Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Spiritual Discipline day 6: botch got to start over.

I hate it when this happens.  I was struggling with the mantra work from the night I had the 3am night.  Simply put, I don’t recover from that like I used to.
Two things happened, I went to Chicago, and there was no place I could do the meditation at my Father’s house.  I mean trying to do it at 3am each night while in Chicago, and really struggling with it.  Location matters, and generally I do keep the magical operations I work with a secret from my dad.  That turned out to be a real problem, and I couldn’t recover from the 3 am night.   Now, since I failed on Sunday Night, I took a couple days of the discipline. I will restart the discipline on this Sunday with a bit more planning.  I did get a few things out of it.
  1. Did get to some of the roots of the problemm216141606
  2. Mood elevation
  3. Some Degree of Insight
  4. Boosts in Energy
Flip sides:
  1. The Time syncs are a real problem  and the lack of time very detrimental.
  2. I have to find break down the time issue and start cutting stuff out to make time for things.


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