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Walking Condensing Breathing as Spiritual Weightlifting.

Condensing Breathing is one of the exercises that is probably the core of Sifu Clyman's Chigung system.  It involves pulling energy into the centerline of the body and links from the horizontal plane by squeezing your sphincters muscles.  He freely gives this at:

To understand the walking variant of this, you'll have to understand the above.  There is a couple fine points to the above listing.  Sifu Clyman probably will not agree with these, but in practice I find they help a tremendous amount.

First, you have to squeeze your sphincter muscles and kind of tuck your your hips and spin under. Its more like raising  and tucking your tailbone in, while compressing your sphincter.  You have to do this on each inhale.

Second,  some people are not very energy sensitive.  This will take time to develop.  To Suck Energy is actually somewhat of a confusing metaphor.    Instead use your senses on inhale to know you are pulling in the vibe of the surroundings on inhale by imagining the sights, sounds, feelings, etc pulling and condensing into the center of your limbs.  Eventually, you'll get more sensitive to Chi, but this will speed up the process.

Third, on exhale, you are holding on to the Chi and not releasing it.  This means you are pulling energy and keeping energy from the environment.  This is a very Yang Chigung technique.  If you know about Taoist metaphysics, it will help to generate Yin Chi.  Again, using all your senses at first to imagine and know keeping the energy inside on exhale.  On exhale also, you release your sphincters.  Unfortunately, the physical action of the releasing the sphincter muscles tends to cause the energy to release.  You have to stay focused on this phase.  The exhale, I believe is the hardest part of the exercise.  If you release the energy, there's much less benefit to the exercise.

Fourth, the environment matters.  While it is true that condensing the Chi in this matter has a purifying effect on the Chi (meaning it does not in the long term matter where you condense Chi), the starting quality of the Chi has an impact on the effectiveness of the condensing.   Basically, if I go to a forest, and condense breath, I find I get a greater and more pronounced effect.  If I am condensing breathe while in the middle of a LBRP, I get a greater and more pronounced effects then if I were doing this on the street.    THINK about that.  So if you Condense Breathe in your temple, you get more of the energies of the temple flowing into you and condensing.  Just think about that for a minute.  Apply as you will.

Five, this takes energy from the horizontal plane... meaning from circles around you.  For this exercise do not pull energy into the top of your head or up through your feet.

Walking Condensing Breath

In addition to using the senses,  it is possible to do the condensing breath while walking.  I have found
I very much like this.  I learned this from Sifu Martin while I was down in Columbus and have been tweaking the exercise.  Now it is possible to compress the sphincters and walk.  Physically, this sensation is very odd.   Obviously, you cannot put yourself into a horse stance, with your toes pointed in,  but you should try to walk with slightly bent knees and try to be mindful of keeping your toes and knees aligned forward.  Try not to lock your knees.   It may look a little weird to have your arms at your-side, but it does work with the walking.

Start out by tucking your tailbone and compressing your sphincter muscles on inhale and walking around your practice space.  Try to take even and measured steps.  Speed up your walking speed.   To make this very effective, keep your breathing pattern at 4 seconds in with 4 seconds out with no pausing between breathe while walking.  This actually becomes difficult at times as you are compressing the breath.  Your body will want to take what I call hiccup short breathes as if you were running.  You have to keep the focus and keep walking.

On exhale, still just release the internal muscles and hold on to the energy.

Add the last phase add the mental components, of sucking energy on inhale using all your senses.  To me this is where the body really takes those hiccup breathes sometimes as a reaction to the increasing Yang energy, sometimes as a result of bio-mechanics.    Again, you must keep your focus on exhaling.

Once you practice this inside for a bit, then go outside.  This exercise keeps you in a mild-medium trance state and you must get used to how it affects your perception.  The pavement, grass, or even the forest are not even ground so it requires you to keep doing this exercise on mixed terrain.  Practice first, then go outside.

Some points to remember.    When walking try to take a similar sized-stride each time.  Try to keep your foot that is moving as close to the ground as possible as you move it.  Breathe in 4 second in and out patterns (this is tougher then it seems while walking vigorously).  Try to keep your spine upright and aligned while walking and doing this exercise.  While walking, as much as possible, keep as much focus on the energy condensing.  Unlike the standing exercise you must reserve some concentration for environment, but with practice you can pull alot of Chi in while walking.

Clyman's book the The Chi Kung Bible: Beyond Self-Help: Mastering Personal Power
has some very useful information in there and I would get it.   I learned this exercise directly form Master Clyman.  I originally got the Nei Gung program for ALOT of money (and I have to ask him questions on sooner or later).  BUT... with Sifu Clyman there is ALOT you have to read clear headed, and without reacting or you will be very offended.  The full daily practice routine DOES boost magical aptitude quite quickly (although some of the medical Gigong seem to cause greater body alchemy).  This exercise seems to create the single greatest benefit, and combining this with walking has had an even greater better health effect.

Like most books that I find useful but the personality of the author gets in the way,  I took the useful techniques of book, rewrote them in a journal and tried to redraw the pictures.  This greatly will internalize the techniques, and you have to do the practice.  He also has practice videos which are useful and his web site is  Again,  go down to see him, put on your thick skin and get your practice on.

BONUS TIP:   For the people in the 30 day entity challenge,  try to do the original exercise for 6 repetitions or the walking version for 20 minutes and then try your rituals.


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