Monday, February 3, 2014

Volcano Active Exercise Meditation

Volcano and Temple in Hawaii ( almost certainly sacred to Pele)
Certainly after experiment to do the wellness and fitness without energy work, and seeing what would happen, I shifted back to doing active meditations and energy work with the exercise.    Now, all told I am down about 15 lbs in 2 weeks.  My experiment being over, you, my beloved reader get some new techniques of exercised meditation and magic.

After a long conversation with a friend yesterday, he  kinda accidently went with the conversation to areas that I really feel betrayed by an individual and in some ways an organization.   I believe I am justified in feeling betrayed but that does not matter.  Of course, I have become way more gun shy with many things.  Carrying around that negativity and anger is not productive.  It is just resentment that has no output or productive use.  In this case, there really isn't a method of reconcilation.   If you are in the business of the occult, that probably sadly is very close to the norm.  But this one point of resentment over betrayal really kinda connects to resentment over the issues,  it becomes a web of well.. bad and wasted energy.

This exercise is unbelievably simple but quite potent.  Make sure you have water.  If you deep enough into the meditation, your body will react.

I recommend first doing a Charka Balancing.  Mostly, this initial step just helps with the energy flow. If you do not do this,  there can be some painful parts to this exercise.

After the chakra balancing,  get on a cycle machine.  I like the cycle machine, but any exercise where you are stable and its repetitive is great.   The key is that it must be a repetitive and stable environment.  As you are going deeper into the meditation, you are liable to loose some body control.  That is good, if you are doing it right.  Be Safe.

Start diving into the cycling.  Cycle for a good 5 minutes and purposefully try to slow your breathing.  While cylcing this is not a trivial task.   If you can do the Microcosmic Orbit, this is very helpful to build up the energy flow.

While continuing to cycle, use all five senses to imagine yourself at a volcano.   I prefer, to see myself at like Mt. Doom ( from Lord of the Rings), but any view where you can look down at the lava is great.  This is extraordinarily hot, and you should feel the hot. This actually helps with the cycling and Chi.  It will boost things up.  Now, start to really cycle hard.  As you are fully immersed in this, throw anything negative  or stressful that is bothering you into the volcano.  You might see faces of people, colors, vibe..... various sounds... just anything that comes up that is negative bundle it up and chuck it.   See it get burned and trapped in the lava.  Do this for 20 minutes, its great exercise and the cycling will allow you to move energy around fast.

Lava has some great attributes for this.  First, Lava is extrodinarily hot, meaning the negative gets burned away fast.  Second,  things in Lava tend to sink and get trapped.  So this is a doubly great technique.  Because it is so hot, you may if you are really deep, have some kundalini effects.  If you do, and perceive and blocks in your system, well take those blocks and chuck them too.  Slight shaking helps the effect.  Obviously, I am in a gym doing this and full on Seething... might be a little too unsightly.

Advanced Meditative Technique
If you have been at an actual volcano, you can try to make an arrangement with the spirit of the Volcano and even bring a piece of volcanic rock for you to hold while you are doing this exercise.   This is more way more effective of a technique.  Just doing the exercise with that is quite powerful since you have just a bit of physical Materia to link everything together.  Of course, you have to have the resources to get to an active and safe volcano.

Finishing up
Clearing this up is great but do some additional meditative work to replace what you burned away.  Nature hates a vacuum so do not leave the choice of what to replace it with up to chance.   I prefer to do something like Walking Condensing Breathing since it packs new and fresh Chi in, still lets your body cool down, and is great exercise.  Either way following up the Volcano with some Tai Chi or Qigong is great way to pack great energy in.

Notice, these combine the energy work with the body motion so you are achieving multiple goals at once. Anytime you try to do weightloss, emotional blocks and energy blocks will come up to the surface. Doing this type of exercise, purifies you while you are detoxifying energetically, spirituality, and physically. Sometimes, without it, the emotional roadblocks get rough.

If you need some clarification on techniques of trance work, or creating metaphors and enhancing them, feel free to check out my first book.

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