Thursday, August 29, 2013

The New Lifestyle Accessory: Magic

Lifestyle Accessories, add a Wand please
I will probably get some hate mail for this, but as Gorden from would say, don't post a blog unless you are scared to post it.

Magic and the occult are getting even more popular today.  I was chatting with Kia Dragon from as we are friends in real life, about the occult being the next big thing.

There are a few signs he might very well be right.  More famous stars are gravitating toward the OTO.   Wicca is now the 5th most populous religion, and generally there has been an explosion of small press occult publishers.

However,  we were talking about a friend and talking about his search for Love.  Ki'a was quick to point out that the friend could have the pick of multitudes of Pagan or Occult Woman.  I pointed out a simple fact that the friend was looking for someone who did magic, that most people who are into the occult/paganism are into it for a lifestyle accessory. Flabbergasted, he paused. After he thought about it, he came to the conclusion I was right and this was the perfect term.  For many people, paganism and the occult is a lifestyle accessory that really has no real impact on their life except for stylistic concerns.  Don't think I am being a jerk to pagans alone.  It is also true for most Christians, some Buddhists, even some Hindus.  Every religion has this happen, but riding the wave if Kia is right, we will see ALOT more of it in the occult and we're already seeing it a lot.

This often means that books will sit on the coffee table, and of course they have to be the best quality.  Of course, there are lots of publishers publishing some animal skin books with stuff in them.  Likewise certain authors, depending on the look your going for, have to be in the bookcase, to get that certain image, whatever that image is.  It all adds to the certain ambiance of personality that we are creating and broadcasting all the time.  Does this book go with this culture and the like?  Often, when a person changes occult subculture, say going from the OTO, to a more new age circle... they purge their books. It's not part of the new lifestyle.  I have actually heard this happening more then once.  Whether or not I was running a Reiki Circle, you'd have a tough time getting me to sell my Rudd's Goetia.

I cannot possibly be the judge of whether or not that is true for a person so NO, I am not talking about anyone specific and as an author, what do I care whether or not a person uses my book.   I shouldn't , but I do... I'd like to see it used.  That was the point.

I have never been big on lifestyle accessory.   One can buy 1000 rare and animal skin books.  The finest Chalice and the best wand, and still not do much to actually feel the presence of the Lord and Lady in Wicca.  Likewise one can go to and do the work, and get get down to the hard business and no one would ever know.

Allow me to simply ask, in our heart of hearts how much of the Occulture and paganism is just for show?   How much is marketing, and how much is just informercials.    Really how much is just a lifestyle accessory? Let's all be honest with each other for a second, and most importantly with OURSELVES.

Magic is fucking hard.  No Really It Is.  Easy to do, but really the process is hard.  Fixing up the internal blocks, manifesting and externalizing powers.  Dealing with failure and success ( both can be hard).  Hell a Lifestyle Accessory is so much easier that I really can no longer blame anyone.

I work hard for the Numinous experiences I get to have, and I know it is not about the show.  While I might be more "results" orientated, clearly I am striving and struggling to perfect things.  Sometimes I succeed, sometimes I don't.  I am fairly willing to risk things to move toward that.

I can hear the critic saying, but Andrieh, you don't know what other people do.  Nope I do not, but I can tell the difference between a ritual which has a purely social purpose and maybe has some trappings of a ritual, versus a ritual where their may be a social purpose AND a clear connection to spirit in intent.  The energy, preparation, and even demeanor of the people presenting the ritual give it away.  That doesn't mean rigid seriousness either, but I bet most of the people reading this can tell which rituals are have a real intention to do more then be a social focal point.

Unfortunately, even if regular ritual is done, but done for entirely social reasons, isn't this just for the purpose to adding a certain flair to the lifestyle.  Its just a lifestyle accessory to augment a certain flair.
So again allow me to ask the question, really how much is just a lifestyle accessory and how much of what we all do is something else?  

To be clear, my purpose in writing this is not to belittle or judge anyone, but to start a discussion on this. More then the back and forth as well, really to get some people to ask WHY are they doing things that look "magical"?  Whether it is just a lifestyle accessory or something more.  Either answer has consequences and choices and either answer is acceptable for yourself, if honest.

My choice is pretty obvious if you go to


  1. Absolutely on point. I'm going to piss some people off saying this but... I'm not Pagan. I'm an Agnostic Magician looking for truths through experience, with no higher goal than to be the best I can be and improve my life. Truths, that I admit may not be absolute, but if they yeald results, I do not care.

    When I began going to Pagan social events it was to interact with other Magi who could relate to having "reality breaking events". Truth be told, many events where like going to a Dungeons and Dragons meet up. Lots of flair but no real bang. No regrets, I have met awesome Magi with much effort, but they are usually few among many.

    I question sometimes, if those of us that want real experiences are being too hard on everyone else. History shows that the Magical people have been clergy to the masses. Maybe not everyone is built to handle obvious altering of consensual reality? Over the years I've literally seen people run in fear of results and flat out reject the type of training that leads to results.

    So, yes Andrieh. I do agree with you about the accessory lifestyle. No reason to buy books and tools if your not going to use them. Religious folks have been doing it forever, find clergy to answer your questions and shepherd you, but for the love of everything holy, give them the support and respect they deserve... Don't mock them by roleplaying in fancy garb and calling it magic.

    No regret

  2. When did this become a "thing" again? I thought that we were done with the whole magicophilosophical fashion show when the persecution began anew here. I mean, who wants to be counter culture at the cost of the soul?

    As always, you speak Truth.

  3. Now it might be seem hypocritical to write this and journal for 30 days, but I believe the ACTUAL practice journalled is much more of a guide post AND is acting like a priest as opposed to hiding it.

  4. Hi Andrieh, I took your class on nonreligious ritual at Starwood, and it's interesting to see you post this now, because I've been thinking about what I really want to get out of ritual since then. I actually blogged about that experience at and a follow-up at

    I guess I feel like there is some significant territory between results-oriented (at least in the sense of a specific magical working) and social fun in group ritual. I do what I think of as serious work when I have practical needs I really want to address, but I'm definitely not into occultism primarily for material power. I feel like participating in ritual (especially with other people) does a lot for me when it's well done, from personal development to, as you put it, numinous experiences, aside from whatever the stated goal might be.

    And that is a sort of result, I guess, but it's a kind of result that is not all that visible from the outside, and not necessarily what people are thinking about when they say results-oriented.

    1. Actually I looked over those links.

      1st internal results can be results if there is a consistent change in behavior. That kinda of been a consistent.

      A ritual can be FUN, and can be social, but again as I did at starrwod reassert the premise that that should not be the primary intent. I prefer rituals to be socially fun... but that is not the "complete point" of the ritual. In fact, I would argue if that is your primary intent, don't call it magic and that is unfortunately vast number of rituals, books and in general, things.

      Rituals should be engaging, fun, interesting... but the social connections should be there before or after... such as pot lucks or being friends with each purpose. If the sole purpose of the ritual for social reasons, everyone can do what they will, but lets be honest about purpose. The ritual is a lifestyle accessory to a social group. For example, while the Catholic mass has a social implication, that is not the purpose of the mass to be social. So in reality, I am not dismissing personal development as a real reason, as those quality as Numinous and purposeful. There is a big difference between personal development and social contact.

      Where I take issue with some of the blogged points is that nature of using ritual for fun or intimacy, and that no one got what you meant. We did. We were arguing fundamentally that the order of events was wrong.

      You should have intimacy with the people before ever doing ritual. That is actually why most groups have meet ups, coffeee meet ups. bar nights... unfortunately all to often it ends there.


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