Monday, May 21, 2012

Spiritual Discipline 41: thus ends the Discipline

Shiva and Ganesh
Today ends the discipline 40 + 1 day.

What I did
A Full Homa instructions that I use were in Day 4
Fire Homa in action

  • 1 mala set of Aum
  • 1 mala Aum Gam Ganepathi Svaahaa
  • 10 Mala set of Hreem Shreem Kleem Pah-rahm Esh-wah-ree Swah-hah 
  • 1 mala set of Aum Shiva Svaahaa
Outcome of the Discipline
This discipline has really been useful.  I started to talk about the benefits, and I definitely had weird dreams last night.  A lot of times I do say smart ass commentaries with the captions, today, I got to be honest.  It was a very worthwhile but difficult process.

Lets look at what I set out to do:

 First, I was just looking to boost my energy level to start a real program of health, and to get enough internal strength to deal with the issues of envy/anger at basically the hacks in metaphysics.... a lack of respect.

Mostly I had, covered some of the benefits in Day 32,  I am pretty sure those are verified... and the whole nature of my relationship to Chicago changed.  Core issues, released.  Powerful changes overall.  My mindset is much better, I can see the problems more clearly.  In general,   GOOD positive change.

It was worth doing.

Out of the project spawned 2 book ideas, 1 idea which my friends and supporters are pushing hard for me to write.  This idea will not be be an easy book to write at all, but I will.

Some of the issues, that I think I still need to work on:

  • Solar work to overcome some of the lack of confidence in some particular areas.
  • Health wise need to really dive in and walk as much as possible, started to do that now.
  • Working on detailing and deconstructing the anger that comes from being envious, although right now I can honestly say I care alot less.
  • Using the Blog as a textual alchemy, which I will do more and more.
Moving forward, I am going to segway into more blog posts that deal with internal/external transformation and magic.

I plan to get back into Chigung heavy and Gigong is one of the best  building Ashe traditions I can think of, but then I think cross paradigm-ally....


  1. The book idea is a must-write. It's one I very much would like to read. <3 Are you writing yet? *peers across livingroom* ... *tapping fingers* Started writing it yet?..... How about now? ... How's that book coming, love? ;)

    I'm proud of you, honey... That was a brutal 41 days. I'm inspired by your dedication, and I think that you definitely seem to have gotten a lot out of doing this work. <3

    Steak tomorrow or going to wait awhile yet? ;)

  2. actually, I kinda never really care about the beef... not so much.


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