Sunday, January 31, 2016

Refocusing the Blog.

So its been no secret that I have not been blogging like I should.  Between grad school and the shapeshifting course, all my time has been eaten up.

Plus that, I like interacting with my readers but I dislike the he-said-she-said-he-said blog wars about some minutia point or about various culture wars or even just trying to steal the thunder for publicity.  It just isn't me.  I know this is a way to get "noticed", but really they get personal and I am wholly uninterested in conflict with any other authors.  It's not worth my time and I do not really see it as "discussion".  I will get over that and "discuss things" next year.

But I have found a few areas, that I really want to explore and will move that way.

First, weird shit always happens in ritual to me.  Its so common place that I honestly have to take a step back.  So much so, that I have had to step back and write fiction about it.  The first attempt at that was with the Good Luck Bath.  Normally, I won't be selling anything with the fiction.  Most people do not realize, I was a writer first, and then fell into being a magician.  Getting acceptable at magic well ate so much of my time.

Now I need those tools to get out of the normalization of the weird shit.  I know "weird shit is happening" is never a problem, but it is a problem when it causes the mystery of of it all to get well.. dull.  I have been really busy, and the weirdness makes things dull.  Fictionalizing it, is a way to see it from a voice of wonder.   A place of wildness, and weirdness.

The words matter and the magic in the words I am returning to.  I saw I lost 3 subscribers, so I hope the rest of you will like those stories.   I will be doing a lot more of those stories.  Even if I am selling something, I guarantee there are real lessons embedded in the "fiction".  Real lessons for those who know to look.

Secondly, I will be doing more combining magic and cooking, cooking being a hobby of mine.   I plan to post various recipes and ritual pictures ( that means FOOD PORN), as well as the intensions I used with the ritual embedding.  Mostly, that will be just cooking with real focus and intention.   BUT I am going to go get a "ritual Apron to take on a magical persona", while I am cooking.  Mostly for everyone's amusement, especially my own.

Third, I will continue to post technique based posts, but if I see a topic goes beyond 5000 words over a coupe posts, I will bind this up in an ebook, so those posts my disappear.

Fourth,   While I have a proof of concept with the Sleepy Time Meditations and Physical Exercise based magic, I am going to go back to these for fun.

Fifth, maybe a few general posts.

I do not know if I can keep up with a weekly schedule, but I will try to get one out every two weeks.   Know that I appreciate you my fans, and look forward to connecting in the new year!!!


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