Monday, January 26, 2015

Forming an Idea, Planning and Magic

So last Friday, I gave a webinar on planning and magic for SOMA.  So many magical books on wealth, health, divinations, mediumship, spirit work, etc, can be reasonably summed up with incremental goal setting, planning and assessment.   Sexy topic, I know.  

The idea of planning and magic might seem counter to a lot of written materials.  Some books will tell you to use magic as a last resort before you get every other option done.  I could not disagree more.    Let’s start at the forming stage of idea.

Very few people come to the table with no ideas.  The ideas of something I would like to work on are just vague.  Everyone has those ideas.  Most of the time, when a person claims they do not have those types of goals, what they really are doing is self-censorship, based around what they can achieve.

Perhaps they are correct, but in most cases, I do not believe they are correct.  What I believe is that they just lack confidence.  The walls of the prison are close.   This early and tenuous stage of an idea, is a perfect place for magic.   

Should we ask the various spirits for the finished product at this stage?  Should we enchant for success while everything is still vague?  Should we compel the universe to our will?  


We start with real communion with the spirits about the idea for help with clarity, self-compassion, confidence?  We could do this with psychological skills, even creative visualization and meditation.  I prefer to do the following things:

  1. Ask my ancestors what they think, keeping in mind that their opinion is not always perfect in the modern world.
  2. I ask Legba where will this road lead me, and usually do a divination about that.  It is important that our divination is not treated as the final authority.  The divination is only part of the process (and sometimes tells you different information then what we're asking).
  3. Ask counsel from my other allies, asking why I am holding back on the goal.
  4. Meditation.  In stillness, what does the quietest voices say?  (You know, the ones we don’t listen too).
  5. Usually other similar things.

Every person has goals that stick with them.  Sure we get distracted by daily living, by pain, by just the sheer beat down of life…  but there are a couple that each of us come back to.   From myself and my clients, I can tell you that’s true.    

So this is not a post on divination, but let's say you ask your guides or yourself and an issue comes up.    These issues, such as I am not good enough, or everyone will hate it…Even if you meditate about the vague idea, and write down what you say to yourself, there’s tons to work with.   Well the issues give you the starting point of the plan.   They are your soil (or fertilizer for the idea).   Now, we have some real meat to work with.   Now we are working on what holds us back from actually making a plan we can stick to regarding developing the idea.

So what kinds of stuff might you do at this point?

Well if you guessed healing work you’d be so right.  Most of these hesitations come from patterns of internalized painful experience.

So you could use Reiki II to heal the emotional wounds.  Qigong to move the energy around, NLP or self-hypnosis to reframe the issues, Ancestral work, Angel work, or other healing work.    I might work out a white bath,  or start pounding away at it through Chakra work (releasing it day by day).    Deep seated issues will not just “go away”, but ritual work or the healing work sets out a holy spiritual plan to grow.

So many well meaning authors will tell you to follow your bliss or your passion and just do it, but the truth is that most people, including ME, have vague ideas and a host of painful issues that prevent the development of the idea.  I might refer to this as the Lie of Occultists and New Age Philosophies, but that would be such an aggressive phrase.  If you are in that boat, you are like 99.99999999% of the people and if you ignore most occultists bravado and branding they are in the same boat.   

But what we do have is an issue which I call fertilizer, because we all would like to call our issues shit all the time! :)   So how do we work this in a way that is most helpful?   Now, we get to the other big point of the webinar, accounting.  

By accounting, I do mean Accounting which is hard and math-like, but I do mean meticulous journaling.  Sure some magicians are anal on this, journal your magical experiences, but what does that tell you?  Not much in practice.  

What you really need is your magical rituals and work, and metrics of self-change.  If you are doing Reiki for self-doubt, you should be able to track (and I know this is hard), improvement in how much time you are working on your idea versus making excuses for why the idea is not being worked on.  The amount of times you sit down to work on an idea and actually sit down to do it (a certain time is best).  What you eat, and your emotional state are all clues.   The amount you sleep.   Your social sphere, all of it.  Because when you confront a painful pattern, chances are, a whole bunch of it is connected.    If you go down this road, and think that your allies can’t help you out with what you discover by journaling it out, either they really aren't spiritual allies, or those impeding voices are clouding what you are willing to ask for.  FREAKING ASK!!!

The "pick yourself up by your bootstraps" message is bullshit, condescending, and often counterproductive, but the idea that you can make consistent progress by journaling, and keeping with your spiritual practice is not.  You can.  Each day another step or two.    

What happens when you do this?  You will start off probably swearing at yourself a lot.  I do.  Usually I get slapped by the ancestors a whole bunch of times to get my head straight on (that's how we all roll in my family).  I will turn away help, then break down and know the accounting has the truth of it, and I should use those relationships correctly.    Because even our pride works against us, but eventually the accounting breaks it down.  You start to flesh out the idea. You get strength in the beginning and tenuous idea phase. You find that creative, or other, voice you need.

Then the whole process starts again when you try to implement the idea. 

 Well no one said the Great Work was easy.

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