra Attunement

Ganesh, Awesome and HARD CORE Task

Yesterday, I did the first day of the spiritual attuement for the mantra I am working with Phonetically:

Hreem Shreem Kleem Pah-rahm Esh-wah-ree Swah-hah

Ooch.  This really cut to the bone.  You might say, mantra work, cut to the bone?  Really Andrieh, come on.

Yes.  Yes it did.  

Through meditation I was instructed to do the following things.

  • 1 JapaMal of Aum with the energy motion associated with that  ( I will post how I do this later tonight )
  • 1 JapaMal of Aum gam ganapataye namah  ( which should be changed now to Aum gam ganapataye Swahah)
  • As many as I could do or up to 10 japamal of Hreem Shreem Kleem Pah-rahm Esh-wah-ree Swah-hah

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Legba White Bath to Clear Roads

Mambo Pat's Herb Mixtures ( I swiped the photo cause, I just dont
always think to take a photo.
I don't talk about the Vodou I do much for alot of reasons but I serve various Lwa.  Mostly I don't talk about it for reasons with the people.  I am trying to break out of that mode.  I am an Asowge Houngan. The truth is that the Lwa come when I call and even though I am so pressed for time, I love it very much and love the spirits that walk with me very much.

The culture in the African Traditional Religion is quite contentious although I am very good at some things.  People come to me a fair amount even though I refuse to really talk about it.  I just do not want to get into stupid bullshit internet wars about whether or not I can do something.  When I act, I get results, change lives and move.  I was made correctly as a Houngan, although I was not fully trained correctly and this was not my fault . I am working on that.
Papa Legba, Have you seen him?

Although I was sworn to secrecy about the exact formula, I have seen multiple formula's online, in books, basically everywhere... that will work.

One is from Denise Alvarado
3 cans of Evap milk
Hand full... Star Anise
Hand full... Anise seed
1 Pound Salt
1 white candle

This is not exactly what my bath for the client actually has in and no I won't say.  While many people may disagree with me, the exact bath contents will often change from bath to bath depending on which Lwa is involved which person and the situation.  I will use a combination of dried and fresh herbs.  Its how I saw it done in Haiti, how I was doing bath work before I went to Haiti, and it does work.

First, I LOVE doing herb and leaf work.  Its very grounding and charges me up.  To me the real challenge and secret to me is not the exact formula, although thats what people really seem to get off on.  The real secret is getting the plants to contribute their ASHE to the bath.  There are various ways to do this.  When you are using live plants, you pay each plant, and pay each crossroads to carry the magic back.  This is insanely difficult in the modern western world.

Ashe is alot like spirit energy.  This is generally what makes the bath's have such life changing properties.  First, it is possible to get the Ashe of the plant from the dried leaves you get in the store.  Its alot tougher and takes some extra steps.  The fresh leaves work easier.  To compensate, I will often use fluid and herbal condensors as outlined by Franz Bardon.

Personally, I have developed some techniques for this problem.  These are experimental and basic taught to me by the spirits themselves.  First, it is possible to return and amplify the Ashe of the Plants through Gran Bwa.  I do this through extensive prayer, fire, and other means.

Second, it is possible to directly call the spirit of the plant and ask it to re-establish the Ashe.  This is very very useful, but it means forming relationships with the plant spirits themselves.  The rewards of that journey are great. but it is tedious.

If you dont know how to form relationships with spirits, I give some good advice on the process. I had written about this in 
Engaging the Spirit World: Shamanism, Totemism, and Other Animistic Practices  although I have know idea when that book will be published.

If your interested in doing a bath ceremony with me,   although if you live the cleveland area, I am sure we can work something out.  

So Today, Papa Legba White Bath, and the start of my spiritual discipline for the Chraka/Body rebuilding process.

I did the 1080 Repetitions, Ganesh basically in direct communication wanted me to START with 108 of the mantra I used today, and he would guide the attainments and benefits of the mantra ( Mentioned on Thursday).
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