Friday, September 7, 2012

Happiness Elemental Part 1: Guiding you to Dreamlands.

Sleepy time Magic Again from Moi.

This might take a little practice, but I promise it is interesting and worth it.

Breathe Deeply while lying in bed. Close your eyes.

Imagine what it would be like if you were insanely happy.
You know that special feeling, you know what its like.

I am sure if you were in front of me right now, you could describe to me what you see, feel, and hear when you are insanely happy.  Just imagine what it would be like when you are there, in that zone.
Extremely Happy.

Now, Imagine that all that extreme happiness is condensed down into a sphere at the tip of your index finger.  As condense it, all that happiness gets denser and stronger.  You might notice that it has a certain vibe, color, texture or even hum.

Now as you are breathing deeply, with all of your five senses imagine that as you breathe out the sphere becomes larger, denser and stronger.  As if you are breathing life into the sphere of extreme happiness.

When you know it is large enough, mentally ask sphere to shape itself in a way that will make you even happier.  Focus on the  shape as you continue to breathe deeply as if breathing even more extreme happiness into the shape.

Notice that as you keep going, the form becomes clearer, and you may be able to hear louder, even smell the form more pronounced. You may even notice, how much more real it seems as you breathe the happiness into it, and that it can start to move on its own.

Keep going, you may even be able to converse with this form.   At this point, ask your creation to guide you down into the happiest and most fulfilling dreams, so much so that the dreams themselves positively change your world.

Let the creation guide you off into whatever visions you might have as you fall asleep.

This technique, is a technique combining several of the energy techniques, servitor creation, thought form work, and more from Hands on Chaos Magic and some NLP.  I promise, you will Love the next few blogs.  If you do have the book, those techniques in the book will more fully explain all of the details and let you practice this more fully.


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