Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Your friend Daily practice, and the magical30.com

 So it get to do a cheater blog. because well, well lots of reasons.

So I restarted the magical 30 effort.  You should check it out here, http://www.magical30.com

With the last magical30, I decided to write a book with Stephanie Raiser, and submitted a article for the Anthology of Sorcery II, with an article of Sorath.

It makes a real difference when you do the daily work.  Because of school, work, and other real big changes in my life, getting to do the daily work became hard.   Sure I use alot of NLP tricks to dive into trance states quickly, and get the job done, but I miss the one leg out and one leg in.  I think lots of people will agree and understand what I mean.  Plus, I want to play with the magic, which I do not always get to do on such tight deadlines.  So where to begin?

Meditation and Breathwork of course.... WE all can get better at this even if we are great at it.  Its one of those, kick yourself in the ass and work toward mastery :)

So come join me at the http://magical30.com  and if you are so inclined, I am working out some meditative walking techniques based on Taoist principles.  If you think occultists are stuck up, talk to some "Tai Chi" experts.  Actually if you want to see all my magical30 posts, here they are.   So yes one blog a week and I am working on more substantive blogs soon.


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