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Thinking your way to Agape/Love and Vibrating it out.

Love is considered one of the stronger positive emotions.  By itself, it is a powerful banishing and clearing agent.  One does not have to look far to talk about the healing power of love.  Its probably the most used reframe in songs, metaphysics, and most of culture. 

This may seem like a "odd" thing for Andrieh to write on, however, this post will have lots of practical information.

So in some ways I already posted something on using the Macrocosmic Orbit to amplify emotional content.  This will be simpler   It uses breathing and memory both of which are covered extensively in Hands-On Chaos Magic: Reality Manipulation through the Ovayki Current.  So first, buy that, then buy one for few friends :), then harp on me about writing more books and possibly  .   .  .

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The first thing we have to do is define Love for the purpose of this exercise   Love itself has so many forms that the Greeks had multiple words for it.   Ideally, we would move toward Agape ( universal love) for this exercise  or the love that a Mother has for their child would be a second substitute.

First,  get some pen and paper.    Relax, and think about the different kinds of love in your life.  Write it down.  Already you might notice that doing this feels very good.  Just go through the different types from Romantic to that Motherly Love, to that more Universal love.   Try to at least think of 5 or 6 examples of that motherly love, and then try the Universal Love.  Its ok if you don't have any clear memories of that Universal Love.    If that is the case, write down what you believe it might feel, seem, and even possibly sound like.  

For this part of the exercise, you must use words that describe senses.   So for all the things you write down, you can only use words that describe what you see, feel, hear, smell, or taste.    Just do the best you can.  With these things, now lets start.

Building a Mental Construction of Agape

Laugh out loud for a few minutes.

Breath deeply, Keep breathing deeply for a few minutes.  Try to make sure there is no pause between breathing in and out, and that each breath is at least 5-6 seconds.

Now, with your mind See, Feel, Hear, Smell and Taste that special sensation you know as Motherly Love.  You just worked on on this.  Allow all the sensations to wash over you.  As you do you may notice, a certain spot in your body that seems even more attuned to the thoughts.  Perhaps it glows brighter, or feels more intense, or hums.  You'll know the spot.   If that spot has a certain color, texture, hum, or any other sensation make note of it.  

As you pay attention to that spot, you'll notice how the spot seems to grow and the sensation grows in your body.  Keep breathing deeply.  Keep focusing on the spot until your entire body seems to have the same texture, hum and color as that spot.  You might even notice how good this feels.

As you keep breathing deeply, you may notice that you can intensify the sensation by focusing on the spot.  See how powerful you can make it throughout your whole body.

After a few moments, mentally ask yourself to move from Motherly/Fatherly and Supportive Love, to Agape ( the Universal Love).  Realize, and tell yourself that everyone is someone's child.  Perhaps in that thought, you might even see, hear and feel those connections. You will be shocked at how easily this switches over.  Notice how what you focus on subtle changes as you concentrate on those sensations you believe are this universal love.  

At this point, you may or may not even notice a second spot in your body, or around your body for just Universal love that seems to even more powerfully resonate with this "ideal".  As you locate that spot, notice any hum, texture, colors, or other sensations that this has.  As you focus on that spot, breathing deeply, feel, see, and hear those colors, hums, textures and more spreading throughout your whole entire body.  This should feel amazing good, and you will be in a very deep trance.

If you remember these two points, you'll have two anchors that you trigger at will.

Using these Anchors

First, it is pretty easy to re-trigger the anchors especially if you went really deep into meditation on the last exercise.  Just breathe deeply, and focus on the spot you had before while seeing, hearing, feeling the vibe spread out from that spot through your whole entire body.  This in itself would be an effective State-Interrupt or Banishing depending on which language you are using, but it has more uses then merely that.

If you want to feel more supported, you could certainly use the Motherly paternal anchor and project that throughout your body.  Although I will always tell people to seek medical attention for Depression, this will help if you can activate it for a slight case of the blues.  However the best healing and clearing of negativity in my experience seems to come from the second brotherly Love.  This definitely has an internal healing effect.

First,  Use the above exercise to get back to the point where you are engulfed by that Agape.  
For this, close your eyes.   Remember To breathe as deeply as you can.

Now as you breathe for a few moments, get back to that place where your entire body is brimming with those colors, hums, and textures.  See how deep you can go into the sensation.

Now imagine, that these colors, hums, textures extend outside your body.  Resonating out in waves like an instrument.  See, Feel, hear these waves interacting with all facets of your life, and all people.  Try to do this for at least 30 minutes.

Using Crystals, Who are you, where's Andrieh?

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Yes, the Great Chaos Magician ( my readers you can decide that yourself), Andrieh Vitimus, sometimes uses crystals.  Deal.  :)

It turns out Rose Quartz is a good carrier for this vibration.  If you can use this exercise to build attuned crystals.  How can you do this?

First,breathe deeply, use the same exercise as above.  This time, hold the crystal you want to attune in your hands cusped near your heart.

Do the vibrational meditation to the deepest level you can and trigger your anchor.  After your whole body is engulfed, simply use all five of your senses to see, feel and hear the same sensations beaming out from the crystal you are holding.

Really spend a good 30-40 minutes doing this, and don't cheat on that.  This can be repeated to strengthen the crystal talisman  and is a good way to clear out negativity and promote compassion in an area.  The positive vibration, encourages people to have positive emotions which is proven to promote physical healing and emotional healing.  In practice, I have always seen the physical healing occur as well, although the healing is slower then a directed ceremony.

Of course, if know me and want to send some of those good vibes my way.  Feel Free.

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