Monday, March 9, 2015

Entitlement does not fit the budding magician

So usually I don't respond to hate mail, but this one I think is indicative of a whole undercurrent of people who get into magic.  Here is a paraphrase:

“Your book doesn't get to the point.  I need results now, not some obtuse staring exercise is not magic. Sigil magic don’t work. “

I won’t, in this blog, criticize the review that penned hands on Chaos magic as a hoodoo book after I included one chapter on sorcery … mainly using their review to sell their own products, but for the people who make those types of claims above.

and A hell of a lot of people get results when you are not.  
and Maybe you are the problem.

In the recent blog wars of the internet, Jason Miller and Gordon White got multiple “fuck you”, where’s the magic in your blog.. I will touch on that too...

Why does Hands On Chaos Magic have 6-10 chapters on building focus and imagination before sigils?

Because these are skills people do not have in the modern age.  This is to the point that Fortune 500 companies are teaching people mindful meditation to actually try to help people’s focus.  Any magical system requires intense focus, pointed training of will, and fierce imagination in the senses.  People do not, in the modern world, come prepackaged with this.  Skipping all the training and building of that, the magic probably will not work.  Sorry that is not what you want to hear.  That is the problem, so often in the magical community, the business of the occult is telling people mainly what they want to hear.  I am convinced of that.

Focus is such a problem that people have to get trained to even marginally be productive on their jobs.  In fact, everything attacks focus.  So that “obtuse not getting to it” is your mind training to even have any life success.  Think I am kidding on this point, read any book on business success.  Focus and attentiveness, in a culture of information overload, is one key to success.

Critical thinking, imagination and method testing are the keys to innovation.  These are life skills, not just magical skills.  These are skills which, not surprisingly, separate the successful from the non-successful.   It really should not be a surprise that they are needed for magic since practical magic really is creating life better.  Life is still in the goal there, so life skills are still the foundation.

Usually, unfortunately the same people who argue this kind of point, are the same ones who think they do not need to make life changes, or think they have to learn life skills, or make self-improvement attempts.  Magic has never worked that way and you get “Nothing Sir”.  Most likely these are the same people who blame their co-workers for their lack of promotion, blame external circumstances for everything in their life, and blame anyone they can to avoid self-reflection.

If you have no focus skills you might be lucky to get 1/1000 sigil enchantments to work.  Getting the different trance states down, and really getting focus, probably ⅕ as per Peter Carroll... maybe ½ once you're in the magical zone.    Of course, sigils aren’t the only thing you use.   People who claim 90-100% success, eh they are engaged in sucking their own cock… and are building a myth to sell shit.  With the training, the problem with sigils and magic in general is that it does work - just the wording or way it comes about disguises the result.  Sure it comes, in a way you don’t expect, or you make the attribution to your personal life skills not the magic because they are so intertwined.

If you think that magic is the easy pill towards your life being wonderful and great…. guess what:


Usually, that price is our self-construction, comfort zone, mental transformation, or time.   Shit do financial magic, and confront the fact you have been conditioned with shit beliefs about money.  It happens.  The sacrifice of transformation is present, and there is an exchange (just not the traditional views of what sacrifices are).  Of course there are authors that say no, the sacrifice aspects are non-existent, but I have made a New Year’s resolution to no longer argue with idiots, so I won’t be naming them.

So let’s get back to the focus and magic.  The better your life skills are adapted to your goals or passions or current vector, the better your capacity for successful magic on that endeavor.  If those things aren’t there, the magician has to develop them.

I am horribly introverted, yet I go to Toastmasters EACH week giving speeches to help my public speaking (I am considered  a very good presenter and speaker, but I mostly do that under the veil of Andrieh Vitimus, not my legal name).  If I fully want to embrace INFLUENCE magic, this is a needed and important pre-requisite.    These soft skills directly improve all the magic on those lines in a synergy that acts as a multiplier of the magical success, and is not independent of the magic.   I should be reviewing my NLP skills too, as well as actively engaging with other people.

Most people who want to get serious into magic should IMHO take on a philosophy of
'Lifelong learning'

AKA (Colloquialism) is the "ongoing, voluntary, and self-motivated"[1] pursuit of knowledge for either personal or professional reasons. Therefore, it not only enhances social inclusion, active citizenship, and personal development, but also self-sustainability, rather than competitiveness and employability.[2]

It’s in adopting that philosophy applied to our self-transformation and magic, that the magic we plant has the greatest chance to grow. Even the basic skills of focus and imagination directly tie into those life skills.

Of course, this is why so many authors keep talking about life-skills. Life Skills are an easy topic to boost magical results. It’s a feel good fix that is an easy, let’s get a boost and make people feel good. Whether or not some occult experts are also experts on training those life-skills aspect should be a matter of debate per author.  Given the over-the-top emotionally stunted screaming to defend oneself that already occurs, it may not be one that the community can realistically have at this time.   The secret truth of magic is probably something like this:
“ You could have only one little enchantment or technique and probably get to where you want to in life, if you have real dedication to the process” - Andrieh Vitimus … go ahead you can quote me on that.

Magicians studying magic for its own sake, in general, have multiple goals. Yes life enhancement, but also.. this game. The game of life… the WHY, the How of magic. It’s like a pet obsession, more than a quick fix. Know what happens when real magicians who 

....are not trying to sell you something and   
. . . unlike those who make it sound easier than it is do when they start to make a real big life change,

 Those magicians probably sit down with a project planner and map out the steps they need to take, just like you would. The difference is that the magician will use their techniques to build fortitude and a little luck in the process, using their own skillset as the canvas to work the results. Again, LIFE transformation, not magic pills. See the magic pills for what they are, bullshit marketing crap peddled to unwary or entitled people done with questionable ethical ideals. 
 Make the paints of your life, with the knowledge you learn, and use the magic as part of process that paints your life adventure.

Next week, I am going to go over some Sorcery on Mirror Spirit Traps (and potentially people) and how they work.

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  1. This is a great post and I have to thank Gordon for linking to it, since I wouldn't have found it otherwise. Honestly, it boggles the mind to think of all these people blaming the authors of books/spells/blogs about magic/whatever else when the spells don't work. It's a crazy sort of arrogance to immediately jump to the conclusion that you did everything right and that the fault with the lack of results lies with the book and its author and not with you. It's definitely a matter of entitlement

  2. it seems like there's a lot of these types out there along with these "dark side" kids who revel in this ridiculous rebellious satanic fantasy-land. it's refreshing and encouraging to come across practicing magicians and occultists who seem to have their heads screwed on right. cheers! and thank gordon for sending me here.

  3. there seem to be a lot of these types out there along with "dark side" kids who revel in this ridiculous rebellious satanic/vampiric-fantasy land. it's refreshing and encouraging to come across practicing magicians and occultists who seem to have their heads screwed on right. cheers! and thank gordon for sending me.


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