Monday, May 18, 2015

Innvocation of Chao-Kundalini

This is a technique was originally published on my old web site. I had been developing to raise Kundalini energy, and give it a real boost more then just working with the Root Chrakra, and condensing down the time to raise kundalini fully. Warning this is quite effective, and goes back to the time I was working with Peter Carroll's Invocation of Chaos a lot more of the time. I should do that more often now.

2 warnings. Drink lots of water, second, remember kundalini can cause issues if you have to much of it. Water helps.

I usually start with some body warm up exercises, aka Tai chi And Gigong then perform a some sort of banishing. As this is a ritual of self-alchemy and self power, I do not usually state my intent ( this is more of a gigong like exercise).

I will mentally start repeating the Invocation of Chaos as follows from Peter Carroll.

Invocation of Chaos 

I Reign Over You Saith

The Dragon Eagle of the Primal Chaos 

I Am the First the Highest That Live In the First Aether 

I am the Terror of the Earth the Horns of Death 

Pouring Down the Fires of Life On the Earth 

This last line cannot be translated.

English just provided for amusement sake.  Enochian is the way to go.

I keep internally repeating this, while Visualizing a Chaos Star over my root charka, actually more right where my Vestigial tail would be correct ( harking back to reptilian mind).

Focus all attention and all feelings, visualizations and sound sensations on that point while externally or internally ( if you need to) intoning the Invocation of chaos. Do not just chant the words, it should be as if each word rings through your whole body with like a deep Tibetan bell. This does awaken the flame snake of kundalini very quickly for me.
As I am directly my focus ( and as the energy people would say the energy of the Invocation of Chaos) directly into the root chrakra the snake will start to unravel. This feels great.

So you keep going with the focusing on that spot, redrawing chaos stars and doing the invocations of chaos... at this point, imagine, feel, and see the flame snake rising up through the spine. Kundalini rises somewhat slowly, allow this to pass through and up each chrakra.

I always perceive this is sound as a type of roaring or rushing. When the serpent reaches the top of your head, perform one more invocation of chaos to really feel your body filled with that energy.

Two key points. From my experience of doing this exercise, this is clearly not kundalini energy, in my humble opinion it has some very unique properties. First, the Enochian will activate Kundalini thats for sure, but this mixes with that Chaos vibe so common in the combining/dissolving the opposites. It makes the Kundalini energy far more potentiated and more dissolving in how it rips the blocks through your system. 

 If you call the Kundalini with the goddess Shakti, there usually is a certain level of softness, lovingness and mercy. This is the opposite and this is harsher, more rough, generally less forgiving. It however works fast to build up magical power, with a pull toward non-duality states ( something I have not found with straight Kundalini work). That means, you might need aftercare and self-care.

Now, from Gigong and yoga, its actually considered a real bad idea to keep the snake flowing up and just let that energy in your head. The next part of the exercises uses some fairly kewl Gigong techniques, modified by Andrieh Vitimus, yours truly.

Once you have the snake fully rising. Pull in and raise your sphincter muscle. As you breath in deeply, imagine condensing all the kundalini energy you have built up into your bones. Use as many of your senses as possible to imagine taking all the built up Kundi-Chaos energy and condensing them down into your bones. This helps if you practice some body awareness ( btw one thing people usually visualize wrongly, is the spin is closer to the back of your body then the middle :).

On Breathing out, release your splinter muscle, but hold on to the energy while condensing energy in the bones. The easiest way to imagine this is to feel, see, hear, and know your bones being different as the meditation takes you. Do the breaths until you have absorbed all the Chao Kundalini Energy, and condensed them into your bones ( this is a relatively safe place to condense energy and this energy is more volatile). Leave it in your head, and you might well wake up with a headache or worse.

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