Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Aum and using the Aum

Its the sound of the Universe,
99% of new age believers agree
So, what does that mean?

AUM Technique by Unnamed, maybe I just hallucinated it

The one technique I learned, and then could not find it again anywhere on the internet, was very specific.  I have used this often, and it does wonders.

This combines a fair amount of energy and intention work.

Aum is a complex concept concept do google it.

AUM can be broken down to A U M and a silence.

The syllable OM symbolizes both the spheres:(1) the phenomenal, visible sphere of the 'jagat', wherein the manifestations of time and space appear and perish, and (2) the transcendent, timeless sphere of the Imperishable Being, which is beyond and yet one with it. Thus, A the 'waking state', U, the 'dream', and M, the 'deep sleep', and the silence, 'turiya', all the four together comprise the totality of this manifestation of Atman-Brahman as a syllable. Just as the sound M manifests itself, grows, becomes transformed in its vocal quality, and finally subsides into the silence that follows****, so too the four 'states' or components of being ultimately merge into the homogeneous silence of the 'fourth' (turiya). The other three states are transformations of the one experience, which taken together constitute the totality of its modes, whether regarded from the microcosmic or from the macrocosmic point of view. 

So that explanation aside,  Lets Break the AUM into its three parts.

Start with the A,  focus your attention in the back, center of the of the spine inside your body.  It is not enough to simply visualize, its much more important to feel it while doing the A.

Second, focus the vibration of the U in at the base of the neck.

Third Focus the vibration of the M on the 3rd Eye, and the vibration of the silence in the Crown.  In a real way, use your intention to move the energy up from the heart to the third eye along the spine ( kundalini channel).

At first, do this very slowly starting in each area.  So the Aum might take a while at fist, even up to 7 seconds.  Just focus on the different areas and train yourself to go faster.  As you,  move faster and faster, connect the AUM so the intention will flow up from the heart through to the crown in the silence, in one small motion.   So it would be a continual sweep, up.

Once you can do the Aum quickly and continuously with the energy component, you might notice that the energy moves upward throughout the  body in the spine.  Once that happens automatically whenever chanting Aum, progressively extend the sweep lower and lower throughout the body within the time  of the AUM chant.

Eventually, extend the intention/energy sweep from the root chakra to the crown on the silence.    It takes a little practice  to get the Aum to sweep from the root to the crown, but it is well worth the practice.

If there is more to the mantra then a starting Aum, once you can coax the energy to repeatedly from the root to the crown in one motion through intention, just hold your intention at the crown while chanting the rest of the mantra.  I have found this greatly strengthens any mantra's effects and results.


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