Monday, January 12, 2015

Be the Wind, a Fae Magic Taste

This is a very rough draft of something that will be included in my forthcoming fae book.   Roughly this book has a Supplication section ( which are almost 100% of all books on Fae magic) and a Transmogrification section which I have never seen in any fae book, ever.   

This exercise requires a couple skill sets before you do this, and those skills would have been covered previously in the fae book ( which isn’t written yet and the date is not yet forthcoming), definitely in my shapeshifting course ( which I will be running again in August), and in Hands on Chaos Magic.  For the most part, this will make more sense if you have some meditation experience, and ability to take on resonance.  As this is a blog post, I can’t go as deep into the preliminaries as I would like.  Usually, I sit down with people and walk through this, multiple times.

When most people do ritual work or similar exercises, they often go their favorite god form, or spirit.  Let’s put aside the book of names for a few minutes.   Yes, I know that you might have a godform, or angel of air.  You might have thousands of names and symbols.  Put that all aside for a few minutes, you can have it back later.  It does not matter the name but dwelling too far on the names of things can take away the experience.  We instead want to talk about an experience.   

Be careful if this is in winter, although it is very effective.  

You can do this on a bench or on the ground.  Take proper precautions.  Clear your head and sit still for a few minutes.  Try to merely concentrate on your breath.  Try doing this for at least 30 minutes with your eyes closed.

At first, just sit with the wind.   Sit perfectly still.  Then, start to bend as a tree does in the wind.  Slight swaying.  Sink into the zone and let the wind whip into you, around you.  Listen with all five of your senses, even in the chill to your bones ( if its cold).  Get a sense of the 5 senses+, and imagine all the cells of your body taking on the aspects of the wind around you.  If you are familiar with invocation, think of it as invoking what is already around you.  To go further with this ( and have real fun), you must be deep enough that you are in resonance to the wind with little to know conscious thoughts.  Just feel yourself expand, move, flow, blow.   Let your self be the wind.  Let all the other voices in your mind just flow away into the wind, until the only voice is the sound of the wind itself.  This takes a little practice.  

Be the wind and then increase the wind or slow it down.  It is much more like a synthesis, partnership and a coaxing then a demand.  The minute you consciously get to involved with how much or little wind, you have lost the connection and probably will have to start over.  The minute you demand, the connection and comment flows away.  

From this place of connection, we can have some real fun.  Stay in the zone.  Saying words will just get in the way and it just kill the connection between you and the wind. Go with the flow.  As you go deeper and deeper into the wind, you might even notice other consciousnesses, patterns, intelligences in the wind observing you.  They are there, trust me.  At first, you might react and if you react, that will break the connection.  If you break the resonance, the moment may be gone (although they might pursue you even after a moment).  Stay in the zone.  Until you really listen and become the wind with all of your five senses, really resonating, you might not sense the other intelligence floating by ( but you might since even a little attention might bring out their curiosity). This takes practice. Once you can stay in the zone, the next phase is connection and working with the connection.  That however, may be another blog post, or gasp something you will have to get from the book.

Now, there are some provisos with these techniques.

First, something observing you or trying to make a connection is not needfully a good or bad thing.   Although, many new agers and many light workers might think so, nature is not so human friendly.  Human indifferent might be more correct.  Some spirits might be curious, some might be justifiably angry.  We do after all pollute the air, badly.  A connection could be good, bad, useful, not useful, harmful, beneficial and any combination therein.  If some contact is made,  treat it as if it is a stranger.   Be respectful and friendly, but not instantly trusting.  Do make sure you have some spiritual ally’s such as ancestors or a patron and matron, key protective spirits, or a mentor.  In the full fae book before we get to this exercise, I definitely cover creating the needed relationships, but this is not needfully safe magic even though it looks simple, do not let that trick you.  You are in resonance with them at that point, and its not like they are bound to a triangle and that is part of the point ( and it allows a sort of mingling of consciousness).

This also means that if a something shows up that is not friendly from the wind, you need have to some methods of spiritual cleansing such as a White bath,  or if you need something a bit more forceful, a Full on Archangel Michael Fire cleaning.

Usually what I have people ask themselves, is how is the consciousness resonant with the wind different from day to day consciousness.  Usually, if you are feeling stuck, really going into in this way just on the wind is enough to remove several boundaries.  Even for people in a crossed condition,  the free flow of the wind moves their consciousness and energy in a way that allows the flowing around obstacles, energy blocks, hell even flowing through curse work.  The wind just allows you to be unconstrained as it is.

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