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Offerings part II: The Space-Time Quandary of Different Existence

Of course, the purely left hand path approach to all entities is that someone had to create it.  In fact, I heard this refrain uttered by multiple very high prominence PAGANS at a recent festival… and this tells you that, for the most part, Chaos Magic has won the hearts and minds of the pagan populace even though they still will throw around a lot of platitudes, and seem to hate calling themselves Chaos magicians (btw most Chaos magicians are somewhat agnostic, and wouldn’t make such a TRUTH claim).    Let’s again assume the assumptions:

  • The Spiritual Forces exist in some capacity outside of the individual mind. The religious magicians cry out, praise Jesus, but I am not finished yet.
  • The Spiritual Forces are not real, in the sense that they do not share the spatial, temporal, nor physical characteristics which define physical reality. While my assumption is that they exist, they cannot exist in any way comparable to our existence, meaning calling them “real” falsely implies anthropological traits that we ourselves apply.
  • Spiritual forces require some tie-in to the material plane to function and work in the material world. Usually this is a human magician, but certain classes of spirits may work independent of people by being tied to certain places, plants, etc. The religious will take open offense to this assumption, but in test after test after test, this is how in practice I have seen it work 99.9999999999999% of the time. That’s a hell of a lot of 9’s and when you take the romanticism out of the equation, I have kinda found this to be the case with everyone I have ever trained. BTW, that does not mean, we might not start aka at birth with some ties to certain spirits at birth. So maybe there is room for spirituality after all! :)
  • Spirits probably do not have an intelligence that looks or functions in a way similar to a human intelligence (although the dead might, but even then Time is an issue).

Notice, no where in this do I say it’s impossible that we created deity; it just does not matter.    If you’re going to say we created deity in platitudes, you should back it up by saying we don’t have a soul at the same time and ANY metaphor for anything spiritual is just that, just a metaphor working on your brain.  That’s what the Church of Satan does, and I can respect that.    So let’s go back to these assumptions.   One can, right off the bat, argue the Jungian perspective and claim we create them so they do not exist.   

However, that negates the observed result of physical offerings actually producing better results.  The mere fact that so many people can claim that physical offerings enhance results is the major problem to this idea.    Either we are all corrupting our Meta-belief system with an insidious mind virus (that offerings are required)  or the Jungian principle of “all in your head” simply fails to model the phenomenon correctly.  Likewise, if the biological exchange model was sufficient, service to a spirit should qualify as enough to get suitable results (btw service does enhance results too, just not as greatly as physical offerings).  This quandary suggests something more is afoot then the models allow.

If the entities are existent, outside of the individual mind (this does not imply a platonic structure of spirit, merely that informational patterns exist outside the individual mind), as an assumption and that that informational pattern exists in a different time space reference point (if it even has a Space-Time reference point), then what?

The Space-Time Quandary of Different Existence
Spirits seem to, in general, only partially affect our existence via the proxy of magicians/priests/shamans (outside of a few spirits which we will cover).  The reason, if you assume they exist in a state outside of our Time-Space continuum, how can they influence, with any meaningful results, our Space-Time continuum?  They would, in their natural state, probably have very little understanding of Time-Space aka Cause and Effect.   This would be a big claim, but consider the following:

Most African Traditional Religions require good character, but even a cursory poll of people would tell you that so many houses in Vodou, Palo and Santeria FUCK their members, or would be members, that it is CRAZY.  How can the spirits just watch and let it happen, consistently, it’s like they show no moral values?

Angels abound and yet the WICKED seem to constantly get ahead?
What the fuck, where is the smiting from God?  Whole religions based on serving the poor, and yet the truly wicked get away with literal murder?

Even crazy demons, shit why doesn’t shit seem to self-destruct more often, I mean really, if they had full control, it should be a much worse shitstorm, but its NOT.

Name a tradition where this does not apply.  You can claim it’s Divine Will, and I will say bullshit, that it’s Divine Will that someone gets molested or shit like that.  Norse, anything… its easier to explain this by saying they have NO knowledge of the events because of the Space-Time divide, and are limited by the perceptual basis of the people who allow them access to this world via MIND (we will get back to the physical offerings in a second).

There are so many examples of this idea.  Now add a magician to the mix and BOOM… results.  Why?

A simple answer to the above problems is that spirits do not exist in our Time-Space
continuum, and thus have very little knowledge of what actually goes on in this world until they have a Space-Time juncture point.    This, of course, means the magician acts as the Space-Time conjuncture point in part.    If you follow the logic of the Space-Time dissonance, it also follows why two spirits of the same time of spirit can exist in different spaces at exactly the same time.   Because the spirit does not have any sort of time constraints on it; because it’s existence does not involve the same kind of time structure’s ours do.    You could correctly say all spirit-based magic is a type of Time/Space magic.    In fact, if a person was so inclined to read Bardon, they might even agree with that.

Not only do we have a biological imperative of exchange, but the exchange provides a physical anchor in the Space-Time continuum for which a spirit CAN act.  

Now of course, if you were really wanting to argue the assumption that they exist outside of the individual mind, you probably could, but we have a few other unique occurrences which, again, tend to exist at least outside the individual mind.

  • In independent work with an entity,  people will find out that the same entity requests the same types of things (this is with no research on the entity).  For instance, Diana Paxson at Convocation 2015 mentioned one situation where two independent sources within the guild she works with determined the same colors for an entity.  I have heard many people working with “unverified” personal gnosis (ask me why I HATE this term with unmitigated passion), come to the same conclusions independently with no correspondence about either emerging or lesser known entities.
  • In preparing an Astral temple, with no instruction on any details in the temple, I was correctly able to identify the major themes of the temple, and structure of the temple for the Gentleman For Jupiter group.   I was not given any additional information, there was no way I could know that.  I have seen this similar experience happen several times to many many people.
  • Real magical Practitioners and devotees can almost always see/understand if another person is seriously working with an entity that they share in their personal framework.
  • In divinations, entities will pop up that the magician has no connection with or pre-knowledge of, yet when the person getting the reading is questioned, most of the time, they will say they have been investigating or have a relationship with that entity.

There are many many examples of these sorts of data points that pop up.  They should not be ignored or trivialized.  The idea that spirits existing outside of our Space-Time coordinates, and needing a bridge, still fits.  So that is the first stage of talking about altars and offerings, spirits need a Space-Time bridge.

This covers why spirits would make proxy points to magicians, right, but magicians are generally a completely unstable lot.  I mean, we go from point to point, concentrating and balancing different priorities, rarely is our intention focused in one direction.  This means that at best, a well trained magician is a very short focused bridge and if you work possession work like we do in Vodou, that is exactly what happens with a short Space-Time bridge that is complete.  

Understand the bridge is not just to the mind of the magician, as the mind is very close to the nature of spirit.  It is the physical body of the magician that ACTS as the Space-Time bridge as called in through the use of mind connection and active imagination.  Intention dictates energy direction and characteristics in the body.  Rarely will the magician be able to stay so in SYNC with an information pattern for a really long time, that it is a reliable talisman (but we will get to some examples maybe in part 4 or 5 at this point).

So it’s time in my extended thought explanation just to state a couple more assumptions about talismans, before I can move on.

First, LOTS of people get lots of results with talismans and they seem to have an outside of mind effect.  Again, we cannot fairly dismiss that datapoint.  

From tons and tons of experimental data, from tons and tons of magicians, let me state that most of the magicians will agree that talismans can hold an information pattern or intention which has a strength of signal.  Both the clarity and strength of the talismans depends on a lot of different factors beyond the scope of these blog posts but that said, it means that physical options can be imbued with energy patterns.  These physical things, while not as powerful as direct magician involvement, certainly must be more stable as they do not self-generate opposing intention vectors.  AKA they FIX and hold the same intention, and within the scope of the argument, act as a Space/Time bridge with greater stability.   Clearly this, in a nutshell, explains physical altars and talismans, but does not yet get to the offering parts. Although that last part of physical offerings because ambivalent, depending on how good the magician is at pushing energy/intention and binding it to physical objects.  So for example, my ancestors really do like the vibration of Coffee, but they will always accept me performing Reiki work on and at the altar, to give them energy to work with.  It gets bound into their reservoir (the altar) to pull from.   Physical offerings work in a similar way, in that if you are using those offerings on their Space-Time bridge, they can drain the energy or the capacity for amplitude to themselves.

You can try this with a friendly spirit you have a relationship with.   Create a physical space.  Give them a food offering.  Tell them you want to understand.  Save some of the food offering  (and do not place it down on the altar).  Place some of the food on the altar.  Notice the difference.  Unless the spirit is trying to be nice to you, the food might taste bland, or just something about it off.  Respectfully, you have to ask the entity to do this.  Sometimes, with the dead, you might get sick from the food.. so be prepared to banish.   Make clear your intention is that you want to understand what happens with the food.  IF a spirit won’t work with you in this capacity (aka get permission), ask a different one.  If you try this, you’ll understand exactly what I mean.   The only problem being that the spirit might give you some of their energy in exchange, ask them not to..  (if they like you that’s how it should be, but that won’t help you learn in this case).

This also gets to WHY certain foods for certain spirits.  Simply put, spirits are informational patterns in a way, and as such, only certain patterns of physical material increase the resonance of the spirit itself.  That is why certain spirits will request certain foods and offerings once a bridge is made.  They are telling you what will add to their spiritual amperage to influence the physical world because not all resonances will.  That is probably a simplification, but with some thought it will take you a VERY long way.

The Full Offerings series

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