Friday, December 19, 2014

Doing things different with the blog

So I started to do something different in this year and I will make this New Year's Resolution.

First what I did this year was start an MBA program that sapped my time and in response I did a few things:

  • I converted my facebook profile into a page.
  • I have been militantly avoiding the "hater" club of modern occultism and have been focusing on developing new occult course work, spending time with my family, and developing my materials.  The effort was to really separate myself from the drama.
  • Militantly avoiding commenting on others work and really putting blinders only on my own work.  If openly attacked usually because of bullshit, I would not respond and instead simply focusing my work.  This and the facebook issue I am sure made alot of people think I was just an asshole or antisocial.... I am just staying militantly focused on providing a good products.  I am going to keep doing that.
  • That has ironically led to a HUGE decrease in the amount of radio shows I have done, a lot less invites to conventions per se ( and that will continue to this year), and a whole less anthology writing.
  • It ironically led to a pretty size-able increase in profits.  I have a good course with the shapeshifting course and more good ness is coming.  I will just keep going with that.
So I have a couple new years resolutions:

First, 1 blog per week, although not during Finals.  Yep so you'll hear it here.  It will be mostly practically magically focused. I will not get into the he-she said blog wars of the net.  This does in a way hurt me, but it keeps me very focused.

Second, I will try to open a little bit more and hoping to restart or reframe how Deeper Down works.  What I want to talk about is the stories we have collected over the  years of work.

Third, making new great products.    If you missed the shapeshifting course check out to see the transformations.  I will be re-running the course in august ( with a few changes).  

I want to thank each of you for support me and reading my materials, may I be of even greater service to you and the magical current in the next year.   Have a happy holidays, and a GREAT new year.


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