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Removing Crossed People, Reality Creation Cutting and Adding

Crossed conditions have a tendency to spread.  It’s unfortunate.    There are multiple ways to describe what a crossed condition is.  I prefer to describe it as spiritual, thought and emotional disease that starts to consume.  The danger of the condition is that that it DOES and can spread.  There are several reasons for that.

First, negative energy is contagious.   Without proper banishing, its easy for this to spread.  Sometimes, people get into a crossed condition because they were cursed.  Sometimes, because they believed they were cursed. Sometimes, they pissed off a spirit.  Either way, the negative cycle will and can spiral out of control.

If you need a full uncrossing ritual here is one, I wrote.

There are several signs of a Crossed Condition in other people:

  • Emotional Disturbance
  • Streak of constant bad luck
  • Lack of Emotional Control
  • Severe Negative Self talk
  • Negative gossip ( or lashing out)
  • Sickness
  • Confusion, Foggy Thinking
  • Inability to Focus
  • Of out sorts feeling
  • Unexplained strings of accidents, usually physical
  • Unexplained strings of accidents around the person
This list is not all comprehensive, if you yourself are experiencing these things feel free to send me and Email and as a priest and a long time magician I will schedule a reading.

When a witch, magician or priest(ess) gets into a cross condition, or actively practicing magician gets in a crossed condition, it is downright dangerous. No divination they themselves conduct can be trusted as accurate and yet as part of the crossed condition, people will relay on their own divination techniques, or mediumship.    It is possible, for someone in a crossed condition to remove the disease, by dedicated work.  Divination however, depends on the state of the magician and witch, thus is the first negatively affected and always it will be affected in a way to maintain the crossed condition.  It becomes at best dicey, at worse a " I know best".

The crossed condition is particularly dangerous to the magician, priest, or witch because it is a cycle that wants to continue.  It has latched on to part of their own essence and is themselves working against themselves.  AKA, the magician becomes their own enemy and their innate pride and confidence works against them.  

In one situation, I had personally I had agreed to help a person.  The person showed extreme resistance based upon their own mediumship and then supported the mediumship with some rather dogmatic claims about their situation based on mediumship.  Remember, they are in a crossed condition.   My spirits became really concerned with me.   I was starting to feel a little down, started to have minor bad luck etc.  Of course, I banished and cleared it up.  It felt like a drag once the resistance was there and my ancestors were going to have none of it.    I distanced myself with the person, did what my ancestors said and immediately had a financial increase come to me as well as the mood clearing.   Mind you, once the person resolves their own situation, I am more then happy to re-engage.

Misery loves company
The problem with Crossed Conditions is that act like semi-intelligent spirits or at least disease vectors that do want to spread.   First, if you notice yourself having an emotional reaction to the person you have work on your own emotional control and banish.   If you always hear the same sad story, and its draining, well yes thats emotional vampirism, your control over emotions as advised in Hands on Chaos Magic ( there are TONS of exercises on this can put a stop to this).  If it seems like, ever time they try to get you sad, try to be empathetic but reserved.  If every time there is an anger response, purposefully trigger a peace and tranquility anchor.

 There are several recipes with further explanations from Hands On Chaos Magic, that I will offer.   In contacting with the person, you have to banish.  Still my favorite banishing from Hands on Chaos Magic is The Spiral Sword Banishing. Its generally a solid practice when you get into a funk after spending time with a person to force yourself to banish as soon as you can.   Also,  saying prayers over some camphor and putting a piece of it in the for corners of your house is a simple method of clearing negativity.

 Why yes, these techniques are in Hands On Chaos Magic

But If even being around the person seems to precipitate minor bad luck, you have to more fully banish.   Do not let it get into your system more fully.  If someone needs a fast bath formula for cleansing, I am happy to write one,  just email me.    I generally give a few methods how to charge and empower any bath formulas in Hands On Chaos Magic ( and there are tons available online).

However, we have found that the will work to help you remove negative components.

Often times, while the person who is acting out the Crossed Condition will try to get people in a similar emotional state as themselves.  This is usually not a conscious  or willful decision.  It is a side effect of the state itself.  As they drown, it is very natural for most people to became what is typically considered more vampiric or psychically vampiric.

Depending on what you believe, you have a couple choices.
Let me very honest, do not maintain the status quo.  See the above example I gave.

First, if its a friend, you can offer to magically help the friend or recommend the friend talk to someone you trust.  Most of the time repeated cleansing will take care of the crossing, but its alot like alcoholism in that the person has to admit there is probably a problem.  If there is active resistance to help that is offered,  and this will sound harsh, you need to distance yourself from the person till it resolves itself.   This sounds unbelievable harsh, but as I will cover absolutely needed from a greater magical perspective, since IT will affect your magic.

Second, if you believe so, you can use techniques such as candle magic and a candle to perform an uncrossing ritual for the person without their knowledge or do this with whatever techniques you like.  This doesn't always work.  Without explicit permissions and knowledge, it gets more difficult and treads on that "free will line".  Your ethics are your own. Similarly, you can pray for saint intercession or spiritual intercession  Generally, this shouldn't be free, but people have different values then I do.  If your compassion demands it, step in... but you might need multiple ceremonies for their unconscious mind to accept it.  Depending on the nature of the crossing,  you could try something like, or with adaptations.   There are more then a few rituals in Hands on Chaos Magic that are examples as well.

From here there are also other people who you can consult with to ask for help.  If the spirit allow me to on a case, I am available for this service, but only if a person knows I am acting on their behalf to help.

Final Thoughts:

At first, it might sound like distancing yourself from someone who shows resistance from getting help or is resistant to fixing the problem is unbelievably harsh.  The truth is however, this choice is ultimately theirs, but the liability would otherwise be yours.  As a crossed condition worsens, it is generally my experience that more and powerful negative spirits get attracted to that person.  A person who has a real tie to someone else has a literal link for those spirits and energies to flow down.  In a literal way, this acts as drag and force pulling you downward regardless of the magical work you yourself are doing. Physical proximity amplifies this affect.

But Andrieh, you ask, I can't get away from the person.  Physical Proximity is a problem but so is emotional connection.   If there is a physical and emotional proximity, this is really the danger zone.  In this case, you are forced to create emotional distance.  I know this sounds harsh, but then you can take control of the physical enviroment as much is possible.   This can involve the Camphor trick above, or praying over floor washes and laying them down.  If your safety is at stake, consider why you are allowing yourself to stay in the situation ( again, think about the downward spiral and entrapping and spreading nature of crossed conditions, and consider getting yourself to safety).

I will have more to say on Floor Washes in  a Later Blog

Part II of this will be on Magical Social Engineering II:   Transformational not Transactional Relationships


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