Monday, March 16, 2015

Andrieh Vitimus on Dead Files Revisited: Fractured

So this week I got horribly swamped, but I did want to write about mirror magic and have been totally hosed for time.

So instead I will cheat, since I have something interesting to cheat with. I was in the Dead Files Revisted Innocent Blood and Fractured, here is the episode.

Here is a video where the second part I got to do the home exorcism on the Travel Channel on Dead files.   If you would like to buy it,

A couple things, If you want to complain to the producers that they didn’t name me, feel free.  They did it to all the people who were disposable “fix the problem”.  It is bullshit, but oh well.

They really didn’t show the full rituals.  The first was a New Orleans Style ritual to the Baron and his Wife to help remove the dead and more so really give the dead compassionate release.  The Dead Files Did not show the possession  Apparently at one point, I was crying for a while.  The camera men and woman had NEVER seen that from anyone in any of the cleansing, and most said they could feel the emotions. We had laid out a METRIC shit ton of food for the dead too, and candles.

The second part is a planetary archangel ritual, where all 7 planetary archangels were called into the house and then called to give blessings into a 7 planetary archangel incense.  They only showed 2 angles, I went across 7 planets using Michael as Sun ( sorry thats where I put him).  I do have the whole ritual written out, and I have worked it before… Its a fantastic ritual that brings all planets into balance and their highest aspirations.  It also happens to work real well for home excorcisms, banishing the stuck feeling, or as a jumping off point towards really powerful Bornless ones or HGA work.  Its not quite as “stiff” as most ceremonial magic operations and involves alot of training pre-steps and progressive training to work the ritual.  Pretty much I worked on that ritual for years and theres certain ways to make it work through proper training. I have done this with Jason Colwell, and we had so many weird occurrences happen when we did it. EVENTUALLY I will get that ritual out there, but you can see part of it above.

What they didn’t show, was that I went ROOM to room, cleansing every nook and cranny in that house with the incense and a white candle placing some physical bit of the incense in every corner.  Of course, they didn’t bother to mention that, but I did go the extra mile for them.  So if you have a house situation, like that one, want shit gone?  I can take care of and get your house back to normal.  I am happy to fly out to various places ( and we can work out the cost).

Outside the “not name the people”, I was really glad I could help the family on Dead Files. I know alot of what you see on TV is fake, but I made sure it was real for these people. I might have disagreed with Amy on some of her impressions and what was there ( there was stuff there, just not really everything was as bad as it was made to seem), but the angel work I did there did do the intended effect which was to heal the living and the negative vibes in the house.  They had real pain, and that helped to clear and heal it. Hell the dead slave problem was enough to cause that. I was just happy I could get their home back to a home. That's how I roll.

It was a fun time, Amy at least said "For this you need a chaos magician,  they are truly powerful, and I only call them out in the worst of cases"..  Haha... see with all the hate blogs we get, at least somebody respects our "Power".


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