Monday, February 9, 2015

Crossroads Uncrossing: Candy and Red Palm Oil

starlight.jpgThis is a specific technique to remove bad juju or negative energy.  A few things about this: this is clearly not “traditional Vodou” so leave it alone if you are going to go there and be like that.  It is however a technique that is derived directly from something I have seen done 1000 times in a couple Ifa houses, by a few conjure folk in Chicago, and have done it a 1000 times myself - although the entities prayed to were slightly different. The Conjure people would bust out psalms asking God to take care of it. The Ifa house I saw do this would pray in front of their warriors ( Eshu); I will pray to Legba or Kalfu depending on the situation.

What you need:
  • A brown paper bag
  • Red palm oil
  • Red and white circular peppermint candles
  • Rum
  • Some coins
  • 3 chocolate candy bars.
  • Cigar maybe...

What you should do:

Rip the brown paper bags into squares large enough so that you can place a circle mint and fully tie the ends of the paper bag, leaving none of the mint exposed.

With the red palm oil,  draw an equilateral (aka solar cross)  across the brown paper bag square.  Don’t be stingy, you should clearly see the the cross.  Place the red starlight mint in the center of the cross (the lines of this cross should be perpendicular, and parallel to the edges of the square). It should look something like this.

Now, take the paper, and wrap up the mint in the paper and red palm oil.  Try to tie it away from you if at all possible.  You have to make sure you can’t see the mint.  The palm oil, eh, it just gets everywhere no matter what you do. It will seep into the brown bag too. Just run with it.

So here is some I made over the weekend.  
Examples of the three I made, when I did a bunch of these on
Saturday for various people, universally, people were like
damn, this totally works.

Now once this is tied up, they look like this. Really The string is optional, but it does add to the binding if the problem is more severe ( of course, if it is done with intention).
If you really want to get pretty about it, you can wrap this with red string too, but make sure you wrap and tie the mini packet in the direction of casting out (aka away from you, not wrapping towards you). Really, the magical intention is to really make sure whatever you bind up in the packet stays the hell away from you.

You need to make 3 of them.

I usually do this part in one of two ways, depending on how I feel about things.  First, I just pray and pray and pray that all negativity will be removed and put into the packet.
Two things: I am praying to Lwa yes, but I have seen this done with a Christian, and have seen people doing this before their warriors in Ifa.   As you are praying, scrape the packet down and over your whole body as if you are scraping off the dirt, negative energy, and cursework into the packet.    Its beyond the scope of this blog post, but you really have to know how to pray and connect to the spirit if you are using this method.   Prayers without real connection, well they won’t do much.

A second way I will do this is purely from an energetic model for this part.  I usually show this way to my students.  So in this, if you have any sensitivity to types of energy, you just mediate and scrape the packet down and away, pushing (and having the packet) pull the negative energy, cursework, evil and just icky into the packet.    If you use all five of your senses and keep your focus, this usually works pretty well.   
Why yes this is Andrieh, Creating the Mojo in a park by
A remote crossroads, Snow, bah, it just makes it real.

You do this with 3 packets.    Obviously we live in an over-policed and litigious society, so it isn't always possible to walk out where you are and chuck them into the crossroads, so I bring Ziploc bags with me.  I try really hard to not touch them after I “power” them up, instead dropping them in the bag.   Then I drive to a remote crossroads.

Now, it's a little weird, cause we live in the modern age with cars and stuff.  What I do is park the car on the far side of the crossroads.   Stop: offer the crossroads some Rum, the chocolate and some coins at the first corner; walk away from your car in a cross walk.  Ask the spirits of the crossroads to take your troubles away.  Offer a shot of rum, chocolate and coins at the second corner and ask again.  Now do the same thing at the 3rd crossroads: offer a shot of rum, chocolate, and coins, but this time, walk right out into the middle of the crossroads (so diagonally through the middle towards your car).  Throw down the “Evil packets” with some coins, and walk over them but do not step on them.   Keep walking, get in your car, do not look back (cover your mirror if you have to).  Keep Driving.  Put on happy music and take a different way home that includes, loop backs and some driving over the same block randomly to create loops in the route (all that throws any negative spirits out). Do not go back to this crossroads for at least a day, longer is better. Ideally, your route home will have lots of going in circles and loopbacks. If a negative spirit tries to follow your "scent back", often they will get caught in a loopback. Sometimes, the old superstition of crossing running water is also helpful, I have found. The running water essentially makes a sort of flow of energy/vibration that erases your "scent". That's the explanation from a energy model pov. Essentially, it just makes it a little harder to track you down.

This is pretty effective for a fast uncrossing, but it does work better if you have relationships with, say, CROSSROAD Spirits.  It has worked well for me on the point of Legba, and Kalfu (for the hard hitting ones).  It can be augmented in ways that are probably outside the scope of the blog post.  While this works great for almost all negative enchantments,  if you have a negative spiritual attack, it seems to in practice depending on how committed or smart the spirit is.  Sure, they might get tricked for a while, but if they are truly dedicated, well they will keep going.  Works for most, just not all (Caveat given).

Need Something Stronger then this blog?  

Have Andrieh perform a 7 day Michael Uncrossing ritual. I will work to cleanse negativity and give the person protection from negative spiritual forces as well as strength.  While Andrieh cannot guarantee that all problems will go away, this ritual has gotten his clients back on the path, out of their crossed condition, and on the road to an upward spiral of prosperity, health and happiness. This ritual involves over 10+ hours of ritual work including daily 60 minutes of ritual work on your behalf.  Andrieh goes to town for you.   Book this ritual now.

Andrieh will light a fully loaded ( Oils and Herbs added) candle after in your honor. The candle will be purposed to open the roads for you. Andrieh will need a picture ( digital format) and your full name for this so we can really connect and open. Open a road now!


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