Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Astral Showdown on the Fringe

So I made an appointment with my cousin.  Cousin is a bad word since she really is kinda of the Magical Matriarch of the Family.
I have been OBSESSED with this one magical project, and no I won’t talk about it…. its solid magic though, and I am stuck.
I personally have gotten GOOD results from astral magic, and often skim those non-linear lines like a shamans of old… and then of course, applying the repeatability aspects, verification aspects and stay freaking sane aspects to astral work.
So first let me emphatically say when me and my cousin get together we do fucked up magic.  All astral, Co-located ( so we can verify images and what we are seeing. feeling and make sure we are on the same page), and generally we have our own little astral methods.  Astral stuff is a head trip on most cases, although I get it in my body much more then an abstraction, sometimes even getting scratches.…. So there is a story I will tell but first….

Books that tell you the astral plan has no dangers are lying to you and outright are dangerous.  I don’t advocate burning those books, but do slam them on Amazon.   What the mind can possibly conceive of and more is somewhere out on the astral.

At one level, the NLP guys are right when they say astral stuff is just self hypnosis.  Sure… till its not.
Verified Result Andrieh has achieved when practicing more astral magic
  1. Bruises on other people
  2. Exorcisms with witnesses from afar
  3. Portal shutdown and closing from afar with external verification
  4. Partial Manifestation ( aka like a Ghost, not like a Boss… )
  5. Some decent remote viewing stuff,
  6. Remove Evocation ( with verified presences felt and EMI increases)
  7. Had People Remotely Invoke me with testable conveyances of information
  8. Live changing magic ( verifiable)
That probably sounds like I am a magical badass and bragging… however I did say I had achieved.  I can honestly say I couldn’t do some of that now ( however I wont say which ones would give me trouble).  There are many problems with this type of work.
  • Results are not sustainable without about 90 minutes daily practice, somewhere along the way I got a family, kids, you know responsibilities that make the 90+ real hard.
  • As you tweek out the submodalities, its gets really hard to know where information came from and what is delusion, reality, astral, useful, or not… and in some cases, that does not matter …. if you really are working toward something it gets weird.
  • The metaphor becomes reality, and not always in a good way.  AKA the story overwhelms the goal, or replaces it and people go in just for the story.  That’s a fast track for obsession.
  • The further you are out of practice the harder and more difficult it is to get useful non-monkey brain information
Hi, I like disco, hi end astral technology
oh and rapping your mind you
weak pathetic human
So with that caveat, My cousin and I go for a little walkies on the Astral to get more information on my project.  What the hell do we see….

That’s right…. Freaking Mind Flayers….

Of course, everything on the astral is mostly interpretive aka other people very may will get alternate visions…. and we were deep.

So after several hours of work, I am pretty sure I have gotten the direct Astral Information dump I needed… but of course that has to be tested.

Astral Information Dumps

It has taken me a long time to quantify these ideas.  First, an astral experience, or invocation can have different consequences then merely the result.  Once you start getting into the Information model of magic, particularly, the less modern, Hindu/Shamanic information transfer goes directly into your mind.  I will post more blogs on this, but certainly my co-host , significant other, and others have had this kind of driect transfer of information.  Reiki does this as well…..  There is a precedent.

The problem is that the information for better or worse can be directly downloaded into the subconscious mind, and out in deep enough trance state for the data to get in.  Invocation can have a similar effect, and do so with unintended consequences.  Often times, this direct information download will produce a surge of creative problem solving, or the magician suddenly has new techniques. On the flip side, they might develop new additions, problems, or even psychosis. 

Again the problem is, you snooze you loose it.  Although the mechanism is often skipped over in most new age books and occult books,  these type of information dumps require the magician work with the data through analysis lest the information dump contains more then a few gotchas.  In the least, it would and can bias choices ( this is sometimes a good thing).

I will write much more about this topic.

For the purposes of my blog though, I got an information dump regarding the project I was working on.  Now I have to work on processes of information control to make sure the information itself isn’t like a neurotoxic bomb…. ( like negative thought loops, that cause energy loops).  So in a practice sense, I have to go back and meditate on the symbol set contained in the astral vision to unlock and analysis contained information ( which was implied in the astral experience).

Now, as I said, remember the flaw of the story overwhelming the goal, Now again, I might actually have the needed information, but I might also just be delusional, and I am not at a stage in the magical creation process to “test results”, as this is more like the theoretical stage.  The stage which Obsession, addition, and the story taking control are all real risks.

Operator, can I download some
Fasutian like information...
with a side of great cosmic power.


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