Sunday, April 1, 2012

Legba White Bath to Clear Roads

Mambo Pat's Herb Mixtures ( I swiped the photo cause, I just dont
always think to take a photo.
I don't talk about the Vodou I do much for alot of reasons but I serve various Lwa.  Mostly I don't talk about it for reasons with the people.  I am trying to break out of that mode.  I am an Asowge Houngan. The truth is that the Lwa come when I call and even though I am so pressed for time, I love it very much and love the spirits that walk with me very much.

The culture in the African Traditional Religion is quite contentious although I am very good at some things.  People come to me a fair amount even though I refuse to really talk about it.  I just do not want to get into stupid bullshit internet wars about whether or not I can do something.  When I act, I get results, change lives and move.  I was made correctly as a Houngan, although I was not fully trained correctly and this was not my fault . I am working on that.
Papa Legba, Have you seen him?

Although I was sworn to secrecy about the exact formula, I have seen multiple formula's online, in books, basically everywhere... that will work.

One is from Denise Alvarado
3 cans of Evap milk
Hand full... Star Anise
Hand full... Anise seed
1 Pound Salt
1 white candle

This is not exactly what my bath for the client actually has in and no I won't say.  While many people may disagree with me, the exact bath contents will often change from bath to bath depending on which Lwa is involved which person and the situation.  I will use a combination of dried and fresh herbs.  Its how I saw it done in Haiti, how I was doing bath work before I went to Haiti, and it does work.

First, I LOVE doing herb and leaf work.  Its very grounding and charges me up.  To me the real challenge and secret to me is not the exact formula, although thats what people really seem to get off on.  The real secret is getting the plants to contribute their ASHE to the bath.  There are various ways to do this.  When you are using live plants, you pay each plant, and pay each crossroads to carry the magic back.  This is insanely difficult in the modern western world.

Ashe is alot like spirit energy.  This is generally what makes the bath's have such life changing properties.  First, it is possible to get the Ashe of the plant from the dried leaves you get in the store.  Its alot tougher and takes some extra steps.  The fresh leaves work easier.  To compensate, I will often use fluid and herbal condensors as outlined by Franz Bardon.

Personally, I have developed some techniques for this problem.  These are experimental and basic taught to me by the spirits themselves.  First, it is possible to return and amplify the Ashe of the Plants through Gran Bwa.  I do this through extensive prayer, fire, and other means.

Second, it is possible to directly call the spirit of the plant and ask it to re-establish the Ashe.  This is very very useful, but it means forming relationships with the plant spirits themselves.  The rewards of that journey are great. but it is tedious.

If you dont know how to form relationships with spirits, I give some good advice on the process. I had written about this in 
Engaging the Spirit World: Shamanism, Totemism, and Other Animistic Practices  although I have know idea when that book will be published.

If your interested in doing a bath ceremony with me,   although if you live the cleveland area, I am sure we can work something out.  

So Today, Papa Legba White Bath, and the start of my spiritual discipline for the Chraka/Body rebuilding process.

I did the 1080 Repetitions, Ganesh basically in direct communication wanted me to START with 108 of the mantra I used today, and he would guide the attainments and benefits of the mantra ( Mentioned on Thursday).


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