Sunday, May 13, 2012

Spiritual Discipline 32: Homa with the Daughter, Son and the Becky

Dried Coconut and Ghee, transforms to
Vast Life changes

Did a fire Homa on this fine Saturday.  This time did it with the step children.

My procedure for doing this was detailed Homa Proceedure Detailed Back in day 4
I added a few things, which help my head settle down faster, or helps me reintegrate faster.

So  What I did
  • 1 mala of Aum
  • 1 mala of Aum Gam Ganapathi Svaahaa
  • 6 Mala of Mala of Mala Hreem Shreem Kleem Pah-rahm Esh-wah-ree Swah-hah
  • 1 mala of Aum Shiva SvaaHaa..  ( this really seems to integrate the lessons more throughoughly and faster, and hes been "around more often"
This was all inside the Homa Structure and done with a fire ceremony.

Lord Shiva hanging with his Son Lord Ganesha

I think my Step Daughter got a little freaked out by Shiva's presence at the end.  Becky confirmed Shiva's presence, as well as Ganesh.  Lord Shiva came very strongly.  Doing the feminine mantra, tents to mess up my head a little.  I am often very tired after words.  Often, although not directly tied to Kali, a variant of Kali pops into my Mind while doing the mantra.

Lord Shiva seems to help the integration process happen.

There is definitely some clear results of the process so far.  Enough to put in a bullet list.
  • Mental Stability after the white bath for others.  The White baths and the corresponding work for other people, left me severly mentally drained, and somewhat angry.
  • Physical people in Chicago and Michigan reaching out to reconnect to me, and tell me in no uncertain terms how much I mean to them and how I changed their lives.  Even the dynamics in places between people were radically different.. as if the past was transformed.
  • Chicago usually leaves me a little twitchy, lots of negative energies. and bad memories.. but it was more ambivalent... more like un-attached mellowness.  An Un-attached motion though what otherwise is stressful.  It just doesn't matter and the things there just cant affect me anymore.
  • Growing unattachment to outcome.  This is a good thing, I need some time to just be and meditate.  I have lots of options, I just need to think about what I am doing where I am going.
The Chicago thing was clearly a huge change. That absolutely is progress and people reacting and acting differently says its not just in your head "internal change".  All spiritual gain, must be met with physical change.

Vodou Double Feature

I saw a medium during the week who did give me a message to give some things to the Baron Samedi.  I did service to the Baron.  Who was present and verified.  I got pocessed for a little bit ( then snapped out it).  I could not derive exactly why he wanted the things he did, other then it was for a blessing for me for some services I have been doing.

When I did service for the Baron, My best friend Mellisa showed up ( she is dead).  She told me ( through Becky) in no uncertain terms to put her to work.  I am not sure what I can ask her to do for me.  I have to think about it.  Although Vodka + Chocolate was the requested food offerings.   Melisa has a heart of gold.... I just have to sit and meditate and see what she would be willing to do, and what she can do.  I know what magical skills she had in life, but in Death she seems to have gained a few tricks :)


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