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Reiki's Outer Energy Channels and Gigong

Usui Sensai, He can be a slave driver
when Invoked or directly worked with.
Great Honor To Him
As many people know, I am an initiated Reiki Master Teacher.  Reiki unfortunately gets a real bad rap in occult circles because of the "new age" popularity.  The truth is the research on Reiki from Japan sites several problems with Reiki we have here in the US.  Most notably was the use of the Indian Chraka system as opposed to a probable link to the meridian systems of Chinese medicine.  It works with the chakra system however.

This will be a slightly more technical yet insanely practical view of Reiki that I may or may not expound in a full book.  Who knows.

Reiki is usually translated as the Universal Life Energy.  It has Shinto, Buddhist, Taoist, and Hindu influences ( at least in America).

Much of this is my personal experience.  Before continuing let me explain that I have extensive Gigong Experience and Extensive Reiki experience.

The contented and often
duplicated Human
Reiki Practical Theory One:  Reiki Flows through the OUTER Channel, or Aura.

I have tremendous experience to back this up with very talented energy workers.  Their are practical benefits to conceiving Reiki in this way.

Why I think this?
Besides being able to know, see and understand the energy flows..

First, Reiki is primarily a celestial to earth experience.  From the Chraka system, it flows from "Universal" through the crown down into the the other person.

Second,  in practice, often the healing Chi is greater flow from Reiki then what most people bodies can transmit.  I have actually tested this with people.

Third, the healing process of healing another does give you some healing benefit, however, if you know Gigong, to generate and process the amount of energy to do respectable healing work should have a greater healing effect on the person doing the healing work.  Thus to transmit energy through only Gigong, or energy work, you must have enough energy through your body to project it.  Often that means you'd have to be in pretty good health, and get the healthy boost of energy transmission from your body getting cleaned out plus the process of building that much energy.  Reiki is slower then that when healing yourself,

Gassho, Just for prayer in Reiki, Right, Sure.
Fourth, the Gassho Meditation is a completely foundational Reiki Meditation.  Of course, the party line is that its prayer meditation.  This is true, however when you do this meditation,  both hands get very warm and then its my experience that the whole body get very warm.  As people are taught, you turn the reiki on as you are putting your hands together.  Then you breath, concentrate on the reiki flows.  This is extraordinarily relaxing.  

Reiki however blasts out from the hands.  It is a healing modality that goes out from the hands, meaning the Gassho meditation, creates a energy circle that when combined with reiki forces the reiki energy INTO the body.... why would that be needed if reiki was channeled through the internal energy channels.

It can't be.

Andrieh's Previous Experiments
For months, I did work pretty extensively with multiple Gigong and incorporated.  Usually, I worked with Chilel Gigong and Clyman's system as well as a smattering of Medical Gigong.

Chilel Gigong openly assumes you should set up a energetically clean environment before doing Gigong and does this with a type of visualized banishing.  While Clyman would claim this was not needed, I found that the Chilel would have a greater body alchemy.  While Clymans would tend to bring greater levels of magical strength.

I started with the Gigong for a couple months combined with Tai Chi.  I got pretty good results.

When I started doing the Chilel with concentrating on Reiki flows, I always went into deep trance that required a fair amount of concentration to continue the motions and focus.

I noticed a few things,

  1. The gigong increased and the flow greatly increased.
  2. The Reiki Flows greatly increased
  3. The Body Alchemy, Weight Loss and health benefits increased

After communing and meditating with Usui Sensai, I believe in large extend this mastery set was intended more as the norm then not.  A great increase in heat in the body while doing reiki after the internal channels were opened up.

Reiki's Default Flow in Andrieh's Experience
Reiki by default continuously flushes the auric channels.  This naturally heals.  The auric channels do in some theories form assembly points at the palms (where reiki flows out of).  In practice, Reiki generally flows down the outer shell of the body, and then outward from the hands.  This is the beautiful part of reiki and why most reiki practicineers can go for a long time channeling reiki.  It simply doesn't stress the body.

The healing process happens like a form of Osmosis.  The reiki continually flushing the aura in most cases means that negative emotions or energy do not get stuck there to cause problems with the body.  Devoid of new negativity, and getting energy through a type of saturation of outer towards inner, reiki can heal the practineer slowly. Faster with Gassho and self reiki.  It is generally all gentle.

Chigong genrealy works the opposite way going from Inner to outer.  So the internal Merdian Channels are activated and then that moves toward what would be considered increasing esoteric results.  So its very hard in Gigong to "heal other" but very easy to work yourself healing.

Gigong however, uses your energy general and moves it around.  If you are suffering from emotional or physical trauma, this is very hard.

Putting it together was an interesting synergy.  Now you have the Universal Life energy which is limitless flowing through the internal and external channels.  Essentially the entire body becomes a  magnifier for the flow of reiki which makes faster and more powerful healings possible.

Intial Proceedure
Now, I will be picking this research up where I left off.  Heres how you can start.
Learn a system of Gigong, preferably medical based as opposed to Chi-packing or physical based.
Practice this for 3 weeks

Get Usui Reiki Attuned at level 1, if your in Cleveland, I do do Reiki I attunements so contact me at

Start practicing it together.  Do the Gigong Form with the activated reiki, and without, notice the differences.

I will be conducting extended research and work with this, and will be consulting through mediumship Usui Sensai for tips and pointers.  It should be a kickstart to health, this time I know more and last time it very much worked.


  1. This is a very timely and smart post, although as a new ager I am constantly tired of magicians and occultists bashing on the new age. it's like they hate themselves and everyone else and can't stand naive love. Haters. (not you :))

    That said, I agree with everything you have written here, although I have not figured out how to channel the celestial energy into magickal practice. I *think* the key here is the heart chakra, but I am not sure.

    I would love to hear what your lwa says about Reiki. Since my Reiki energy practically jumped out at my met tet (thank you for that Houngan), I asked him what the heck it was about. Of course this is not mixing modalities, I see it as tapping into those planes of knowledge and entities that might help us to integrate or co-create with these practices. Turns out that my lwa(s) had much to say about Reiki, in practical terms. I would enjoy hearing more about the theory of Reiki, as you have written here, from the perspective of a knowledgable spiritual entity.

  2. Well, Point 2 will get a whole nother blog, cause the manifestation phase I got alot of thoughts and experience on.

    The third point of what my Lwa thing about it, well I got into Reiki before I every started Vodou, and they always have lots of practical things to say about it... That ALSO will be a third blog post about it :) and all spirits.

    The 3rd degree of reiki aslo has some WEIRD correlatives that I have to talk about... unexpected outcomes, that I should blog about as well.

  3. Very intriguing! This lead to investigating some of Ole Gabrielsen's systems, and it turns out, they're also channelled thru the aura... mostly.

    Kundalini Reiki comes up from the earth, unlike Usui Reiki which is (mostly) down from the sky. (To check out the main exception, put cho ku rei atop each foot, then a big one on the ground underneath yourself. See what happens.)

    Some of the KR energy directly enters the central channel, apparently by design. It deosn't have to go thru joined hands to get there. There's a 3rd point in the aura that attracts the KR energy, in addition to the 2 palms. It's located at the root chakra, and sends energy up the central channel, gradually cleansing and strengthening it. This same energy flow also stimulates and guides kundalini, gently, over time. (Don't believe Ole's manual-- the KR3 attunement does NOT cause instant full rising of kundalini. It just helps, if you're also doing other things to awaken it.)

    The Diamond Reiki system (which comes with KR3) flows from both above and below, simultaneously. It's a pretty hardcore aura-cleanser, working quickly and effectively. The manual says it's actually just the KR energy entering the body thru a diamond at the crown chakra, which makes it stronger... but that's totally wrong. It's not the same energy. It neither looks, nor feels, nor acts like classic KR.

    DR runs some energy thru the central channel by design-- in both directions. A diamond at the crown and a diamond at the root channel gather it from the aura, and run it toward the heart. Mysterious things happen there, which are too subtle for me to see well, but the result is a diamond at the heard sends a focused beam outward to the target. (For self-healing, it points the beam at the palms joined in gassho, and this beam joins the circulation.) The beam energy is different from the palm energy-- it's white-hot, shard-like, and penetrating. The palm energy is cool, nurturing, and mentally clarifying. I guess it's some sort of yin/yang thing.

    As for Ethereal Crystals -- I'd been having serious problems with energy drain when creating or strengthening gems and gem elixirs. Every time I did it, the energy would come out of my dantien, and after several crystals, I was feeling wiped out! But having read your post, I've noticed that when using EC, there's another energy flow, one that's just like reiki-- down from the sky, thru the aura, out the hands, and into the targeted crystal.

    It turns out, that one is the REAL ethereal crystal energy. The drain comes from me using will to create part of the crystal structure from my own energy reserves. I guess that's some sort of over-attachment to controlling the outcome, or making it happen... It doesn't happen if I relax my mind and focus on noticing how the real EC energy flows.

    Thanks for the great post Andrieh!


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