Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Practical Chakra Empowering ( Version 2 with Transpersonal additions )

So if you haven't noticed, I have been focusing a lot on some core fundamentals, and lot of this blog will start to go back to Hoodoo techniques. Just the very simple but powerful techniques.  This is part of my personal plan.  In another post, I went into a fair amount of detail about a method of Chakra work from an energy work/energy manipulation method.  To understand this iteration, you will need to go check out that first chakra empowerment post.  Read it, then come back to this.

This basic idea was very simple.  Use all five of your senses to hyper spin the Chakras.  Then add memetic and traditional devices to help you get in resonance with each Chakra.  Work up from base to crown, hyper-spinning each Chakra.  The faster spinning clears out the negativity, purifies the entire system, and builds the strength of each Chakra.  It is a pretty succinct and powerful way to build Chakra strength, and have more energy.  I have done it, and this works well.

This second variation on these theme includes some components of the the Transpersonal Chakra work (which I will describe)  and is much more powerful, but takes a little longer.

Basic Technique

In general, the base technique is mostly the same as described in that first chakra empowerment post, but the ordering and steps between Chakras is different.  The first exercise goes through each Chakra and then goes through the last step of going through them a second time while keeping them all spinning.   Inevitably, the hyperspinning of the Chakra slows down very quickly.   While it's possible to keep the Chakras in mind, they still tend to slow down to optimal (normal), not hypernormal mode once you move past one Chakra.  As I covered in the first article, hyperspinning them forces them to balance out impurities and grow stronger.  It does not make them overly active.  The notion of overactive Chakras to me seems to come from the imbalance of one Chakra compared to the over activeness of other Chakras.  The hyperspinning balances that out in relation to the others, and moves toward a certain kind of ascention (to use the new age parlance).

To get past the slowing down of one Chakra while still in the meditation, what I did was as follows: Hyperspinning was the technique I gave in that first chakra empowerment post.

Root Chakra  1st  BASE
Relax  -> Hyperspin the Root Chakra 

Swadhishthan ( 2nd Chakra) Genitalia
Relax ->  Hyperspin the Root Chakra ->  Hyperspin the Swadhishthan Chakra

Manipoor ( 3rd Chakra)  Solar Plexus
Relax ->  Hyperspin the Root Chakra ->  Hyperspin the Swadhishthan Chakra -> Hyperspin the Manipoor Chakra

Anahata (4th Chakra)  Heart

Relax ->  Hyperspin the Root Chakra ->  Hyperspin the Swadhishthan Chakra -> Hyperspin the Manipoor Chakra -> Hyperspin the Anahata Chakra

Vishuddhi ( 5th) Throat

Relax ->  Hyperspin the Root Chakra ->  Hyperspin the Swadhishthan Chakra -> Hyperspin the Manipoor Chakra -> Hyperspin the Anahata Chakra -> Hyperspin the Vishuddhi Chakra

Ajna ( 6th)  Third Eye

Relax ->  Hyperspin the Root Chakra ->  Hyperspin the Swadhishthan Chakra -> Hyperspin the Manipoor Chakra -> Hyperspin the Anahata Chakra -> Hyperspin the Vishuddhi Chakra -> Hyperspin the Ajna Chakra

Sahastrasar (7th)  Crown
Relax ->  Hyperspin the Root Chakra ->  Hyperspin the Swadhishthan Chakra -> Hyperspin the Manipoor Chakra -> Hyperspin the Anahata Chakra -> Hyperspin the Vishuddhi Chakra -> Hyperspin the Ajna Chakra -> Hyperspin the  Sahastrasar Chakra

What does this do?

In practice, when we get to each Chakra using this iteration of the exercise  it gets easier and easier to spin them, and they feel like they spin more powerfully.  After doing this, I find that I have alot more energy and feel stronger, well balanced and very even/stable.

By doing this exercise in this stepwise function, we make sure that the Chakras are in a hyper performing mode when you move to the next level.  The Chakra's slow down relatively quickly from one level to the next, but when doing this exercise, it seems like a journey where you have just the right escape velocity to move from one level to the next.   Each step feels like a journey.   This method has been far more effective then the first style of work.

Transpersonal Chakras

This was probably the least offensive image I could find for the Transpersonal Chakras and it implies the alchemical purpose of these Chakras.  The Transpersonal Chakra's are a controversial topic in new age and metaphysical thought.  Conflicting versions exist in Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism and more.  Some people would say they don't exist.  Some people say they are a way for people to "claim" spiritual power over each other acting like a guru.

In my meditation, I did before doing more research, after doing this on the Crown Chakra I did feel 3 more layers above my head.   Now, the personal effects of this are very hard to detail.

The Casual Chakra roughly, I have envisioned right above the crown at most 4 finger widths.  I almost think this is something attached to the the crown or intimately connected to the crown.  Now, this particular Chakra seems to connect to the past lives.  I have had trouble verifying this in my experimentation, but I will say that as I have worked with this, I have and information and knowledge enter into my consciousness that I probably could not have just gotten.  Verifiable magical information.  Past Life is as good an explanation as any, although the information comes more like a download then beautiful visions of some long lost time.  The information is there, but much of the context around when and where is not.  Generally, I see this as a silver, sometimes as a Iridescent.  It isn't quite that I ever get visions.  Now this Chakra does not seem directly in the path of the rising surge of energy that the hyperspinning produces.  You have to kinda want to just work with this one directly, and meditate on it.  The research is totally conflicted, but this is my take on it.
Alternate take on the transpersonal chakras.

The Soul Star Chakra
That 12th Chakra point is golden in my opinion.  To me this point connects to what I would consider in western magic as the HGA, in a more energy vibrational form.  It is essentially, the highest aspirations of you.  I do not really have a good western analog and working with this Chakra is hard to vocalize the effects.  I usually just notice good luck, clearer ideas of where I am headed and the like.  This is relatively easy to connect to from the Crown Chakra.  Ironically, without being too flakey, the solar disk portrayed in many Eqyptian gods and goddesses, I think refers to this point.  Now the research is conflicted whether or not there is more up the change.  I have felt one more about 3 feet above the head, but shooting into this one is tough to hold and gets very, very trippy.  It is almost more like being involved in a web, and you start seeing visions of other places and times while not knowing what is real and what is not real.

What I think happens when you open the 12th Chakra in this way, is that it allows Shen to fill the body.   Shen is spiritual energy in Chinese Medicine.  Its the best term I have for this.  Spiritual energy is usually not very "dense" with Jing being the most dense form of energy (aka blood tissue).  When the system is flooded with this spiritual energy, it packs down into the system and refills the Chi of the body, but refills it with purpose aligned with that Self.  To me that "Higher Self" is neither really higher, nor really clearly understandable, but I have seen immense increases in magical and actualized (as in testable) spiritual power, after working with Chakra.

To Finish the Exercise

Although you could direct the energy to the Causal Chakra, it is easier to use the hyperspinning technique on the Crown Chakra and then boost up.  Again, this is like leaving at just the right speed.

So add the last step:

Soul Star ( Solar?)  Chakra
Relax ->  Hyperspin the Root Chakra ->  Hyperspin the Swadhishthan Chakra -> Hyperspin the Manipoor Chakra -> Hyperspin the Anahata Chakra -> Hyperspin the Vishuddhi Chakra -> Hyperspin the Ajna Chakra -> Hyperspin the  Sahastrasar Chakra  ->  Hyperspin the Soul Star Chakra.

Now after you hyperspin the Soul Star, allow the energy to flow back into your system from that higher Chakra.  This has a VERY similar effect to the middle pillar exercise and to me it is both comforting and relaxing.  If you are correctly grounding, this will feel very much like being connected to heaven and earth at the same time.   Essentially, you become the Axis Mundi.   

You could hyperspin the Soul Star and reach out to the next Chakra 3 feet above the head as I have found, but be prepared.  It gets weird and you will loose track of time in the visions and mixtures of past, present, future, existing and non-existing.  I consider this last section experimental.  If you have questions, feel free to ask me.   

Now if you need some help to start getting into the meditative state, may I suggest my mp3

Cascade of Light: Angelic Empowerment System Volume 1


  1. This varient is much more powerful, as a couple people are saying, life problems seem to just kinda go away and that has been my experience. I mean I know that this is not quite as many hits, but I am noticing as are a few other magicians this varient is just cleaning up minor issues.

    ts unclear whether or not its because of a better state of mind, or a vibrational ( and thus magical effect), but it is consistant and verified.

  2. Pretty interesting post. I was taught (and I definitely don't take this as definitive) that the 12th chakra/soul star is where one connects with and receives information from divine beings and the 8th/causal chakra acts a bridge between the 12th and the crown. The former seems to jive nicely with your impressions. I found that I had to work quite a bit with the kundalini/energetic spine to even sense the supra-crown chakras.

  3. I have a procedural question - when you spin your chakras clockwise, what perspective is this from? Around what axis do they spin? Both chakra articles are great and I'm looking forward to trying them out.


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