Monday, March 2, 2015

Offerings III: Symbiotic Intelligence versus Atomic Intelligence

What does intelligence look like from within a totally different perspective from our space and time existence? First, causality and story seem to be tied to time. We tell stories, and those stories that make sense generally fall into place in linear time within the rules of time and space as we know it. We relate to the beings within stories, and understand them through that metaphor. This does not mean that they perceive or interact with us in that sort of way, or that the interaction looks like human intelligence. I do not know what this intelligence looks like, but I can say with a different set of Time-Space perspective, it cannot look like ours.

In Offerings I and Offerings II blogs, I covered the biology of exchange, and the Space-Time quandary in part II, but now we get to some more interesting facts about offerings. If the magician forms a Space-Time bridge through active imagination, and links it to a physical altar, it does seem like the spirit world can do wonders and miracles. Sure, the offerings add to this resonance, but how?

In Hands On Chaos Magic, on page 334, I covered many techniques using Seed Crystals, and gave a rather intense explanation of how spirits could interact. Like most of the secrets revealed in plain sight in Hands On Chaos Magic, if you skim it, you miss it, and it only makes sense if you DO it. (Which also means those charming few who skimmed through on their way to trashing an Amazon review missed quite a bit.) The idea is simple. It’s how you make chocolate, steel, and sour dough bread. In Cat’s Cradle (Vonnegut), this is used to create water that freezes at 109 degrees F, because a different crystalline structure of water was introduced to the water. 

The idea is that adding a few crystals, of a previous batch of crystals, to a mixture of melted solid as it is cooling forces the melted solid to form in the same way as the crystals. I postulated in Hands On Chaos Magic that many of the ATR talismans work in this way. It’s also the way the Goetia seems to work with the different metal talismans. Feed the talismans the right offerings and it’s like adding melted liquid that solidifies, as part of what the entity can use at the Time-Space juncture of the altar. Of course, that means it has to be the right mixture of Chi to solidify the essence with the spirit.

A few interesting things happen with this process though. It’s not that you get the “pure entity”.  No. You get something like a third thing. You and the crystals form a 3rd structure, one that you interact with. In the ATR, we always refer to our spirits, our Legba, our Ogun etc. In Haitian Vodou, each spirit has various aspects associated with them, much like different crystal elements. So we know “Ogun is Ogun”, but there are slight variations between one person’s Ogun and another person’s, much like the general crystal “type” and the crystals we make. The ATR do not talk about “the spirit”, they talk about your own personal spirits. The language is important and it encapsulates a few things. Your Ogun is not my Ogun, even though they are Ogun. Likewise, your Paimon is not my Paimon. This is true for many spirits. That is important.  Outside of some politics, everyone has their own set spirits they have built up.

Now the thing about that is that what that entity is is no longer “pure”, having “mixed” or “bonded” with the practitioner. Once a Space-Time bridge is formed, and the spirit has significant Chi, they can act independently of the magician, however that spirit is actually interdependent on “their” magician. We talk to a spirit, we communicate with them. Isn't it possible they develop personality as they grow in the Space-Time juncture? Where do you think that personality comes from? Certainly some of the personality direction may have been part of the seed crystal, but I bet a bunch more comes from the magician. 

The entity that interacts with us and others is the part which exists outside the Time-Space constraints we live in, and has anthropomorphized and personalized attributes that are built via the ongoing relationship and interactions with the magician. Perhaps the spirit world gets something out of this, but who knows. This seed crystal metaphor seems to be a type of symbiotic intelligence that develops. In a way, it also explains why “good” spirits can do bad things in the hands of an ambivalent person who does feed the spirit correctly (adding the right “liquid Chi” to harden and give form). The morals, (a great deal of the personality), and more is built with the relationship with the magician and sustained by the physical bridge that magician maintains (the altar, talismans etc.)  In fact, the more Chi/quintessence/vitae the spirit has at the juncture point, the more personified it may seem (as there is more of the magician infused into its’ essence). In a group context, an entity will take on properties of the group and primary care taker.

So are the offerings enough?  Yes and No, actually. There is a lot to be said about the offerings, but a good deal of the strength in this process depends on the magician to go out and get a clear crystal. No, I don’t mean going down to your local shop and picking up a chunk of clear quartz, I mean getting a clear/clean vibrational base for “your” spirit. (Although you can certainly use a physical piece of clear quartz to be a touch point for the Space-Time juncture that you are building).  This is why so many books have detailed the exact ritual for a summoning.   Generally, the magician does not get this right and it takes several different attempts. In all actuality, there is a second Space-Time juncture that is formed outside of any altar, and that Space-Time juncture is in the physical brain of the magician (neuron changes), that solidify and harden around the memories associated with interactions with an entity. Yes, to change those neurons takes about 30 days.  And, guess what? People will start getting greater results if they have basic techniques down (like those you will find in Hands On Chaos Magic). That is probably the most effective way to create real relationships with your spirits. 

If you have really read Bardon, you can probably tell he has a very different method, and I have been accused of using this method more often than not. Bardon clearly sends his consciousness to where the spirit is, and directly pulls the “crystal flakes” to the physical world.  Of course, to “go where the spirits go” means to be able to exist without time or space, and also to be able to get back again. This is undoubtedly what shamans have done for thousands of years and then still, they would build up their spirit allies using similar methods.

If the physical talisman is strongly imbued with a clear information pattern, the process of growing happens fast. This depends almost entirely on the skill of the magician. Otherwise, the magician is interacting with the pattern (spirit) with a higher noise-to-signal ratio which slows down the process of the seed crystal growth, personification, and power. Clear crystal and signal plus lots of Chi = miracles happen. Remember, intimately and literally, the entity is part of the magician’s energy, brain, and probably even (in many cases) soul.

Why don’t magicians get rolled?
If it was only about the amount of attention given to a spirit, your average Christian should be able to easily roll any magician in a conflict of wills. The Christian god gets tons of attention.  The truth is usually the opposite, that the magician is doing the rolling. Why?

Because the magician is better able to form a Space-Time juncture point, and then build it up with the right vibrational vitae (offerings or directed energy work) to create a superior juncture point.  This symbiotic intelligence is why I think you can have two different spirits of the same type working against each other in a contest of wills. Some magicians are just better at infusing the juncture point with clear information, and form.

There may be effects that depend on how much thought energy an entity has taken, and it may be possible for an entity to have a spiritual reservoir. Hell, it may be possible for it to move Chi around from one juncture point to another (although I think this would depend on the stories around that entity).

But still, the personification and empowerment of the entity happens better if the magician has clear thought and energy while doing the work. EVERYTHING I said in Hands On Chaos Magic about mental practice, clear energy, signal and control applies here! 

If you have really read the last 3 blogs and really have read Hands On Chaos Magic, there is a tremendous amount of tangible magic hidden here. While I am not going to go into how to actually feed your particular talisman or entity, there is more than enough to think about as far as how you might go about doing just that. If you add a few points, such as the fact that servitors that are backed up and fed in a similar way show similar patterns of growth and physical manifestation. Just think on it. Then go out and TRY it! Remember, BE THE MAGIC!

The Full Offerings series

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