Thursday, January 9, 2014

The Art of Doing and Integrating Magic in Daily Mini Events

In Jason Miller's recent blog post, he makes the point of Doing instead of just planning in magic.  You can read his blog there.  I won't go into exactly what he said.

We are constantly bombarded by time restraints and time requests.  This is doubly true if you have some kids.  I know.

Here is some ideas for the new year, to integrate magical operations and meditation in more places then you might think, where you can reclaim the time.  Make everything you can magical.  To integrate the spirituality into your life despite distractions.

Working out  ( with Cycling, Elliptical machines, other repetitive machines)
Do some sigil magic.  Use a sigilized image with a mantra and go to town.  Use a couple minutes in the start of the work out to do some stretching and use the stretching itself for banishing.  You could combine the stretching with Gigong or Yoga to make a very effective energy and physical warm up.  Even if you do not know those things, you could just stretch very slowly with intention.  Just see feel and hear yourself becoming "lighter" as you stretch.

The Train or Bus
Because of the Rhythm on the bus and even more so the train, I have found the train great for astral work in my astral lab.    Of course, you could just do some meditation.  I often do Chakra work on the train.  Sigil magic again is very possible.  If you have a set route, just take a few minutes and use some techniques of self-hypnosis to break to drop into a meditative state and then  tell your self to wake up before your stop.  Then Go to town.

The Washroom
Yes tacky, but the washroom particularly the toilet is a good place to to go banish or center.  You have to memorize the steps of the banishing or centering so you can reproduce the steps without sound or gestures.  This clears out the negativity of whatever is going on in your work day and can even be used with the heinous open office.

Blessing your Food
Spend a few minutes over each meal blessing your food, either asking your patron/matron, a friendly spirit, or other forces to grant you blessing through the food.  You can do this with reiki, premade sigils, thoughtforms or anything.  Do this every meal, you will be shocked at how much better you feel.  Even if you have no other time, take the time to savor the food.  Feel the vibe of the food coming in.

Walking from place to place
If you are in a relatively  safe place, merely breathing as deeply while walking and focusing on your breath is a great way to refresh the mind.  Of course, you could use NLP techniques and Qigong techniques to dive even further into this idea.

Take the 15 minutes to do a daily accounting
Carry a small notebook with you.  If you are forced to wait, do a accounting of how you feel and your general state of mind.  Make a mental or written accounting of what you got done in the day that you wanted to do.  Key there, wanted to do, not forced to by your work or others.  If you didn't make as much progress as you would like, what could you do as soon as you have a moment.  This will help you keep on track of working towards what you do want.  Do this, regardless of whether you have to wait.  Just spend the 15 minutes after work.  Really, even if you think about where you want to go and what you did to get there for 15 minutes, you'll start making different choices.

Other Mini Breaks 
Even 5 minutes of meditation using breathing and NLP techniques is a powerful way to bring the spiritual into actual focus.  If you have a well established familiar relationship, thats probably all you need to do summon your familiar.  Take those 5 minute breaks and use them.  Three 5 minute meditation sessions in a day will help a lot.

Use Anchors
If you have Hands On Chaos Magic, you know I love Anchors from NLP.  Spend your time one weekend making a whole set and you could even link them to small talismans ( if you like the physical objects).  Either way, make a set that could help you at work or during your day.  Some helpful ones I have are
  • Happiness
  • Peaceful Mind
  • Solar Charismatic
  • Dominating
  • A few anchors to trigger Servitors and Thought-forms
  • A Mercurial Mind ramp up anchor.
  • Clear negativity Anchor
The sky is the limit.  Trigger the Anchors as needed.

Keep a Journal 
I know its relatively puritan but if you work on a computer, KEEP a journal of your mini-meditations and self-accounting.  Send your self an email with those.  Then when you get a moment to breath.  Bust out some larger rituals of your preference to correct any issues and move things forward on the things you do want to do.  

This is only a small set of using the daily processes of life for magic, there are a tremendous amount of more techniques.  When you integrate the magic and the spirituality into more facets of your life, you'll find its easier to do.  You will more clearly see what you need to change, where to enchant ( or bind people), and won't forget what you want to achieve in the day to day turmoil.  The integration forces that little voice in your head to remind you, and by reminding you to take action, when you are ready.  

Try to do these things for 5 days.  I promise, you will start getting a lot more done, especially with things that you want to do, you'll feel better or more connected, and you'll be able to influence your world more fully and each of these techniques are micro in time.  They will add up.  They will give you some solid OOMPH to do.


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