Saturday, June 16, 2012

Crisis Magic or what it might take

These notes are from Convocation a few years ago.  Enjoy.  This outlines some of the broad brush strategies for surviving a crisis using magical operations and what skillsets you should have if the there is a catastrophic absence of  order or a catastrophic increase in order.  Some of our more lighter brethren may be offended.

This was the pdf notes for a no-holds barred and honest discussion about what you need to do in those situations.  Honest, and from my experience.  Its a rough Draft of a presentation.

This is completely, really in the WORST case situation.  This is the magic in disaster crisis situations.  Food for thought, and opinion.  It is not the magic for everyday reality.

Enjoy.  Newer blog ( actually one, not just PDF) is being worked on, so this is just a tide holding blog ( since I wrote an Article for Frater Nicht).

Most of the techniques that are discussed in broad terms in the article.  The specifics and how to is in the book.


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