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Magical Engineering for Intuitive, On-the-Fly, and free-form Magicians

So let's talk about Intuitive magic.  You know the magic you just make up.  This gets relatively demonized on the internet and with hard core purists.  To hell with that, I am on your side mostly.  So to put this into perspective, my significant other is a magician but works often on intuition.  Weird Spirits, No straight workings, no explanation.  More often than not, this works.  Results do come.  I hear that kinda of logic from many people I talk to, although they do not claim the type of results my significant other would get.   Often though, there would be a result, a verifiable magical effect, with little predictability.   This is a problem.

Now, Intuitive magic is often hard to quantify.  I define this term to be magic we do that seems on the fly, or outside of a system, that seems to lack structure.  When this type of magic gets results, we should pay attention.   Now first,  relax, I am on your side.  Its possible to do magic this way and I know this.  So first know there won't be a dismissal of that.  Second, let me start to paint a picture of how you and I can get way more solid results from what is generated intuitively in this way that seems outside of a system.

So lets go into the problems

  1. You will never get "STREET" Creds from other "Real" magicians going by the book.  Ok, who cares, really, stop caring about that.
  2. Repeatability is an issue.  
  3. Transference is an issue.  By Transference I mean being able to demonstrate the techniques to others.   This might seem like it is just about teaching other people, but other people can augment and improve the technique.
  4. Refinement is an issue ( which we will cover more)
  5. Predictability is often an issue.
  6. Sorting out the influences is often an issue.
2-6 Are issues and let me explain why they are issues.  So, in my practice and dealing with someone I love very much is that by itself, all of these issues contribute tend to combine to prevent magical advancement.  Simply put, you don't get better*.  Sure the miracles happen, but their is no consistency.  Let suggest a few methods of magical engineering.

Magical, well thats magic.  Engineering is a broad discipline but could be summarized by a few key points.
  • Observation
    • Discernment
    • Which details
  • Methodical Testing.
  • Refinement.
Let's start with the first principle of Observation.


Often, when I am working with people who do this sort of magic, I hear them tell me they don't know how they are doing the magic.  They are telling the TRUTH.  They do not know, but if you watch a person doing similar types of magic, they do similar types of things.

External Observation
This idea of the unknowability of the process comes from alot of cultural prejudices.  In Rootwork,  I have heard many people say the Spirit just comes down.   This very well might be true that the spirit might come down, but their are a lot of things we can watch.
For instance, closely observing my black friend who did root work out in Chicago in a session, here is what I saw:
  1. Sit down for a few minutes just breathing... My take: Varient of Pranaya work.  Slow breathing, Centering.
  2. Start Shaking slightly then more vigorously.  My Take:  Seething as Gnosis.
  3. Spirit takes over giving advice.  My Take:  Dissociative high gnosis state.
Now these events happened fast, probably 5 minutes but this person was extremely experienced.  I watched this person do this several times.  Each time the dissociative state had a vibe that was the same.  Each time boom.  Her physical mannerisms changed and shifted. 
How did I observe the vibe?  I took note of the effects it had on me.  I wrote out my sensory reactions.   Now, I was lucky to work with this person but on  occasion, she would shift into this mindset partially and I would ask her about what she was thinking about because of the vibe change.  She confided that some times "spirit comes on", but sometimes it got her in trouble.

Through the years I saw that.  Now, she had idea that you either have it or you don't as far as spirit coming on.  I didn't quite have that, but she could tell I had real ability  so she let me stay around.
There are a few things I have to note.  Fundamentally, I do not believe the mystification of techniques makes the mystery any less or more valid.  What I mean by this, is that fundamentally answers such as you can do it or you can’t in magic already are going on the wrong path in my opinion.  Breaking things down, does not lesson their awesomeness or imply or not imply the existence of spirits.

So I got to sit in more the a few sessions with this friend.  Then she ran into a problem.  Now, her spirits told her to ask me for help.  I did.  Mixing things up.  Boom.  Now when she saw this, she knew I had the spirit and the spirits taught or did I?  The truth is I carefully modeled her observable behavior and went to town on it with a spirit that I already had a great relationship with.  In the end, results achieved for what was asked.

Now, if you are really watching magic where the “room” and Vibe changes, often you can derive A LOT just from watching the event even if the magic is “On-the-Fly”,  there is a structure.  This structure includes multiple internal state changes ( usually reflected in the face) and observable behavior.  The person being observed might not be aware of the structure, but it is there and more often then not, it looks consistent across a person’s on-the-fly, or intuitive magic.   It has an explorable and repeatable structure.

Internal Observation

For most people who do the on-the-fly magic or let spirit take over intuitively and who get results ( lets rule out flights of fancy),  there is a series of internal transformations that enable all  the magic.  For the truly gifted, this just comes so naturally and quickly that they “just do it”.  However, if you observe these prodigies, with a keen eye, there is almost always a set of steps they do.  Each of these steps anchored to a subconscious state which activates something inside.  This could be saying the “Lord’s Prayer”, it could just be breathing.   In each case I have observed, there is a series of changes.   Now, under normal situations, the person may not even be aware of what is happening.

Deriving the Technique through Hypnosis

By playing with the perception of time however, a person can actually realize the steps they are doing.   A simple hypnotic technique is quite effective at this.

Get the person to breathe deeply.  Use an induction technique ( really any will do), but you could just describe them floating deeper and downward into relaxation and make sure they relax every muscle.

Then have them imagine the room where they are in.  Now tell them, to look at the clock or imagine a clock.  Tell them to use their 5 senses so it seems as if one second becomes 1 minute as time slows down.  This technique of time dilation works great.
Sometimes you have to add another step, where the person is watching themselves.
Have the person go through their magical technique... Call the spirit, etc.
Instruct them that they can go through this continue to talk out loud about what they are doing.

Often people when do this meditation, they will give you all sorts of information and more often then not there is a set of steps.  They might not remember the steps, but when you give them the steps back now you have a ton of information to work with.

Now, I used this with my significant to deconstruct her empathic abilities.  First, she assured me that she not could understand how it worked.  You could read lots of books on empathy and it still does not make sense, if you do not have it, it sometimes seems like you are out of luck.   So when we broke it down,  there is a method.  Much like large antennae, where you are paying a close attention to where the sensations are coming from.  Slowing it down, lets you figure out how to amplify this.    Now, I could get you all the details of that work, but I would like to write a book on it.

Methodical Testing

Results trump all.  The biggest problem with the modeling of techniques like this, is that your observations maybe be valuable but they must be tested.  If I modeled the techniques of my friend, or the empathy techniques and they did not work,  you have to go back to the drawing board.  For me, they both did.   I have numerous examples of this.  Each technique has to be diligently tested against the real world.  So for Empathy,   set a time and tune into a person.    Then call them to see how they are feeling ( aka no physical connection).   For other aspects, do the technique and test the results.  This is critical.

Keep in mind, this is for rituals or effects that produce a noticeable change in your perception.  For the psychically in-tuned, I mean SOMETHING is actually happening.  Modeling flights of fancy or wishful thinking probably is not such a great use of time.

The real benefit is not even for the person modeling the technique.  The real benefit is for the person modeled from if they are open to it.  Once they have the broken down technique, they can fill more in.  Test the observed technique, test it against the real world results.... and then refine it.

Now we get to the Goods: Refining

Every single person, I have ever ran through this process with and were open to me sharing has gotten way better at the magic they do.  Why?  This testing against the physical world and refining.

Once you know what the steps are to what you were doing, it is easy to start tweaking.  For instance, with the empathy,  you can use NLP skills to amplify the antennae effect.  For some time rituals, you could change the sensory state change around or even add physical steps.  Technically, if you see someone work with an entity, you could observe, test, and refine that for yourself.

So perhaps someone who "calls the spirit" figures out its Ogun, and that has certain vibes so you are in the zone, but you know what the bias of the messages are.  Perhaps there are multiple spirits, but when they come around, they have different locations they seem to talk at.  Again, knowing which spirit is talking and knowing the bias provides better mediumship.  Likewise then, maybe if they are willing, you could use that information to more powerfully evoke that spirit when in need.

While this doesn't quite seem as intuitive, now once you have a framework for the technique you can start to  refine it in small ways, adding or sometimes simplifying the technique while testing those changes against the physical world.    If a slight change to the technique, improves its effectiveness, keep it... if it weakens its power or effectiveness, drop it.

Some typical refinements I have seen:

  • Anchored and more powerfully projected states leading into the technique.
  • Adding sensory information to amp up the information stream.
  • Adding Breath work to some techniques.
  • Adding a specific color to a working.
  • Cutting stuff out of a technique.
  • more

It can be almost anything.     There is no limit to the modifications you can make, just TEST TEST TEST.   You'll be amazed at what you can learn, just by watching, testing and refining even your magics that you do on the fly, let alone other people's magic.

* In some cases, people would get better as a magician because they are being directly trained by spirits.  But even with that, these techniques will improve things.


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