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Cemetary Work Work and Goetia

Its the start of a science fiction,
double feature
Ah skipping long the graveyard to get some dirt.  There is an endless amount of ways to do this and probably most work.  So spend a good 4 hours gathering specific types of dirt for a Pwen I am working on.

There are a couple ways I do this.

First, Pay the Barons and Mama Bridgette on the way into the cemetery.    Usually I will give them two cups of coffee, Pinmen ( 21 red hot pepper rum),  some cigarettes, with some bread or sweets.  I will do this before entering the cemetery.    This is unbelievably hard to do in modern times.  People are nebby, and basically anti-anything not Christian.  So you got o be careful.  As I am entering the Cemetery, I throw in a handful of coins and ask the Barons and Mama Bridgette to help me find what I need.  If I can pray, and there is less activity I will do that at the entrance.  I have a few talismans ( or Pwens) I bring in with me to help me communicate.

When I go to the cemetery for dirt, I will aslo metaphysically and physically clean it. I have a relationship with another family in the cemetery so I will clean their graves up and plan to plant more plants.  Usually I clear my head and wander around seeing where I should go.

In hoodoo, I was taught to take the dirt from near the head.  So I usually dig a small hole, take some dirt, leave some coins and fill the hole with whiskey, thanking the spirit for the dirt.  In Vodou, I was taught to use rum.  Usually I use rum but I will ask the spirit.

I will ALWAYS ask, have a respectful conversation, and try to communicate.  It is really helpful to your actually match out what the person did in life, to your purpose.  A soldier is great to protect.  A rich Person's grave is great for prosperity.  A doctor = healing.  This holds especially true if you have a conversation with the dead.  Remember, its the relationship with the spirit that brings alot more of the ASHE.

Conversations with the dead for the mediumship deficient
If you really have problems with mediumship, the tarot can act as a conversation helper ( or obi if you have the shells). Here is some fast instructions for obi at , I don't know her... but if you really want the goods, see AWO Obi, its the best.

The Tarot will work just fine.  Remember, you are having a conversation.   In the Graveyard, do not have the tarot or try to have a conversation, without paying the Barons and Mama Brigett.  Weird shit happens, trickster spirits come around and mess with you, and worse.

After that, do bring some of your closer protectors as well.
My method

  1. Pay the Barons at the gates
  2. Go to the grave you wish to communicate with
  3. Clear head, through NLP and self hypnosis.
  4. Put some Florida water on head....
  5. Continue to relax, you got to stay in trance
  6. Start a conversation, and then when you are asking questions, through a card.
  7. If you dont understand the answer ask to clarify while focusing on the grave.
  8. Always ask the spirit if they are willing to help you with your intention, and what work you will be doing with the dirt.
  9. Try to think of the tarot as a assistant to having a conversation, then keep going with it.
  10. Center and if needed give yourself a dash fo florida water.
  11. IF you are still feeling off, try using this

  • Obviously Obi is very easy to do since you can get yes no or maybe answers.  In traditional Obi, though there are strict guidelines.  I was taught how to work with the Obi, and how to even deal with the Oyeku   in my Vodounic training ( and yes they do have something like Obi that some people use in Haiti).  Generally, I know the strict interpretation is if there is Oyeku ( all four down), its a strong no and get to a Babalow.  In this case, I would just say, maybe or maybe not, but Id just apologize to the spirit, move on and then Banish by your preferred method.

  • If people need more information, I can certainly provide some more.

    The Double Feature

    Dantalian is the 71st Genie of the Goetia
    He or She is a good guy, although tricky..
    I know many ceremonial magicians and more-so Chaos Magicians will call up the Goetia.  I do, and they work.  and we did some goetic work later in the night.  In this case, we were just making payment for services rendered.  No additional requests were made.

    Andrieh's Goetic Guidelines

    1. First, come with a positive attitude, same the hard core chains and burning seals alone unless they are really being troublesome.  If your afraid, chances are you should not do this sort of work.  Fear does not go over well with results and the goetia.
    2. The relationship matters, some spirits just wont work with some people.    Realize that based on the vibe and communication.
    3. ALWAYS honor any agreement.  I have seen it go horribly bad for magicians when they don't. 
    4. While I personally do not take any shit from those spirits, I will definitely reward results.   This is somewhat controversial as the "All in your head" school would say to just use them and offer nothing.  Sorry, it just for me has worked better by treating those spirits with a fair healthy attitude, protecting yourself, and making some trivial offerings.
    5. Physical talismans like the seals help to make better grounded results.
    6. Reasonable protections, not paranoia!!!!!!!
    7. Even though it is a more agressive spirit develop a relationship.      

    I will tend to also invoke the Sehaphorish corresponding to the Genii before summoning the Genii.  With Dantalian, we are already know each other, and there is already a pathway so this is not needed.

    That said, Dantalian kicks ass.  I highly recommend him for certain types of changing minds and influence.  Have fun,,,,,,,,



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