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The Story of the Subconscious Mind and the Aura

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on Andrieh's Advanced Course on Energy work. The rest of the course is on the Arcanorium.

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The Story of the Subconscious Mind and the Aura

            Let’s start with an assumption.  Let’s assume that the Subconscious Mind and the Conscious Mind dichotomy is mostly a story.  That story, from a radically different point of view, is the Aura.  Of course, all of those terms are horribly conflicted even within themselves, but they do offer a starting point. 

These terms are metaphors, which are simply information patterns which describe certain qualities of interaction in the creation of ‘Self’ to ‘Other’, and the creation of ‘Self’ to ‘Universe’.  Even the ending point of where the Aura or individual Subconscious ends may in fact be arbitrary.  In a way, the Far Eastern and highest forms of Kaballah mostly seem to lead towards that unified approach.

I am not, for the purposes of this course, interested in diving into philosophy.  That would go on forever, but I do have to make that assumption that they are both just information streams describing similar processes. If that is true, there are a lot of testable and interesting hypothesis that become available.

First,   a change to the Subconscious Mind must result in a change to the Aura.  This idea, I have personally tested numerous times.  I get a sensitive medium to assist me.  I have them scan the person beforehand and take notes regarding their initial perceptions. I then hypnotize someone and use NLP to change things around in their mind.  I have the sensitive come back and write down any changes in their perceptions.  More often then not, depending on the metaphors the sensitive is using, they mostly “get the gist”.  The language can be very different.  Instead of “hypnotic triggers”, they might tell me how I “removed soul debt” or “got rid of energy blocks”.

Likewise, a change to the energy system must result in a change to the cognitive structures of the mind.  When I do energy work on a person, I define success in terms that there must be observable behavioral changes.  When I have done energy healings on a person and could follow up, this consistently occurs, although there seems to be a time delay depending on the style of ritual work (I will cover that in a minute).

Keep in mind, the subconscious mind has A LOT to do with the body.  In fact, most of the body’s biological processes are regulated by the Subconscious Mind.  A change to the body, means the Subconscious Mind will interpret and react (and may keep some or most of that hidden form the Conscious Mind).  Likewise, a change to the body will result in a change the Aura as well. If you have ever done serious health work, and then have backslidden, people can tell that’s the case. 

In a way these are all just information metaphors for systems.

Distort, Manipulate, Destroy or Create and then Transmit
One of the problems with Magic and also with Life, is that the Subconscious Mind has a tendency to distort, manipulate, destroy or create information when transmitting to match the current tendencies and patterns already established.  The goal of the Subconscious Mind metaphor is to keep us alive and safe.  Think about that.
When we set our mind to do something, if it is not in alignment with past things, the Subconscious Mind tends to sabotage us.  So we go out to be confident, but we have experienced past rejections and pain, so our intentions send out mixed physical signals. The information sent out is not a clear signal with even the physical senses. If the Subconscious Mind is acting in observable ways to act like a filter with direct connections, we must assume it is acting this way with the multitude of psychic information sources as well.  

Distort, Manipulate, Destroy or Create and then Receive
Likewise, when we talk about receiving, that information is distorted, manipulated and controlled to maintain a status quo. The information coming in from physical and psychic sources is distorted, manipulated, created or destroyed to fit the current patterns of information in the Subconscious Mind. This is why most rituals seem to “have no effect.” Simply put, the signal IN has to be stronger than the information pattern (or energy) of what is currently inside.  Signal clarity and strength matter.

All is not lost
            The Subconscious Mind and, in some cases, the untrained Auric field works to maintain the status quo within the Self. However, we all have our own administrative ‘over-ride’.  In doing the sliding anchor and the positive memory techniques, many of you already saw that there were differences in the quantum flow.  Basically, the universe did seem to reflect different possibilities.

In a way, for a temporary period, the work you did was a switch.  Major rituals or rituals perceived as coming from an “expert” or someone who is “powerful”, can shift a lot more internal structures, and do so a lot more quickly.  Of course, some people may have enough actual information clarity and signal aptitude to force the changes, but even that is dependent on what the other person’s metaphors are.I will give you several examples as food for thought. 

Allow me to just say, don’t judge the chaos magician who dares:

Mixed Failure 1:
I had a client that I knew needed to do something akin to water energy, which works at a fundamental level.  I worked through my system of metaphors to see which things I have that seem to resonate with the work. I came up with the Arch Angel Gabriel- somewhat because I know Gabriel and somewhat because I know the person has responded well to angelic like presences well in the past. However, that person had radically shifted towards an exclusive Celtic paradigm.   The Information patterns were not consistent with the other changes they had made to their own information patterns.

Ultimately, the person worked with ManannĂ¡n who is a Celtic sea god.  The aspect of water, coming with compatible information and acceptable information metaphors worked for her.  At the time, she had no connection with that god form.  After the Gabriel work, which on the surface did not work, the god form (ManannĂ¡n) pops up.  The Subconscious tweaked the information pattern to be consistent with the internal patterns.  It got the message of ‘water’ but rejected the information around it.  Of course, that change was not overnight at all.

Success State 1:
            So, a Xenos church moved into my area and they were getting quite annoying visiting homes, including mine.  So to have some fun, I decided to help them out a little.  Within the information patterns of “Christianity” especially Xenos, the figure of Satan looms large. It is ever present.  Mostly, however people just give it lip service. 
            With a friend, we went into the parking lot and did an impromptu summoning of Satan, to help them with their faith.  It was a very meditative and mellow affair, but a few things happened right afterward. Really, the amplitude of the signal was pretty low for what we did, but it was amazingly consistent.
            In the weeks and months following the “summoning”, the church went ballistic about Satan “testing” them and, in fact, numerous members of the congregation had uncomfortable revelations about their “personal lives”.  The pastors all attributed this to “Satan” and Satan became, not just a boogy man, but the Real Deal.  They were fully under spiritual attack.  A couple weeks later someone drew a Satanic symbol with “Hail Satan” on their garbage can, (NOT us) which only heightened their fear.  By what I heard, through some people I knew who had back channel connections to the church, this kept going for months.

            The amplitude of what we did was low but very clean and it fit right in with expectations.  Think about that- really think about that, and about internal information patterns in relation to transmission and reception.

Success State 2:
            This is a type of extended Baphomet example.  We were doing a ritual involving Baphomet in a forest. I had worked HARD ahead of time to instill certain anchors throughout the day. These anchors included:
1.              This ritual will be Hard Core.
2.              Ominous predictions
3.              Supporting details and information
4.              Other people extoling my ritual ability (Authority and Credibility building)
5.              Previous experiences with Baphomet

We set up a physical circle within a sweat house structure.  The wood was there, but nothing else.  The ritual called for calling our internal/external “demons” around us and then having Baphomet transmute them.  Solve Et Coagula right.

We did this at night. Everyone got freaked out.  Everyone saw eyes in the darkness.  Physical eyes that they thought were a bear or larger.  People got their knives out. This was good and internally consistent information with high Signal Amplitude and Signal Clarity (aka a formal ritual with a force that multiple participants knew VERY well).

Think about it, what is ritual but a set of procedures to create information changes.  The ritual actually began at dawn that day, when we started to “create” expectations with various psychological techniques.  That is not to say this was ‘all in their head’. No one at the ritual would say that was true, but certainly having consistent information added to a real transformative experience and weird physical manifestations.

Receiving the Signal (the underrated skill)
Chaos magic, in general, de-emphasizes divination as a skill.  In some cases rightfully so, but from an information/energy sorcery POV it is absolutely critical to have receptive skills, and more to the point, to recognize that you already have receptive skills or at least your subconscious mind does.

            If you think about language and information transmission, it is an interpreted construct.  Now, without the physical cues, information that travels into the psyche from outside sources has to have to have an internal model. That internal model is, of course, comprised from internal metaphors and organization.  Think about that for a minute.

This is why no two diviners ever get the same message.  There may very well be a message, but it is impossible to separate the message from the messenger.  So, the message might be correct, but the symbols and god forms are not as easily adapted to the person the message is for.

            If we have an internal structure for something, our Subconscious Mind does comparisons against the vast information it has available about one topic and then presents it to the Conscious Mind in a sort of “IT is This” label.  That label may or may not be correct in terms of psychic phenomenon, but more often then not, depending on the level of connection, it is correct.

            Let’s say someone is working with Papa Legba from Vodou.  They come to me for divination services and  I have no idea who they are working with, but I ask them, do you work with Papa Legba?  Why? Because my Subconscious Mind picks up a certain set of vibrations and sensations that it has labeled as Papa Legba.  It does this very quickly.  Now, suppose instead that someone comes to ‘Shaman Vitimus’, as it were, and I have no idea what’s with them.  It just produces this certain set of vibrations in when I tune in.  I tell them “here’s what I get”.  They respond, “Oh that’s (this being)”.  Fair enough, but now I have a “handle” aka a Name.

So lets talk about that tuning in.  It turns out, you already have all the skills you need.

Tuning in

Some Guidelines before we start

1.              Understand that each person will receive signals in their own unique way.  There is no set of sensory information that is correct, and transmission might actually force a recollection of past memories or even fantasy.  This is an information change and would be consistent with information transfer.
2.              We are playing mutual telephone games of interpretive transmission and reception all the time.  When we get to the exercises, remember the platinum rule:
Note the subtle differences between one state and another.  The differences between when someone is broadcasting to you and when they are in the natural/neutral state, and give your mind the handle it needs to dive in.
3.              Interpretation of the incoming information means you are biased, there is no way around that.
4.              Sub modality work and creating ‘on the fly’ metaphors are your golden key.  Focusing on the “absolute” reality of the metaphor will lead no-where with this type of work.

So what do we do now?

TUNING IN:  Exercise with a Tree or Plant
First, clear your signal. Banish or use the Relaxation Lever.  Focus the mind within.  Those with some Zen training, yes let the thoughts go.

Breathe as deeply as you can. Feel, see, and hear your blood flowing around your body.  Relax deeper and see, feel and hear that flow and the movement.

Place one hand on a sturdy plant or a tree.  Use whatever hand seems to work easier.

Now, imagine what it would be like if that flow flowed into the tree.  Do this for a couple minutes. 

Place your other hand on the tree. Imagine what it would be like if the flow started to come back into you from the tree.  

Relax and pay attention to the differences with what is coming in.

Tuning IN:  With a (living) Person you Love (Detached Empathy)
Get a picture of someone you know and enjoy. Record the time you are starting.

Just like in the last example, first, clear your signal, aka banish or use the Relaxation Lever.  Focus the mind within.  Those with some Zen training, yes let the thoughts go.

Now, focus on the picture and breathe deeply.  Just pay attention to what pops in your mind.  Perhaps you will recall memories; perhaps certain sensations will pop up as you breathe deeply. Just let it flow. Try to breathe deeply and focus on the picture for 15 minutes.  Notice the changes.

If you get some weird information, just call and ask the other person if there was anything odd going on with them around the time you were doing this. You have to be delicate about it, and not put a suggestion in.  But if you were picking up stress and they say “Oh yeah, I was in a meeting with the boss at that time”, your right on the money.

The key is to just notice the difference. You could do the same picture at different times to see if there are different information flows.

Use the relaxation method with a positive sliding anchor emotion after you are done.  Laugh out loud.

Tuning In:  Something you don’t like

            This exercise requires a lot more self-control, and it is critical to do.  Remember, the sensory information you get is only information.  Your reactions are information.

Banish and use the relaxation lever.

Get a picture of someone or someplace you don’t like
Breathe deeply and stare at the picture.  Yes this is uncomfortable.  Notice any sensations or memories that pop up (or if they are there and then go away).

Do this for 15 minutes.
Then Banish with Extreme Prejudice and trigger a sliding anchor to “get happy”.

Amping the Signal.
When you are in receiving mode and accepting anything that comes your way, make sure to banish afterwards.   It is vitally important to reset your information /energy system, since you never know what is coming with the energy/information you are receiving. 

When you are receiving, what can you do to turn up the signal?  You already know how to do sliding anchors and sub modality work.  By focusing on the differences, you can focus on amplifying what you come to know as any of these tuning in exercises.  You can try these in many different examples.

Try the above exercises, and this time add details and use the sliding anchor techniques.

An example set for this could look like the following:

·      Banishing
·      Relaxation Sliding Anchor
·      Focus on the Target, and go into Reception Mode.
·      Take whatever you get as far as sensations, and use your mind to amplify the sensations.  This will essentially further attune you to the source.  Essentially, you have to keep focusing on the sensations.  This will further amplify the signal. 
·      You could throw in a metaphor to turn the dial from normal psychic to extreme psychic if you have already made one.
·      Keep breathing deeply.
·      Go as far into the sensations as possible for 15 minutes.
·      Banish again.
·      Laugh out Loud.

To master this takes a little practice, but this is a powerful technique once you get it down.

Receptive Anchors, Radionics and Seals while refining.
Now, I can not go as far into this as I would like to in context of this course.   Once you work through and get a clean signal, you could create a seal or sigil to represent the connection as an anchor.  Then use a sliding anchor idea to connect through the seal or sigil. 
In some ways, the multiple dials used in Radionics does exactly this.  The Radionics methods are a method of kinesthetic and visual tuning in that uses more and more complex styles of kinesthetic divination.  Of course, for the most part, it starts with simple pendulum divinations.
You could take this further and use any divination system to which you are attuned to give you feedback on the connection and advice on how to streamline and connect better to a person or thing.  So while you are connecting, you can throw the divination set down to get clues on how to better connect to the target.

Of course the target could be a tree, it could be a person, or it could be an aspect of yourself.  In part II, we will deal with the projection parts    

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